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Love Burns by Babette James

Love Burns

The River, Book 3
by Babette James

The Wild Rose Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-62830-905-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-62830-904-1

[ Contemporary Romance ]

When an accident ends his career, Dave Knight must face the ashes of his past and the woman he can’t forget. He’s a sizzling temptation Olivia Benedetti-Harper can’t afford, but breaking the rules with the wrong man might be the best mistake this good girl’s ever made for love.

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Chapter One

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Kissing Katie by Babette James

Kissing Katie

His Girl Next Door, Book 1

by Babette James

Chara Press

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9862513-1-3
Print ISBN: 978-0-9862513-0-6

[ Contemporary Romance, MF ]

When Matt Powell reconnects with his childhood best friend, Katie Vanburen, it’s decision time: his high-profile career–or the love he never dreamed possible. However, Katie’s twice-broken heart leaves her unready to trust again. Can her cracking defenses hold when Matt argues his case for love, in bed and out?

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Chapter One

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Enchantress' Destiny by Beth Caudill

Enchantress’ Destiny

Paranormals of Arilase, Book 2
by Beth Caudill

Moonlight Mountain Books

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9853781-5-8

[ Fantasy Romance ]

Cursed at his birth by a dark elf, Rowe Calder avoids personal entanglements, especially his betrothal to Caliressa Bellehaven. Circumstances force them together and love won’t be denied. But the dark elf claims his vengeance and only the strongest enchantress can reclaim Rowe’s soul.

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AReiBooksKindleKobo ‖ Nook

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Chapter One

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False Start by Marianne Rice

False Start

McKay-Tucker Men, Book 1
by Marianne Rice

Liquid Silver Publishing

eBook ISBN: 9781622101924

[ Contemporary Romance ]

Vowing to never follow her heart again, Meg Fulton keeps men at a safe distance. But retired NFL player Connor McKay manages to crack Meg’s defenses and she discovers the sports-loving alpha male is much more than a sexy package wrapped in great biceps and a tight rear end.

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Liquid Silver PublishingAReKindleKobo ‖ Nook

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Chapter One

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The Rover Betrayed by Anna Markland

The Rover Betrayed

Viking Roots Medieval Romance Saga, Book 3
by Anna Markland

eBook ISBN: 978-1-927619-34-6

[ Viking Romance ]

Magnus is a recently widowed Viking, heir to his father’s lands and titles in Normandy; he captures Judith, sister of his arch enemy and soon loses his heart. But can he trust her not to betray him and his country?

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Chapter One

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The Army Doctor's Forever Baby by Helen Scott Taylor

The Army Doctor’s Forever Baby

Army Doctor’s Baby, Prequel
by Helen Scott Taylor

Print ISBN: 978-1502894915

[ Contemporary Romance ]

When army doctor, Captain George Knight, helps a fellow doctor, Sandra Fisher, he’s not looking for romance. But this pretty, unassuming woman has secret hidden depths that fascinate him. After he’s sent away to war, Sandra faces terrible challenges. Can their love survive the heartbreaking test fate sends them?

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Chapter One

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Tall, Dark and Divine: Eros by Jenna Bennett

Tall, Dark and Divine: Eros

by Jenna Bennett


[ Paranormal Romance ]

Sweet Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr. Right, and has gone out looking for Mr. Tonight instead. But picking up the Greek god of love for a one-night-stand is easier said than done. Will Annie get her man, or will Eros’s golden arrows miss their mark, for once?

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GoogleiBooksKindleKobo ‖ Nook

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Chapter One

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