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Wicked Game by Lily Vega

Wicked Game

Reindeer Games (multi-author series)

by Lily Vega

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07565-02440

[ Paranormal Christmas Comedic Romance, MF ]

Santa didn’t give bad boy Elf Brody his Christmas wish. Instead of sexy Beryl, he’s stuck with goody-goody Holly for a partner. But Brody discovers the best gifts aren’t always wrapped in the fanciest paper and Holly is so sweet, she melts on his tongue.

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Chapter One

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Tall, Dark and Divine: Eros by Jenna Bennett

Tall, Dark and Divine: Eros

by Jenna Bennett


[ Paranormal Romance ]

Sweet Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr. Right, and has gone out looking for Mr. Tonight instead. But picking up the Greek god of love for a one-night-stand is easier said than done. Will Annie get her man, or will Eros’s golden arrows miss their mark, for once?

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Chapter One

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Her Best Man by Jana Richards

Her Best Man

Left at the Altar, Book 1
by Jana Richards

Uncial Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60174-019-9

[ Comedic Romance ]

After being dumped at the altar, Sarah Stevens goes on the Caribbean cruise meant to be her honeymoon. When she discovers her ex-fiancé has sent his brother, Will Marshall, the former best man, on the cruise as well, Sarah discovers the best man for her really is the best man.

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Chapter One

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Love, Albert by Lynda Simmons

Love, Albert

by Lynda Simmons

Bluefoot Press

Print ISBN: 978-1500639693

[ Romantic Comedy ]

Sometimes all love needs is a road trip, a rubber chicken and a touch of magic.

Vicky Ferguson loves her husband Reid, always has, always will. But with two kids to think about, it’s time for the free-wheeling, sports car loving pilot to put his feet on the ground and lay down some roots. Reid can’t imagine life without Vicky but neither can he see himself pushing a lawn mower or driving a mini-van. They’re on track to a divorce neither one wants until a last request from beloved Uncle Albert puts them on the road together one last time.

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Why Did The Chicken? by Kate Steele

Why Did The Chicken?

by Kate Steele

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 01454-00448

[ Paranormal Romance ]

Morgan has admired his sexy, new next door neighbor, but he’s convinced Rich would never be interested in him. It’s going to take a series of Jinx-inspired tricks and the intervention of a gun-toting bank robber in a chicken suit to finally convince Morgan that not only is Rich interested, he’s the man of Morgan’s dreams.

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Borrowing Alex by Cindy Procter-King

Borrowing Alex

by Cindy Procter-King

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9880884-1-2
Print ISBN: 978-0-9880884-3-6

Nikki St. James wants to get married more than anything. But what’s she to do when her fiancé spends his days sucking up to her rich father instead of helping with the simple task of, oh, setting a date? Why…fake a fling with the best man, of course!

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Chapter One

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Out of the Frying Pan by Sophie Mouette

Out of the Frying Pan

by Sophie Mouette

Little Kisses Press

eBook ISBN: 9781310205323
Print ISBN: 9780615938462

Take one chef displaced in the wacky world of Hollywood, Add one hunky pool boy who isn’t what he seems, Mix with a heavy dash of spicy sex. Then fold in a self-absorbed starlet who’s on a different diet every night, Blend with her action-hero boyfriend (secret ingredient: closet cross-dresser).

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Chapter One

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