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Sweet Perdition by Cynthia Rayne

Sweet Perdition

Four Horsemen MC, Book 1

by Cynthia Rayne

Snippy and Snarky Ink

Ebook ISBN: B00LI5X2QA

[ Romantic Suspense, MF ]

Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown. Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC, finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a “good girl.” Hell, he’s not even sure he’d be worthy of one. Do librarians and bikers mix?

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Chapter One

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Maxim by Celeste Prater


Fueled By Lust, Book 6

by Celeste Prater


Ebook ISBN: 9781632587596
Print ISBN: 9781632593306

[ SciFi Romantic Suspense, MF ]

A simple turn of your head can change your life forever. That’s what Maxim Telarius will soon realize. What he didn’t expect was to find his potential mate when she practically lands in his lap. One blink and she could be lost to him forever.

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Chapter One

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Under Starry Skies by Judy Ann Davis

Under Starry Skies

by Judy Ann Davis

The Wild Rose Press

Ebook ISBN: 9781628303650
Print ISBN: 9781628303643

[ Historical Western Romantic Suspense, MF ]

Hired as the town’s school teacher, Maria O’Donnell and her sister Abigail arrive in the Colorado Territory in 1875, only to find the uncle they were to stay with has been murdered.

Rancher Tye Ashmore is content with life until he meets quiet and beautiful Maria. He falls in love at first sight, but her reluctance to jeopardize her teaching position by accepting his marriage proposal only makes him more determined to make her part of his life.

When their lives are threatened by gunshots and a gunnysack of dangerous wildlife, Tye believes he is the target of an unknown enemy. Not until Maria receives written threats urging her to leave does she realize she might be the target instead of the handsome rancher.

With the help of Tye, Abigail, and a wily Indian called Two Bears, Maria works to uncover her uncle’s killer and put aside her fears. But will she discover happiness and true love under Colorado’s starry skies?

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Passion's Dream by Julie Shelton

Passion’s Dream

The Doms of Passion Lake, Book 1
by Julie Shelton

eBook ISBN: B00RY1643K

[ Romantic Suspense ]

When Clay “Raven” Nighthorse is offered a job protecting Leah Stanhope, he declines. Until he realizes that she’s the woman he met on a beach three years ago and never forgot. Now not only must keep her safe, he must convince her that they are destined to be together.

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Chapter One

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Disguised with the Millionaire by Debra Andrews

Disguised with the Millionaire

Dangerous Millionaires, Book 2
by Debra Andrews

Elusive Star Press

Print ISBN: 978-0988180536

[ Romantic Suspense ]

She came to the company to find a Killer

Kate Meyers finds herself grief stricken after the news of her brother’s death at a construction site owned by the wealthy Trent Farrington. After speculation of faulty equipment and wrongdoing, the police eventually clear his company. Kate takes it upon herself to find whoever was the hand behind her brother’s demise and lands a job with the Florida Corporation to do her own investigation. When she meets Trent, Kate instantly dislikes and distrusts the strikingly handsome millionaire and thinks he’s involved. She can’t wait to get evidence against him. Her greatest pleasure would be to see him pay for what he’s done—behind bars.

Trent Farrington finds himself intrigued by the company’s newest employee, but previous bad experiences with women have taught him to be cautious. However, he is drawn to the alluring beauty, but he’s puzzled that she seems to hate him for some unknown reason. He’s used to women throwing themselves at him, and her attitude shocks him and is refreshing all at the same time.

While Kate searches for the evidence to implicate Trent, she has to work closely with him. However, the information she uncovers isn’t exactly adding up against him. She dislikes how her traitorous body reacts whenever he is near, although he appears to enjoy her reaction immensely. She vows to leave the company as soon as she collects the evidence, but she soon learns nothing is as it seemed… Whoever is involved might be an outright killer!

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Love And Punishment by Susan Mac Nicol

Love And Punishment

by Susan Mac Nicol

Boroughs Publishing Group

eBook ISBN: 9781941260449

[ Contemporary Romance ]

On the search for a serial killer, Detective Anthony Parglietto and Flynn Parker learn that every man must make a choice: to kill, to live, to love. Someone is leaving a trail of bodies throughout London, and Anthony is determined to end the violence.

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Chapter One

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Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace

Deadly Offerings

Deadly, Book 1
by Alexa Grace

Golden Publishing

eBook ISBN: 147003655X
Print ISBN: 978-1470036553

[ Romantic Suspense ]

Anne Mason thinks she’ll be safe living in the Midwest building a wind farm. She may be dead wrong. Someone is dumping bodies in her corn field and telling Anne they are gifts—for her!

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Chapter One

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Ash's Fire by Callie Gold

Ash’s Fire

The Ash Trilogy, Book 1
by Callie Gold


[ Romantic Suspense ]

Smart and successful Attorney Jordan Cohen didn’t expect Sam, her husband and best friend, to invoke their old pact for non-exclusivity. But after twenty-some years together, he did.

A chance meeting with Ari Ash, the tall-dark-and-yummy internationally renowned concert pianist, sends Jordan into his arms. Ari’s mysterious ways and magical lovemaking pull the conflicted Jordan into a whirlwind affair.

When Ari is implicated in an execution-style murder, she wants to believe Ari is innocent, but one troubling fact after another keeps popping up. Jordan turns to the only man she can trust with her lover’s life – her brilliant criminal defense attorney husband.

Is Ari a killer?

When Ari is charged, Jordan fears the worst: a life sentence for her lover, exposure of her affair and the ruin of her law firm and irreparable damage to her husband’s reputation. But she can’t let go of Ari’s love…

With the trial just days ahead, Jordan races to save her lover, her husband and herself.

Desire, suspicion, love and loyalty all clash in the fast-paced Mediterranean city of Tel-Aviv.

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