Snowbound (Box Set)

Distraction by Elizabeth Jewell

Paranormal Romance ~ Alaska seems like a winter haven for vampires Glynna and Brandt and their companion Erik — until the snow starts.

Reflections by Camille Anthony

Reflections by Camille Anthony

Dark Fantasy Romance ~ Half god, half mortal and all man, Narcissus is wanted dead, not alive, by a jealous Hera. Sent to kill Narcissus, Eleiades finds himself captivated, intrigued, and enamored for the first time in eons. Now he must decide: quench the flame of love before it ignites or change the game and court the enmity of a goddess?

Bunny Tails (Collection) by Camille Anthony

Promo: Bunny Tails (Box Set) by Camille Anthony

Shifter Menage Romance ~ As a wolf, there’s nothing Vance and Xan love more than a plump, juicy hare. And this hare loves nothing more than being caught by her wild wolves… unless it’s doing some chasing of her own!