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NOTE: This blog does not re-post chapters. Titles only appear ONCE and remain in the archive so long as the title is available for purchase.


(please read before emailing questions)
  • Title MUST be available for PURCHASE at the time of submission, not pre-order, not coming soon, not out tomorrow/in two days/etc. Titles submitted before they release will be deleted.
  • This blog is a promotion tool for ADULT ROMANCE and EROTICA — any heat level or relationship type.
  • Fiction with strong romantic elements are welcome.
  • Self-published titles are welcome.
  • No YA (young adult) or NA (new adult) due to mature content of other posts. Exceptions for New Adult Erotic Romance and New Adult Erotica.
  • Age of the book doesn’t matter so long as it is CURRENTLY available for purchase.
  • Titles no longer available for purchase (for whatever reason) will be removed without notification.
  • No titles with standard (as agreed upon by majority of publishers) objectionable content:
    • Snuff
    • Racial, religious, gender, sexual intolerance
    • Pedophilia
    • Bestiality (sentient animals are the exception)
    • Incest (that includes twin-cest)
    • Bodily Functions
    • Necrophilia (zombies are the exception)
    • Rape as titillation
  • Submit the ENTIRE first chapter or nothing at all.
    • Exception: Blog tour partners
    • Exception: titles with no chapters — submit the first scene (minimum 1000 words).
  • First come, first served opportunity. Your link and date will be emailed to you when your post is scheduled.
  • Posts appear at 1:00AM Eastern.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT send a PDF or anything copied from a PDF. The formatting will be wrong and I’m not wasting time fixing it.

  • #1 – ONE title per email!
  • #2 – Title MUST be available for purchase at time of submission.
  • #3 – Fill out the below form.
  • #4 – Email your first chapter as DOC or RTF attachment.
  • #5 – Send chapter excerpt to email address zenobiarenquist(AT)gmail(DOT)com
  • #6 – Subject Line: 1stChp – [Book Title]
    (example: 1stChp – Serenity)
  • #7 – Do NOT attach cover image. Covers are retrieved from Amazon or ARe.

NOTE: (as of 29 Nov 2015) No more temporary multi-author box sets. If the box set is going to be available for purchase for less than 12 months, do NOT submit it.

Note: As of 10 January 2014, this blog will no longer host contests. Blog Tour partners are the exception.