Banging Daddy’s Friend Glenn by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy's Friend Glenn by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy’s Friend Glenn

Ebony Booty, Book 5

by Derenzi Balach

DZRB Books

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63475-028-8

[ Interracial Erotica, MF ]

Spending Friday night in a smoky bar full of half-drunk men is not Ebony’s idea of fun, but being her father’s designated driver means she has no choice. At least Glenn, the bar’s owner, is willing to entertain her while she waits. She’ll be taking shots all night and loving every drop.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line—the version featuring Nelly—started playing on Ebony’s phone, causing her to stumble out of her computer chair and dive across her bed to retrieve the device from her nightstand. Grinning, she pushed the talk button and said in a cutesy voice, “Hi, Uncle Roy.”

“Hey, darling.”

Ebony’s pussy pulsed and she purred into the phone. She loved it when he called her darling in that rumbling voice of his. Rolling onto her back, she slipped her free hand into her shorts and stroked her clit. “What’s up?” She giggled, spreading her thighs and wishing Uncle Roy was between them. “Besides you.”

“I’m not calling for that and I’m damn happy I didn’t put your naughty ass on speaker.”

“You wouldn’t have called me darling if you had me on speaker. You also wouldn’t have called me darling if Daddy were nearby. Aren’t you two supposed to be drinking at Mr. Heller’s bar?” She pulled in a shaky breath and let it out as a soft moan.

“We are. That’s why I’m calling.”

“Oh?” Ebony dipped one finger into her channel with a happy yip.

“Ebby, you’re not doing what I think you’re doing, are you?”

“Mmmmmm.” She licked her lips, knowing Uncle Roy was probably getting hard just thinking about her touching herself. She was getting wet just thinking about him getting hard. Adding a second finger, she pushed them into her depths while jutting her hips up.


“Oh yes.” She rode her fingers and breathed heavily into the phone, letting Uncle Roy hear her getting close to climax.

“Ebony Ayana Derry, stop that right now or you’ll get no dick for a week.”

“From you.” She pumped her fingers quickly, massaging away the wanting ache and edging herself toward orgasm. “I’ll survive.”

“From anyone—me, Aarón, Calvin, or Kane.”

Ebony paused her movements. “How did you find out about Kane?”

“Red spent a whole afternoon bitching about Kane taking forever to fit you when he took you to the shop a couple of weeks back. I know Kane and I know you. I also know Kane isn’t as open with his wife about his sexcapades as he would have you believe, Aarón won’t even look at you if I put his job on the line, and Calvin will fold the second I threaten to rat him out to Red.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Try me.”

With a huffing grumble, she yanked her hand out of her shorts. “Why are you calling me?”

Uncle Roy chuckled. “Don’t get pissy with me, little girl. I’m calling you to come get your father. He’s in no condition to drive. I have to get back to the house and talk Mary down. She called and bitched me out about not spending enough time with her or something. I wasn’t paying attention.”

Ebony rolled her eyes. “Just dump her already. You have me.”

“I happen to like Mary, I don’t have you, and we’re not talking about this. Are you going to bring your cute ass down here or do I have to call Brenda?”

“No. Don’t call Mom. She always gets pissed off when Daddy gets drunk, then Mel and I have to endure lectures about the evils of alcohol. Pass. I’ll go get him.”

“Thank you.”

“I better get sex for this.”

Uncle Roy’s gruff laughter filtered over the phone. “How about I beat your ass for being mouthy?”

“Like I said—sex.”

After weeks of satisfying each other, Uncle Roy had to know spankings were no longer a threat, not coming from him. That was foreplay for them. The rougher the spanking, the wetter she got. But only Uncle Roy got to treat her like that because he was the only one of her lovers she trusted that much.

Laughing harder, Uncle Roy said, “I fell into that. Fine.”


“I’ll call you.”

“You better. Don’t make me come to the shop. You know I will.”

“Yeah. I know you will and you better not.”

“Why not? You got the lock fixed.”

“Not the point. I’ve gotta go. I’ll call you, darling. Don’t get cute on me or you’ll regret it. Get me?”

She sighed. “Yes, Uncle Roy.”

“I’m not joking, Ebony.”

“I know you aren’t. Just call me soon.”

“Will do. Seeya, darling.”

Ebony made a kissing noise before tapping the End button. She heaved a sigh and then beat her hands and feet against the bed, whining because now she was horny but had to go out instead of staying home to satisfy herself. “He better give me a lot of sex for this. Damn it.”

She grumbled while changing her loose shirt and sleep shorts to black yoga pants and a short-sleeved camo crop top. Yanking her black mini-braids into a ponytail, which caused her to wince because the braids were new and her scalp was still tender, she huffed and sucked her teeth. “I’m fucking horny as hell right now. I don’t want to drive.”

Whining about it wouldn’t make it better. And telling herself that didn’t make her any less horny.

Go get Daddy, bring him home, and then you can spend the rest of the night playing with your favorite three-pronged rabbit.

She snatched up her purse and car keys and left the house. Friday night at a sports bar. Joy.

Traffic was light during her drive over. She even managed to get a spot up front thanks to someone leaving just as she arrived. Now if only her good luck would hold until after she got Daddy and took him home, she would be happy.

The sound of loud laughter, clinking glasses, and the clack of pool balls greeted her when she entered the bar. It had been years since she’d visited this place, but Mr. Heller’s bar hadn’t changed one bit. It was still poorly lit and crammed full of more people than the available chairs—and probably the fire code—could accommodate.

A few men caught sight of her and whistled. She put an extra sway in her hips as she made her way to the bar counter where she figured Daddy should be.

“Ebony Derry!”

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