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Truth or Dragon by CJ England

Truth or Dragon

Dragon Games, Book 2

by CJ England

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07681-02477

[ New Adult Dragon Romance, MF ]

One night stands aren’t Lucina’s style, but when Ryuu didn’t show the next day for their date at the Christmas arcade, she thought that was all the previous night had been to Ryuu. Yet she can’t convince her heart of that.

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I Won't Stop by J. Hali Steele

I Won’t Stop

The Triumvirate, Book 2

by J. Hali Steele

Halicats Publication

Ebook ISBN: B01H7RGD40

[ Vampire Romance, MMF ]

Carnage amongst both species has Layne Indigo uncertain of his ability to continue as a member of The Triumvirate that rules over vampires. One thing he is sure of after Emerald surrenders her virginity—Layne wants more. Until Esme belongs to him, Layne won’t stop.

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Chapter One

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Once Upon a Touch by Danni Price

Once Upon a Touch

Forever Wicked (multi-author series)

by Danni Price

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07678-02476

[ New Adult Fantasy Romance, MF ]

Lady Charlotte has one night to select a husband or her father will marry her off to the sadistic Lord Crowley. When she meets the blue-eyed Viscount Sutherland, she thinks her prayers have been answered until she learns the handsome lord isn’t who he says he is. Will Charlotte marry Crowley or take a chance on a lowly painter and love?

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Chapter One

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Dearest Forsaken by Elizabeth Jewell

Dearest Forsaken

Dark Callings, Book 4.5

by Elizabeth Jewell

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 00757-00223

[ Paranormal Romance, MF ]

After spending several months at the mercy of a cadre of vampires who treated him as snack food, Evan now craves the lust-inducing thrill of the bite. He wants nothing more than to be normal again, and will do anything to achieve that goal. Even if it’s the one thing that will drive him and Melinda apart forever.

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Chapter One

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A Taming Season by Claire Gem

A Taming Season

Love at Lake George, Book 1

by Claire Gem

Erato Publishing

Print ISBN: 978-0997432626

[ Contemporary Romance, MF ]

Zoe Anderson heads to picturesque Lake George to heal, reboot her life. But the family cottage holding so many happy memories is now a run-down shack. Neighboring resort mogul Jason Rolland whisks in to the rescue. But a fling turns into something neither expects. Can the playboy win Zoe’s heart?

Note: Prologue omitted.

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Chapter One

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The Billionaire's Bride by April Vine

The Billionaire’s Bride

by April Vine

Stormy Night Publications


[ BDSM Romance, MF ]

Forced to marry Nico Bellini in order to protect his and her family’s fortune, Kay Elliot soon discovers the billionaire has no issue disciplining her over his knee. But when she’s a good girl, he takes her on a sexual journey she never wants to end.

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Chapter One

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Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Station Leave

by Silvia Violet

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 02081-00654

[ BDSM SciFi Romance, MF ]

Sabra Dexter, an employee of Inter-Galactic Shipping, just completed a two-month run with a crew who couldn’t find their heads if they weren’t attached, rations that consisted almost entirely of beans, and the tedious job of managing every ounce of cargo on her ship. She needs a vacation and some hot sex.

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Chapter One

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