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The Night Before Christmas by Shelby Morgen

The Night Before Christmas
Hot Toddy (multi-author series)
Dragon’s Watch, Book 1.5

by Shelby Morgen

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 1-59596-085-6

The need and courage of the Ranger, Von, have rekindled interest in the affairs of Humanity within the breast of Pajja, the last of the Watchers. Von’s faith — and desperation — have brought Pajja’s mate, Omellain, back from the realm where she slumbered. Refugees gather at Camp David, searching for hope in a dying land. Now Von must make decisions that will affect humanity’s future, as well as her own. But for one night, Jackson vows to make her forget the responsibilities of command, and remember only what it is to be a woman, and his lover — a very special night — The Night Before Christmas.

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Chapter One

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Gargoyle by Shelby Morgen

Dragon’s Watch, Book 1
by Shelby Morgen

eBook ISBN: 1-59596-004-X

The year: 2110
The Mission: Take down a renegade gang that’s threatening to destroy what little is left of law and order in the United North American States. There’s only one problem. The bad guys out number the U.N.A.S. Rangers twelve to one. As if that isn’t trouble enough, there’s a Dragon on Von’s tail — and when the Dragon turns out to be one hot, sexy Elf, things really heat up.

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