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The Dark One by Angela Knight

The Dark One

by Angela Knight

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 00060-00015

Matia of Ruza is one of the legendary Battlemaids — a woman warrior who has taken an oath of celibacy in service of the Maid of Light. When Kaska of Artane saves her from an ambush by a gang of brigands, Matia finds her oath tested by her handsome rescuer’s erotic appeal. But Kaska means to do more than test Matia’s faith. He worships the Dark One, and he wants to make Matia the centerpiece in a sizzling erotic ritual in honor of his god.

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Chapter One

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Vampire Christmas by Angela Knight

Vampire Christmas
Hot Toddy (multi-author series)
by Angela Knight

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 1-59596-103-8

David Tate, the handsome cop Amelia once planned to marry, wants more than to make amends. He wants Amelia. As David takes revenge for his broken heart, Amelia realizes she doesn’t mind one bit. There’s sweet magic in a vampire’s kiss.

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Chapter One

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