His Source by Yolanda Ashton

His Source by Yolanda Ashton

Contemporary Romance ~ Devastated after a break-up, Alexis decides to leave East Brook College, certain starting over in a new place will soothe her wounded heart. Plans are derailed when her ex-lover returns wanting another chance. Should she risk her heart again for a man who told her she wasn’t good enough for him?

Favored Dragon's Release by D. Renee Bagby

Favored Dragon’s Release by D. Renee Bagby

Dragon Romance ~ Shurik doesn’t anticipate his growing feelings for Yolette, making the task of proposing that much harder. Danger looms from those who want the punishment ended and from those who want it to continue until the last dragon is gone. Shurik must decide whether he will save his people or his love and pray to the gods his choice is the right one.

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