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Howl & Prowl (Box Set) by Kate Steele

Howl & Prowl (Box Set)

by Kate Steele

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 03562-01137

[ Shifter Romance ]

For Ethan, Dustin and Nick, werewolves are all too real. The family tree is about to get furry.

Publisher’s Note: Midnight Howl, Who Let the Wolf Out, and Things that Go GRR have been previously released as single title novellas.

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Chapter One

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Pack Mentality (Box Set) by Julia Talbot

Pack Mentality (Box Set)

by Julia Talbot

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 04150-01329

[ Werewolf Romance, MF ]

Four novellas of werewolves and lovers by Julia Talbot!

Alpha Bites (Pack Mentality 1) Sasha, the dark-eyed Russian, or Liam, the red-headed Irishman — Jenny just can’t choose. They’re both amazing lovers. They’re also both strong alpha wolves. It’s Sasha who finally decides the three of them will make a fine pack. Now all he has to do is convince them both…

Note: Prologue omitted.

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Chapter One

Alpha Bites [Book 1]

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