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Jingle Spells by Dakota Cassidy

Jingle Spells
Stocking Stuffers (multi-author series)
by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 01620-00502

Far, far away, in another dimension where all the paranormal creatures of the universe live in perfect harmony…er, well, sorta, Nia Weston and Kier of Santori are about to shake up the galaxy.


Their constant bickering and competitive brawls have their co-workers going home each night with ulcers and one colleague in particular has had enough.

This Christmas Eve a snarky werewolf and an arrogant alien are about to receive the gift of giving.

Whether they like it or not.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

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Christmas Bunny by Camille Anthony

Christmas Bunny
Bunny Tails, Book 1
Stocking Stuffers (Multi-Author Series)
by Camille Anthony

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-59596-405-2

On his way to the Winter Festival, Vance, the pack’s enforcer, scents a hot, juicy bunny and decides to detour for a quick snack. His appetite is whetted when he finds his intended meal is no rabbit, but a woman hotter and juicier than any meal he’s ever consumed.

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Chapter One

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