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Vampire Christmas by Angela Knight

Vampire Christmas
Hot Toddy (multi-author series)
by Angela Knight

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 1-59596-103-8

David Tate, the handsome cop Amelia once planned to marry, wants more than to make amends. He wants Amelia. As David takes revenge for his broken heart, Amelia realizes she doesn’t mind one bit. There’s sweet magic in a vampire’s kiss.

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Chapter One

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All Wrapped Up Vol. 1 (Collection)
by Dakota Cassidy and Kate Hill and Angela Knight

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-552-5

Angela Knight — Blood Service
Adiva Mayhew is a spy — and a damn good one. But now she’s running for her life from a deadly bounty hunter — who’s also a Vampire…

Dakota Cassidy — Slave School Dropout
Nyla is a cat. So is Lucas. Nyla is an Egyptian Mau, descendant of the Goddess Bast. Lucas… isn’t. In fact, he’s a Tom cat. Unlikely lifemates at best.

Kate Hill — Tainted Kisses
Niabi’s only choice is to strike a bargain with Etlu — the humans’ lives in exchange for her complete surrender to his desires.

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Chapter One
Blood Service by Angela Knight

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