Banging Daddy’s Friend Aarón by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy's Friend Aarón by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy’s Friend Aarón

Ebony Booty, Book 4

by Derenzi Balach

DZRB Books

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63475-018-9

[ Contemporary Erotica, MF ]

Ebony is not a stranger to getting some in the back of a car, but not while her father is driving and definitely not with one of his friends. Aarón Herrera is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course, but a blanket can only muffle so much. Ebony will have to enjoy this meal with her mouth shut because her pleasure could send her father off the road.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

Ebony smoothed back her kinky-curled black, shoulder-length hair so it was out of the way when she placed her head on the folded pillow pressed against the van door. Tucking the blanket she’d brought into a tight cocoon, she tried to ignore the press of the seatbelt across her chest and get some sleep. “Wake me when we get there.”

“Will do,” Daddy said from the driver’s seat.

Riding shotgun, Uncle Roy chuckled and glanced over his shoulder. “Rough night?”

“You would know,” Ebony snapped, narrowing her eyes at him before she shut them. “I would have never volunteered to help if I had known how hard you would work me.”

“I told you there was a lot to do.”

Beside her, Aarón Herrera said, “Sorry I had to duck out early. But it looks like you two finished okay.”

“I finished just fine,” Uncle Roy said with amusement coloring his voice.

Ebony chose not to comment. He’d finished all right and had worn her out in the process. They’d been doing last-minute packing for the morning road trip to the auto expo. Since Daddy was driving, Uncle Roy had insisted Daddy take his ass home and go to bed.

That had left her, Uncle Roy, and Aarón to finish. Except, one irate phone call from Aarón’s wife had ended his help, leaving Ebony and Uncle Roy alone. So of course, Uncle Roy had divided his attention between stuffing boxes and stuffing Ebony.

They’d fucked so much that the task that should have taken a couple of hours—three max—had lasted nearly six. Ebony’s poor pussy had been drowning in cum by the time Uncle Roy dropped her off at home. He’d also given her ass a load so it wouldn’t feel lonely.

She shifted her weight to her hip because that single round of anal had left her ass still sensitive several hours later. Uncle Roy had fucked her good but she hadn’t thought that good. She’d woken up feeling like her hole had been thoroughly done and done well. But that was the type of man Uncle Roy was—so good she could “taste” him for hours after.

Ebony drifted off remembering the way Uncle Roy had bent her over the nearest stack of boxes and unloaded in her pussy. She needed to volunteer to work nights with him more often. There were several cars in the garage that needed their brand of performance testing.

A bump in the road jostled her side against something hard and she tightened her grip on the large hot hand she was holding.


She blinked open her eyes, trying to figure out when she’d shifted to lay her entire upper body across Aarón’s lap with her pillow folded under her head. Equally confusing was why she had his forearm trapped under her arm with her hand covering his where it rested between her breasts, and her fingers threaded with his.

Aarón flexed the hand she was gripping but made no move to pull free.

Had she commandeered him in her sleep? More than one past lover had mentioned how grabby she got while seemingly unconscious. She had thought they were teasing her, but now she saw the proof of it.

Even more surprising was that Daddy hadn’t tried to wake her up to get her to move. His full attention was on the road in front of him. Uncle Roy snored on the seat beside him, which was probably why Daddy had the music up as loud as he did, to drown out his friend. And Aarón…

He flexed his hand again.

She glanced up at him.

He flashed her a smile and winked. Bending over her so his mouth was closer to her ear, he asked, “Sleep okay?”

She nodded.

“We’re half an hour out.”

The music lowered and Daddy asked, “Did you say something?”

Aarón sat back. “Nah. Thought Ebby woke up. Just shifting.”

She closed her eyes quickly in case Daddy glanced back.

“Sorry about her.”

“She’s fine. Isabel uses me as a pillow all the time. Guess I’m comfortable or something.”

Daddy said something she didn’t catch as he turned the music back up.

Aarón sifted his free hand into Ebony’s thick curly hair and massaged her scalp, probably trying to lull her back to sleep.

All at once Ebony realized she was horny. Very much so. Getting enough sleep always revved up her libido. If she had known she would wake up wanting sex, she would have insisted Uncle Roy sit in the back with her.

Then again…

Aarón Herrera was within her strike zone. His medium physique was comfortable but tight. A black anchor-style beard graced his chin and there was always an amused twinkle in his brown eyes. He kept his black hair short on the sides and long on top but had it slicked back. There was the hint of a tattooed feather peeking out of the collar of his shirt. And he happened to be one of Daddy’s close friends, which seemed to be one of her top prerequisites of late. Plus he was right there.

Under the guise of getting comfortable, Ebony rolled onto her back and shifted Aarón’s hand so it cupped her left breast. She also made sure the blanket was up to her neck in case Daddy decided to check on her.

Rather than pull away and insist she sit up, Aarón flexed his strong fingers around her breast, kneading the ample mound and getting her hot. He smiled when she opened her eyes and looked at him.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. Aarón was a devoted husband. On her list of men who would cheat, he was in the never-gonna-happen column. Or maybe he didn’t see breast-fondling as cheating.

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