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Witches' Waves by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Witches’ Waves

Duals and Donovans: The Different, Book 4
by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Samhain Publishing

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61922-433-9

[ Paranormal Romance ]

Contains an oceanful of sex between a blind heroine who swears like a Marine, an serious otter shifter, and a would-be beach bum descended from a Norse god, in permutations as fluid as the sea. Also features a superpowered baby, government-sanctioned villains, and themes of abuse and recovery.

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Chapter One

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Carnal 1 (Box Set) by Kate Hill

Carnal 1 (Box Set)

by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 04386-01406

[ Dark Fantasy Romance ]

Altah, Ruler of the Vampire Nation, must bond with her werewolf guardian to seal the pact between their races. The best warriors from each werewolf family do battle for the right to serve the woman who holds the greatest power in the world — but no one, not even the Ruler of Vampires, can tame true alpha werewolves.

This collection contains the previously released novellas Carnal Surrender, Carnal Indulgence, Carnal Obedience, and Carnal Discipline.

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My Dragon, My Dom by Dulce Dennison

My Dragon, My Dom

Dragon Shifters, Book 1
by Dulce Dennison

Coastal Escape Publishing

eBook ISBN: 9781502261960

[ Dragon BDSM Romance ]

Josh doesn’t care that Corbin is gay. Secretly, he’s thrilled with that knowledge. But even if Josh is willing to take on the rough around the edges cop, even if he’s capable of bowing to the Dom, what’s he supposed to do when he catches a dragon by its tail?

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Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse

Desert Heat

by Lucy Felthouse

eBook ISBN: 9781311301949

[ Military Romance ]

Captain Hugh Wilkes is on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. The British Army is withdrawing, and Wilkes expects his posting to be event-free. That is, until he meets his Afghan interpreter, Rustam Balkhi, who awakens desires in Wilkes that he’d almost forgotten about, and that won’t be ignored.

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Seven Kisses by Giselle Renarde

Seven Kisses

by Giselle Renarde

eBook ISBN: 9781310043192
Print ISBN: 9781503277076

[ Paranormal Romance ]

My name is Gabrielle, but Madame thinks I’m a girl called Suzanne. I guess I’m partly to blame. After all, I signed a stranger’s name to my committal forms when I entered this rehab clinic. I’m not actually addicted to anything—not sex, not drugs, not even rock and roll…

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