Faerie by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Urban Fantasy Romance ~ When Adam overreacts to his mother’s matchmaking owing to stress, and insults an old friend, little does he know he’s closer to the truth than he thinks. Calling Lane a fairy isn’t the slight he thinks it is. Adam has very clear ideas concerning the type of man he’s attracted to, and Lane isn’t it.

Hounding the Beat by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Shifter Menage Romance ~ Bobby loves his fellow police officer Chantelle more. Unfortunately, they work in the same department. Sam’s very much in love with Bobby, and more than a little in love with Chantelle. If explaining to Sam that they are happy to consider a mĂ©nage relationship doesn’t already complicate things enough, how is Bobby to tell Sam that he and Chantelle can turn furry at will?

All Washed Up by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Contemporary Romance ~ Needing the money to pay off a loan, Peter decides there are worse things in life than wearing a nude male grilling “Hot Sausage” apron, even if he can’t exactly remember what at the moment. Even more surprising, he didn’t expect the sanest person in his growing list of crazy clients would be another man with a bruised heart, who has a lot to answer for, including his future.