Banging Daddy’s Friend Travis by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy's Friend Travis by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy’s Friend Travis

Ebony Booty, Book 6

by Derenzi Balach

DZRB Books

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63475-033-2

[ Interracial Erotica, MF ]

Ebony has the perfect fiftieth birthday present for Travis when they end up alone in the house together. She’ll have to give her gift quickly because her father will return home any minute. But the threat of being caught just makes the encounter that much hotter.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

Ebony heard the footsteps on the stairs and typed faster. Just a little more and she would be that much closer to the end, which was farther off than she would like.

A knocked sounded at her door and she groaned.

“Ebony?” Mom opened the door. “You know, you should answer when someone knocks.”

“I’m busy.”

“You’re always busy. Come downstairs.”

Ebony groaned.

“Yes, yes, you’re so put upon. I wouldn’t be up here bugging you if it wasn’t important.”

Saving her work, Ebony gave up the battle for another time. She swiveled in her chair to face her mother. “What’s up?”

“Travis is here. He and your father are going to a strip club tonight, but Red isn’t back from the shop yet and I just got called in to the store.” She huffed. “One of my managers is sick and there’s no one else to take her place.”


“All part of running a business. Come downstairs and keep Travis company until your father gets home.”

“Where’s Mel?”

“Out with friends.”

As much as Ebony wanted to make an excuse about needing to finish her work, she had no inclination to get back to her project. This interruption gave her the excuse she needed to procrastinate without guilt. “Let me get decent and I’ll be right down.”

“I don’t have that kind of time. Just put on some more clothes.”

“Oh, ha-ha, Mom.”

Mom chuckled. “You? Decent?” She laughed more. “Hurry up so I can go.”


After Mom left and closed the door behind her, Ebony went to her closet for clothes worthy of company. She traded her sleep shorts for leggings printed to look like jeans and a loose cotton shirt that reached her navel.

She followed the sound of the TV to the living room where Travis Jordy sat on the couch flipping through the channels. “Howdy, Mr. Jordy.”

Travis slid his baby-blue gaze over to her and gave her that toothpaste-ad smile. “Howdy yourself, Ebony. Long time no see.” The subtle Southern drawl in his voice got Ebony’s nipples tingling.

“That’s because you and Daddy always duck out before I have a chance to say hello.” She looked him over, realizing what a shame it was she hadn’t caught up with him before now.

Travis was the corn-fed country-boy type who appeared ten years younger than he really was. His hair was sun-bleached blond from working outdoors doing construction and he had a perpetual five o’clock shadow gracing his square jaw.

Everything about him, from his muscled physique to his worn jeans, was what Ebony liked in a man. And Mom was about to leave Ebony alone with him. Score.

She sat on the couch next to him and put her head on his shoulder. “How’re you doing?”

“I’m good.” He patted her head with a chuckle. “Tired?”

“A little. This project I’m working on just won’t end. If I didn’t like money so much, I would just quit and mooch off my parents.”

Mom said from behind the couch, “No you wouldn’t. The only reason you don’t work with me at the store is because of that job. Keep that in mind.”

Ebony grinned at her mother. “Oh, I do. Believe me, I do.” She lowered her voice and said just for Travis, “I don’t want to work there. Mommy’s mean.”

Travis laughed and then covered it up with a fake cough.

“I don’t even want to know.” Mom leaned over the couch and placed a kiss on the top of Ebony’s head. “I’m gone. Tell your father I left the money on the table.”

“Will do. Have fun at work.”

“Not likely, but I appreciate the sentiment.” Mom sighed and shook her head before patting Travis’s shoulder. “Have fun tonight. And tell Red I said no ATM and no credit. If he blows through the ones I got him, he’s SOL.”

“You’re an amazing woman, Brenda,” Travis said. “Not many wives would be okay with their husbands going to a strip club.”

“Not many wives are as confident in their marriage as I am. Red’s not going anywhere, and letting him off the leash to go window shopping ensures that.”

“Window shopping?”

“Look all he wants but he knows he can’t afford any of it.”

Travis laughed. “You’re not wrong.”

She patted his shoulder again. “Have fun and happy birthday.”


“Ebony, eat something before you stuff yourself back in your room.”

“Will do.” Ebony waved over her shoulder.

Mom heaved a sigh before walking away and exiting the house through the kitchen door.

Ebony wiggled her head on Travis’s shoulder. “It’s your birthday?”

“Two days ago, yeah. I’m fifty. The big five-oh.”

“And Daddy’s taking you to a strip club to celebrate. What about your wife? Didn’t you want to do something nice with her?”

“Did it already two days ago. We got fancy, went to a play, had dinner at an expensive restaurant, and spent the night in a nicer-than-our-budget hotel room.”

“Wow. All that for your birthday. What do you do for hers?”

“Rent a cabin in the woods that overlooks a beautiful lake and pretend civilization doesn’t exist for the whole weekend. Just her and me and nature.”

“And lots of sex.”

Travis laughed while shaking his head. “Yeah, I wish.” He cleared his throat. “You didn’t hear me say that.”

“Yeah, I did.” Ebony sat up to look at his face. “And you’re not joking, are you? You’re telling me you and your wife go to some romance-fodder cabin in the woods for two days and don’t screw like bunnies the entire time?”

“Three days. We take Friday off and, we do it when we get there. The rest of the weekend is board games and just being together.”

“But not together.”

“Yup.” Travis sighed. “Sex is not a high priority with Natalie. It’s not even a medium priority. I think she ranks it right above cleaning out the gutters and reorganizing the garage.”

“Major holidays and birthdays only, huh?”

“How’d you know?”

“I’m joking.”

“I’m not.”

Ebony gaped at him.

He shook his head. “Not joking.”

“Oh, you poor man.” She got on her knees and hugged him, pulling his head to her breasts and petting his head. “There, there. It’s okay. You’ll go to the strip club and everything will be all better.”

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