Alpha Delicious (Box Set) by Kate Hill

Alpha Delicious (Box Set) by Kate Hill

SciFi Romance ~ On Amazurn, a man’s place is in the home. Barefoot, bare-chested, with a baby in one hand and a dishtowel in the other. Dominant males are banished to the Alpha Islands where women lusting after rare alphas indulge in sexual fantasies and gladiatorial sports.

Wicked Seduction by Kristabel Reed

Promo: Wicked Seduction by Kristabel Reed

Historical Romance ~ She came to the Parisian Fair for adventure…what she found far exceeded her every expectation. Sex and adventure abound, and Victoria is caught up in the bliss she, Edmund, and Warren create. She wants more, craves it, but is terrified of the consequences. Scandal is around every corner; when she meets one head on will she flee? Or will she realize the power of her ménage is stronger than merely sex?

Give and Take by Kira Stone

Give and Take by Kira Stone

Futuristic Romance ~ Chamber M isn’t outfitted like any Complex negotiation room she’s ever seen, and the delectable man who greets her isn’t like any legal counselor she’s ever met. Could there be something more behind Rafferty’s parting shot than cocky arrogance? Hannah soon discovers what Dennis and Anton can teach her about Give and Take.

Cirque Caprice (Box Set) by Julia Talbot

Promo: Cirque Caprice (Box Set) by Julia Talbot

Dark Fantasy Romance ~ Twins Victor and Vance know that their Cirque Caprice is not just about acrobats and trapeze artists. There’s magic involved in the circus, whether it’s runaway psychics or non-human performers that keep everyone jumping. Sometimes running away and joining the circus is just the thing to turn someone’s life around. Victor and Vance both find love within the show, while a pair of male tumblers find the woman of their dreams and ringmaster Amadeo comes back together with a lover from his past.

Beautiful Music (Collection) by Faith Talbot

Beautiful Music (Box Set) by Faith Talbot

Paranormal Romance ~ Jason and Erik of Daze on End have navigated a strange, energy-based sexual puzzle their whole lives. When Kayla enters their lives, some of the answers begin to fall into place as the three of them find themselves on an erotic journey that will change all their lives.