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Wild and Wicked (Box Set) by Rayven Renshaw

Wild and Wicked (Box Set)

by Rayven Renshaw

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 07368-02376

[ Paranormal Erotica ]

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All books featured in Wild and Wicked Box Set have been previously published on this blog. Please use the below links to read the first chapters of each title.


An Agile Man

Bull and China

Wild and Wonderful

Wild and Wicked

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Thirst (Box Set) by J. Hali Steele

Thirst (Box Set)

by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 07377-02379

[ Vampire Erotica ]

Feeling thirsty?

Thirsty: Monique has finally found a place where she can live out her fantasies. Little does she know the den of iniquity she’s walked into is more than just a theme club. Omen’s is the playground for every type of monster in the world.

A Thirst to Die For: When Nolan gives life to Amanda’s carnal fantasies, his own life changes. Hell is coming to pay him a visit, and he’s about to lose control.

Bane of Existence: One night spent in a human woman’s arms brought Bane, a son of Satan, as close to heaven as he’ll ever get. Now the only way he can have Iris is to convince her she wants him as much as he needs her.

A Vampire’s Thirst: Once Nolan gave all souls moderation in everything. He was good at his job, and he called heaven home — until he fucked the wrong seraphim! Now he’s a vampire slayer serving the devil, keeping an eye on Omen’s, and babysitting Lucifer’s son. Not a job he expected to hold for damn near eight hundred years…

Publisher’s Note: Thirsty, A Thirst to Die For, Bane of Existence, and A Vampire’s Thirst were previously published as single titles.

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Scene One

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One Night with the Groom by Sara Daniel

One Night with the Groom

One Night with the Bridal Party, Book 3
by Sara Daniel

Decadent Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61333-693-9

[ Contemporary Romance ]

Luciana Cortez needs to save the farm, not a date with the man she never stopped loving. A business deal on the line, CEO Blake Wellington can’t afford distractions, especially from the one woman who awakens his long-dead emotions. A night in each other’s arms will only lead to heartbreak.

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Chapter One

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One Night with the Bridesmaid by Sara Daniel

One Night with the Bridesmaid

One Night with the Bridal Party, Book 2
by Sara Daniel

Decadent Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61333-630-4

[ Contemporary Romance ]

Sabrina Lopez decides to use an unexpected one-night stand gift to hook up with a man she’d otherwise never have the nerve to approach. Rob Wellington is determined to stop her from scamming her way into his brother’s bed. He never expected her to steal his heart in the process…

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Chapter One

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Letters From Inside by Teresa Blue

Letters From Inside

by Teresa Blue

Boroughs Publishing

eBook ISBN: B00TP2I6HI

[ Romantic Suspense ]

Detective Tom Harrington’s touch is like a warm balm, soothing life’s scratches from Linda Wheeler’s troubled heart, but he is also the last man she should trust: a stranger, a cop, a threat to all she holds dear.

Leaving her two-timing, alcoholic husband was tough, but single parenting is harder. Still, waitress Linda Wheeler will do anything for her teenage daughter. Jessica might be rebellious, but at her core she’s sweet and good, and a mother’s love must remain deep and true. Even when her child makes a terrible, perilous mistake that might end her in jail—or worse.

Detective Tom Harrington has personal reasons for keeping an eye on Carl Jenkins, so he follows the recently paroled rapist to the small Michigan town of Berrien. There he finds something even more personal…and confusing. Why would a seemingly decent woman write letters, pouring her heart out to such a dangerous convict? Is she really as lonely as she is beautiful? Linda Wheeler is a mystery that demands unraveling, just as her soft lips demand kissing and her wounded heart demands soothing. Above all, he must protect her—and his own secrets.

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