Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Station Leave

by Silvia Violet

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 02081-00654

[ BDSM SciFi Romance, MF ]

Sabra Dexter, an employee of Inter-Galactic Shipping, just completed a two-month run with a crew who couldn’t find their heads if they weren’t attached, rations that consisted almost entirely of beans, and the tedious job of managing every ounce of cargo on her ship. She needs a vacation and some hot sex.

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Chapter One

Sabra Dexter studied the station’s crowded food court. Her ship had run short on supplies as usual. You’d think the bastards at headquarters would figure out how to ration a diversity of foods for their crew, but it hadn’t happened in the five years she’d worked for Intergalactic Shipping. She’d eaten enough beans in the last few weeks to satisfy her for ten years. Thank the gods they’d had a decent storage of enzyme pills or the gas they produced might have blown the ship to bits.

Meat. She wanted meat, preferably beef. Her gaze landed on a Mexican stall that touted its use of real meat. Her stomach rumbled. Steak and gooey cheese sounded perfect.

She joined the line and pulled her ident card from the holster on her belt. She hoped there was enough money left on it from her last leave since she hadn’t wanted to wait in the long lines at the bank machines. She ordered a steak quesadilla and a beer, something else she’d been denied for the last two months, and waited for her turn to pay.

She tried to force herself not the stare at the hot guy in front of her. He was encased in an ultra tight flightsuit that showed off his class A ass to perfection. When he turned to extract something from his bag, she noticed the insignia on his flightsuit. He worked for a rival shipping company. He must be on leave between runs as well.

She gave up trying not to stare and let her eyes roam over him. He had closely cropped black hair, a strong jaw line and well-defined muscles. From the look of his body, he must have spent most of his off duty time in his ship’s gym.

Along with suffering from a boring diet, she’d been forced into celibacy on the long flight to and from the outer colonies. Shipboard liaisons were typically a bad idea anyway, but on this run there hadn’t been any prospects. The men that made up the rest of the crew could barely serve as conversational partners, much less sexual ones.

She wondered how long the guy would be on the station and considered making a bold proposition. But before she could get up the nerve, his order came up, and he disappeared to a table.

She handed her card to the droid cashier and grabbed her food, making sure she had large helpings of sour cream and guacamole on the side. She intended to indulge as much as possible while on leave.

After wading through the crowded seating area, she found a table on the far side and prayed no one would ask her to share it. After months cooped up on the ship with a bunch of yahoos who needed to consult her about every damn detail of their duties she needed some peace and quiet.

She picked up a wedge of quesadilla and noticed something red inside. She peeled back the tortilla and discovered roasted red peppers and black beans. Fucking black beans of all things. Her stomach revolted at the sight.

The hottie in front of her had ordered a quesadilla too. The stupid counter droids must have switched their orders.

She walked back toward the stall and saw the man in question standing at the counter. She rushed to join him. “Excuse me, did you get a steak quesadilla by mistake?”

He smiled, and a bolt of lust shot through her belly. “I did. I suppose you got my veggie.”

She nodded. “Sure did.”

The droid at the counter beamed. “Perfect. You can switch then.”

The man looked at the droid like she had some circuits loose. “I’ve taken a bite out of this,” he said, holding up a piece of quesadilla. “You can’t give it to her.”

The droid continued to smile. “I’ll cut that part off.”

“The hell you will.” He pulled his phone from his belt holster and glanced up. Above the droid’s head, a sign was posted giving the stall’s sanitation grade and contact information for the Cisco Station’s Department of Pure Food. “I hope you get this fixed before I finish dialing. I imagine you’ll be deprogrammed if this stall gets shut down.”

The droid frowned at that comment. “I’ll prepare new orders for you both. Will that bring satisfaction?”

The man gave an exasperated sigh, but he closed his phone and nodded to the droid.

The droid turned to Sabra and gave her a saccharine smile. “Miss?”

“I’m satisfied. Thank you.” Sabra knew she should have stepped in to defend herself, but she enjoyed watching the stranger give the droid a set down too much to interrupt. His authoritative tone and the flush of anger on his cheeks only made him more attractive. The thought of him using that dominant voice while in bed with her had her wet and hungry for far more than steak.

The man looked at her and she tried not to swoon. “Can you believe these people?”

She shook her head, unable to make her voice work.

“Fortunately, I’m not a vegetarian. I’ve just had so much beef jerky on my last run that I’m done with meat for a while.”

Sabra laughed. “Beans became the bane of my existence by the time we reached this station.”

“Don’t any of the shippers know how to stock foods for their crews?”

She rolled her eyes. “Apparently not.”

“How long was your run?”

“Two months.”

“Damn, last time I had one that long I thought I would lose my mind. I just did three weeks, and I’m well ready for some R and R.”

Sabra nodded. “This one almost did me in. A crew captain got sick at the last minute, and I took her place. I’d always thought I’d relish being in charge, but now I’m not sure. It was a hell of a lot easier just being one of the crew.”

“Leadership is not as easy as it looks, that’s for sure.”

Their new food came up then. The man grabbed his and gave her a last smile. “Enjoy yourself. I hear this station has a killer spa. You should use it after two months out.”

“I’ll have to do that.” As she walked away, Sabra kicked herself for not propositioning him. What would it have hurt? The worst he could have done was turn her down.

Someone had taken the table where she’d been sitting, but she found a seat at the bar along the wall. It even had a dataport so she plugged in her handheld and did some mindless surfing while she ate.

She wolfed her food down, but she lingered for a while sipping her beer. Finally she decided she had to face the prospect of finding a room. From the crowd in the food court she could only imagine she’d end up with sub-optimal accommodations after a long wait at reservations. Hopefully, she’d at least find an economy cabin in the station’s core.

As she tossed her napkins and wrapper down the trash chute, she noticed that the man from the counter was sitting at a table only a few feet away. She took a deep breath and gathered her courage. She’d kick herself for the rest of her leave if she didn’t approach him. “Excuse me.”

He turned around. The man’s lips curled into a sexy smile when he recognized her. “Hello again.”

“I was wondering if you have any plans for the evening.”

His eyes sparkled. “None I can’t change.”

“I’m headed to rent a cabin. Would you like to join me?”

“I secured a cabin before coming down here. Why don’t we go there and avoid the lines at reservations?”

“Sounds good to me.” Why couldn’t she think of anything sexier to say?

“I’m Nick, by the way.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have introduced myself first. I’m Sabra.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Sabra.”

“Thanks. Um. You too.”

“I almost asked you back to my cabin earlier but I thought you might be offended.”

“Offended. Oh, no. After two months alone, I –” Oh shit, why had she said that?

“No shipboard prospects?”

“Not a one.”

“Me either. Let’s see what we can do to solve that problem.”

All Sabra could do was nod.

* * *

By the time they reached Nick’s cabin, Sabra’s body thrummed with excitement, and the seat of her flightsuit was seriously damp. She and Nick hadn’t spoken on the short elevator ride. She felt ridiculous making small talk to fill the time, and she’d never been good at sexy banter.

She’d propositioned men during station leave before, but it had always been in a club or when she’d been drunk enough not to care. Her quest for a partner had never seemed this calculated before, not that Nick seemed to mind. When she’d glanced down as he pressed the call button for the lift, she’d noticed a sizeable bulge in his flightsuit. He was hard and ready to go. She had to prevent herself from jumping him right there.

Nick pressed his hand to his cabin’s lock pad and the door slid open. Sabra nearly gasped at the luxurious surroundings. He’d rented a full suite. “Ident card?”

She handed it to him, and he scanned it through the room’s computer. Within seconds he verified that she’d taken her most recent dose of anti-STD vaccine and chosen the birth control option. He scanned his own card so she could see that he was also clean. As she put her card back in her belt holster, she steeled herself for some awkward moments before they officially got down to business.

But she needn’t have worried. The second his card was secured, Nick grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall. His mouth locked on hers in the most ferocious kiss she’d had in years. Her tongue tangled with his, and her hands went to the fastenings of his flightsuit, desperately needing to get him naked and see the gorgeous body she knew was hidden underneath.

She opened her legs so he could rub his hard cock against her. Damn, it felt good. His hands slid up her stomach to her breasts, and his thumbs flicked across her nipples, making her gasp. She succeeded in getting his suit open to the waist, and he let go of her long enough to shuck it completely. She worked the fastenings of her own garment while she watched him.

The muscles of Nick’s chest were perfectly defined, and Sabra wanted to run her tongue over each one so she could give his body the worship it deserved. As she’d suspected, he wore nothing underneath the suit. When he pushed it past his hips, his cock sprang free, and her hands froze on the final clasp of her suit. His shaft was almost dauntingly thick and so perfectly formed it would do justice to the most beautiful sculpture.

When he kicked off his boots and the flightsuit, rendering himself completely naked, she forced herself to look up.

He smiled. “Like what you see?”

“Unh huh.”

“Good.” He knelt in front of her and pushed her hands out of the way so he could finish undressing her. He peeled her suit off her arms and down to her waist. Then he leaned forward and swiped his tongue across her abdomen. The sensation created such a rush in her body that she jumped.

He held her hips still, pushing her firmly against the wall. He laved her belly, nipping occasionally. She fought the urge to arch against him and beg for more. But she couldn’t keep her hands from going to her breasts and teasing her nipples as he sent hot spikes of lust straight to her clit.

He shoved her suit down her legs and reached to pull off her boots. Then he pulled the suit off each foot and tossed it in a pile with his own. “Spread your legs.”

She did as he said, and he leaned into her again. This time, his tongue flicked across her clit. She cried out, pinching her nipples hard and arching her hips into his face. He pulled her clit into his mouth, and her world went black. She fought to get air into her lungs as he worked her; sucking, biting, licking. She feared she would lose her mind.

He pushed two fingers inside her, and she bit her lips to keep from sobbing at the pleasure. “Sabra?”

“Y-yes?” Why was he talking when she was about to come?

“If I push you too far, say ‘red’ and I’ll stop.”

Her mind tried to process his words.

“Did I guess right? You like things a little kinky?”

She nodded frantically. “Yes.”

“Red is your safe word, okay?”


“Put your hands by your sides and keep them there.”

She reluctantly let go of her breasts and did as he commanded. The torment she’d been giving her nipples had balanced perfectly with the intense pleasure from his mouth and fingers. But she wanted to see what kind of games he liked. She thought she’d been lucky to meet a hot guy as soon as she got off the ship. The fact that he was inclined to dominate her was an added pleasure she hadn’t dreamed of.

“Don’t come until I tell you to.”

She pressed her hands flat against the wall to steady herself as his commanding tone made her legs weaken. She was already close. She couldn’t hold back much longer.

He pumped his fingers rapidly in and out, knowing just the right spot to caress with each stroke. He alternately licked and bit and sucked her clit until she thought she would die. She closed her eyes and saw stars. He slid his other hand from her hip to her breast and tugged on her nipple. Her knees buckled.

“Stay on your feet.”

“I — I can’t.”

“You can if you want to come.”

An embarrassing whimper escaped her. She hung on the edge of orgasm, fighting to hold herself back. Waves of heat rolled up her body. Her clit throbbed with need. She was right on the edge. She was going to fall. She was going to die.

“Come for me.”

“Yes. Gods, yes.” She screamed as he sucked her clit deep into his mouth. Her body exploded, and her legs folded. Nick caught and held her while spasm after spasm wracked her body.

“Can you stand?”

She wasn’t sure, but she tried. When she got to her feet, the world swam.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

She raised one leg and Nick cupped her bottom, lifting her so she could fit the other leg in place. His thick cock nudged her entrance. “You ready to come again?”

All she could do was nod. He held her effortlessly, slowly lowering her onto his cock. An inch, another inch, agonizingly slow. He felt even larger than he looked, but she wanted more. She wanted it all.

Then he surged into her, filling her the rest of the way. She cried out. The fullness was right on the edge of pain but not quite there. He gave her time to catch her breath, holding her still and forcing her to meet his penetrating green gaze. His eyes burned with lust and with a self-satisfaction that fired her submissive side.

She ground herself against him. “Fuck me.”

“Damn right I will.” He took a few steps and laid her down on the sofa, never breaking contact with her body. “Brace yourself.”

She hooked one arm over the back of the sofa and gripped the cushion with the other hand. He pulled out of her slowly, making her moan. Then he thrust deep, forcing a scream from her. He never slowed down. Over and over he drove into her. She couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but feel.

Her body jolted with every rough stroke. He fucked her savagely, harder and harder until she feared she would pass out from the pleasure. She held onto the sofa like a lifeline, afraid that if she let go, she would fall or explode.

Their bodies were covered in sweat, allowing them to slide against one another as Nick drove into her body. Sabra could barely breathe, and she was vaguely aware that she was making low animal noises with each exhalation.

“Now. Come for me again.”

Unable to disobey, her body tightened. Pleasure so deep it hurt washed over her as she fell into her climax. Nick cried out and stiffened against her. She felt the heat of his come inside her as her body squeezed him tight.

Neither of them spoke as they came down from their high. Nick pulled out of her body and knelt at the side of the couch, resting his head on her belly. She let go of the sofa and flexed her hands, trying to loosen the tension in them.

What a ride. She hated the thought of moving, much less leaving such a hot guy behind, but they’d both gotten what they needed. If she stayed she might form an attachment to this man, especially if he were as amazing out of bed as he was in it, or rather on the sofa and against the wall.

Unfortunately, station leave wasn’t the time for romance. “I should get my things.”

Nick sat up and looked across the room at the clock that hung by the door. “It’s late. Reservations will be on reduced staff. Don’t bother getting a room now. Stay with me tonight. We’ll see what we want to do about getting you a room tomorrow.”

Sabra’s heart pounded. This wasn’t a good idea. She needed to pick up supplies and arrange for transport of some items back home for the extended leave she had coming up. She couldn’t risk spending more time with this man, but he was right. Finding a room now would be hell. “Are you sure?”

He licked drops of sweat from her belly and smiled against her skin. “I’m very sure.”

Shit! She was in trouble.

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