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Siren's Seduction by Alyson Conrad

Siren’s Seduction

Guardians of the Gifted, Book 1
by Alyson Conrad

Ellora’s Cave

eBook ISBN: 9781419991202

[ Paranormal Romance ]

Sexy and powerful, Serena is a federal agent tasked with taking down an international arms dealer. A top operative for a clandestine paranormal agency, Jack has been putting the job above his desires for years. When their cases collide, sparks fly.

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Chapter One
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Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

Trancing the Tiger

Chinese Zodiac, Book 1
by Rachael Slate

eBook ISBN: 978-1508519652
Print ISBN: 978-1508519652

[ Fantasy Romance ]

Delve into a world steeped in tradition and superstition…
After her parents become infected with the Red Death, Lucy Yeoh flees to Malaysia seeking answers. Everything in this closed-off section of the world is paradise—from the lush tropical climate to her sexy new neighbor, Sheng…who just might be delusional. He claims the Plague God unleashed the Red Death and only a circle of Chinese Zodiac spirit animals can cleanse the Earth. Even more, he insists she’s one of them: the Rabbit. Long furry ears and fluffy bunny tail included.

He’ll show her how to fight to save the world…
As the Chosen of the Tiger, the burden of restoring balance to the world has fallen onto Li Sheng’s shoulders. When he discovers that the ally he’s long awaited, the Dragon, is actually just the Rabbit, Sheng is quick to dismiss Lucy. If only she’d stay dismissed. Lucy’s Rabbit refuses to cooperate, undermining the authority of his Tiger at every turn…and seducing him to the limits of his darkest desires. He’s not supposed to want her. Not when he needs the spirit circle complete and she’s their weakest link.

She’ll show him a love worth fighting the world to save…
Sheng’s enemies draw closer, and not everyone wants Lucy alive. Together, they’ll have to navigate a treacherous world where a line between duty and their hearts has been drawn between them. They must either sacrifice one, or find a way to surrender to both.

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Talia's Match by Sarah Marsh

Talia’s Match

Coalition Mates, Book 2
by Sarah Marsh


eBook ISBN: 978-1-63259-031-2

[ SciFi Romance ]

Talia finds herself abducted and sold into an alien slave auction. Asher and Grae happen to be in the right place at the right time, they’ve been looking to complete their family and Talia is exactly who they want. But can she accept a prince and a dragon shifter?

Note: Prologue omitted.

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Chapter One

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Whirlwind Romance by M.S. Spencer

Whirlwind Romance

by M.S. Spencer

Secret Cravings

eBook ISBN: 978-1-63105-311-5
Print ISBN: 978-1-63105-478-5

[ Romantic Suspense ]

A hurricane leaves Lacey Delahaye marooned with a mysterious castaway. Before he can confess his identity, they are kidnapped and taken to a tiny Caribbean island, where she encounters pirates, power-mad ideologues, and palace intrigue, not to mention the advances of three men, only one of whom she loves.

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Tempting the Artist by Sharon C. Cooper

Tempting the Artist

Jenkins Family, Book 3
by Sharon C. Cooper

Amaris Publishing

eBook ISBN: B00V5NHQI0

[ Contemporary Romance ]

Christina “CJ” Jenkins, a free-spirited painter by trade is juggling her obligation to the family construction business, with the demands of her secret passion. A secret life she has successfully hidden until recently. When sexy, bad-boy attorney, Luke Hayden, enters the picture, he steals her heart. But the truth of Christina’s double life buried under lies, threatens to destroy them both.

Luke is leaving New York to escape the drama, which is his life. Starting over in Cincinnati with Christina appeals to him more than he will admit. Although her secret jeopardizes their steamy affair, it’s not until someone threatens to destroy the Jenkins family empire, and uses Luke to carry out their plan, that their relationship is truly tested. Luke will do what he can to help the Jenkins family, but he will stop at nothing to tempt the woman who has captured his heart.

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