Wild Ones (Collection) by Zoey Daniels

Wild Ones (Box Set) by Zoey Daniels

SciFi Shifter Romance ~ A pair of shapeshifting wolves have adopted Lainey’s new farm on the agri-moon Leman as their home. Though wild, winning their favor is considered lucky. They have a sense of sexuality that other women would pay anything to taste. And they’ve chosen her. Lainey’s not crying wolf. She’s crying “God, yes, harder!”

Who? by Zoey Daniels

Who? by Zoey Daniels

SciFi Shifter Romance ~ Rosemary, unofficial guardian of Leman, has waited — patiently, and not so patiently — in fierce hope of one day drawing the attention of the agri-moon’s strange and wonderful animals who become men. But after her fortieth birthday, she’s begun to doubt her dreams, and let her hopes drift away.

Purr by Zoey Daniels

SciFi Shifter Romance ~ Delia’s had more than her share of bad luck, but every time, she’s found the toughness to see herself through the bad times. She’s not sure she believes in the stories about Leman’s beasts, animals who can take on man shape. But they believe in her. These two great cats may be young, but they plan to show their human Cougar how much they appreciate what they see.

Wild Horses by Zoey Daniels

SciFi Shifter Romance ~ They may be young, but these native shapeshifters are as adventurous as Callie, and they’re set on proving they’re old enough to handle her. They’ve got enough “horse sense” to know this fiery filly is riding hell-bent-for-leather right into a wild ride that’s more than she can handle alone.