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Mystic Dreamers by Rosanne Bittner

Mystic Dreamers

Mystic, Book 1
by Rosanne Bittner

Forge Books

eBook ISBN: B00VE3KND6

[ Historical Western Romance ]

In 1833, Star Dancer, a Sichangu (Brulé Sioux), is promised in marriage to Stalking Wolf, an Oglala warrior whom she has never met. What begins as a loveless union develops into a moving story of a man and a woman led by powers beyond their control. Dreams, visions, and mystic experiences fill this provocative love story that launches a saga about the Lakota and their first meeting with the White Man.

Praise for Mystic Dreamers:

“Rosanne Bittner is one of the best writers of Native American romance stories and Mystic Dreamers is one of her best efforts to date.” –Janelle Taylor, bestselling author of Lakota Dawn

“I’m a great admirer of Rosanne Bittner. Mystic Dreamers is beautifully written.” –Loren D. Estleman, author of Thunder City

“Filled with suspense and high emotion.” —Booklist

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Horse by Tilly Greene


The Bloody Bucket, Book 1
by Tilly Green

eBook ISBN: B00OY8D4IO

[ Historical Western Romance ]

While living in Ireland farming peat, Jack Murphy knew there was no way he’d follow the time honored tradition for second sons to dedicate themselves to the church. He liked women too much, so with the blessing of his parents, he left for a new life in America.

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Chapter One

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Jake and Ivy by Jane Leopold Quinn

Jake and Ivy

The Brothers Agee, Book 1
by Jane Leopold Quinn


[Historical Western Romance]

Ivy discovers the sensuality of Flamenco and flees from a marriage of convenience. Jake, cowboy, loner, falls for Ivy, battling his sense of independence. Their passions ignite in the middle of a thunder storm. Then Jake’s long lost brother mysteriously surfaces. Will this appearance tear Jake and Ivy apart?

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Fool's Gold by Cassandra Dean

Fool’s Gold

Western Escape, Book 12
Diamond Series, Book 2
by Cassandra Dean

Decadent Publishing

eBook ISBN: 9781613334386

Christmas in Freewill

Christmas Eve, the Diamond Saloon is empty of its people, and Pearl la Monte has a hankering to retire early. A pounding at the door rids her of such a fool notion. Her irritation rises when she sees the prissy, polite-like Garrett standing outside.

Ethan Garrett has a powerful need to gain succor. When the saloon’s voluptuous redheaded singer scowls at him from the threshold of the Diamond, he doesn’t stop to think on how his ire at her has disappeared. Or how he just wants to spend some time in her company.

When a blizzard storms in, trapping them, will they spend their time arguing or discover their irritation disguises something more?

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Arresting Love by Silvia Violet

Arresting Love

Wild R Farm, Book 2
by Silvia Violet

Silvia Violet Books

eBook ISBN: 9781301558759

Billy Lawson wants to find true love, but he’s just about given up hope when he meets Levi, a wounded shifter who needs his help. Levi might be the one, but first Billy must save him from his dangerous past.

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Chapter One

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Second Chance Christmas by Mackenzie McKade

Second Chance Christmas
The Perfect Gift Anthology
by Mackenzie McKade

Samhain Publishing

eBook ISBN: 9781599987118
Print ISBN: 9781599986616

They say cowboys don’t cry… Apparently they don’t forgive and forget either. After four years, Lori Dayton is returning to Safford, Arizona to spend Christmas with her family and face her past. She has reservations about seeing Dean Wilcox again. But time hasn’t changed her. She still loves Dean more than ever.

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Chapter One

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Disorder in the House by Karen Mercury

Disorder in the House
How the West Was Done, Book 2
by Karen Mercury


eBook ISBN: 978-1-61926-795-4

Levi Colter is the new agent at Laramie’s fort. Private Garrett O’Rourke seems to know too much—that Levi’s predecessor Shady has killed an Indian chief. The men unite when a “talking board” warns them to protect Liberty Hudson. Their love is cemented by lessons from an Oriental love manuscript.

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Training Ivy by Karen Mercury

Training Ivy
How the West Was Done, Book 1
by Karen Mercury


eBook ISBN: 978-1-61926-735-0

Deputy Neil Tempest attempts to bring order to lawless Laramie, but a flurry of strange murders mystifies him. Helping him is Ivy Hudson who has broken away from her dull life back East. Captain Harland Park is the dashing adventurer who seduces them with tales from an Arabian love manual.

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Chapter One

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Star Wishes by Missy Martine

Star Wishes
by Missy Martine


eBook ISBN: 978-1-61926-845-6

A woman in 1856 had no legal rights, so Sarah changed her name to Samuel and headed west with children she rescues from an orphanage. What happens when she falls for the local sheriff, and his brother, and her picture turns up on a Wanted poster for kidnapping?

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