Maestro by M. Crane Hana

Maestro by M. Crane Hana


by M. Crane Hana

NineStar Press

Ebook ISBN: 9781911153252

[ Contemporary BDSM Romance, MMM ]

What started as mere pleasure becomes a three-part harmony as Leo, Andrew, and Mel explore the ways their kinks and needs mesh—until Leo’s enemies attempt to use evidence of the liaison to force him out of his job.

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Chapter One

“Happy birthday, Mr. Ellson,” Andrew said in a smug singsong as he offered Leo a black Ferragamo briefcase and ice-blue pashmina scarf.

With a happy sigh, Leo leaned close and breathed in the other man’s scent. Andrew was still half-dressed, his bare legs incongruous against his briefs, baggy gray sweater, and white undershirt, his long body sunlit from the loft’s frost-kissed eastern windows.

“At least it’s not actually on Valentine’s Day.” Leo grinned up at his husband. “Want to join the annual office pool of how many birthday wishes I get scribbled on red glitter cards this year? Or candles on heart-shaped cupcakes?”

Andrew placed a solemn right hand over his heart. “Nope. I leave that to your aunt. You’re getting a proper birthday present and a night out. We’ll deal with Valentine’s tomorrow, like everyone else. Today—” Andrew’s merry brown eyes crinkled at the corners from his smile. “—today is special. Take the subway.”

“Subway? Taxies are faster.” Leo let his fingers rest on Andrew’s, over the briefcase handle.

Andrew had a little less dark -brown hair and a fraction less muscle than when they’d met. His gentle, goofy smile still contrasted well with a strong face that smoldered whenever any of his passions—writing, good food, art, Leo himself—shone from within. And his ass was still fantastic. Fans twenty years younger drooled after him as he walked into book signings and press conferences. No hint, to look at Andrew now, of the emotional fallout of his diabetes diagnosis. The same medicines that had managed his disease and depression had destroyed his sex drive and his love of writing for several years, causing more anxiety. In the last year, new medicines and therapies helped manage both.

Leo knew every step forward was a step away from despair. He would do anything to keep Andrew from that self-destructive spiral.

Not this morning.

Leo looked down. Andrew’s newest erection tented his boxers. Through the soft gray cotton, Leo palmed his husband’s cockhead with his free hand. “A taxi leaves more time for us. Round three?”

“We don’t have time for that, sweetheart.”

“Honey, there’s always time for a good blowjob,” Leo said as he dropped the briefcase on the carpet beside them. The scarf followed, draped over the handle. He knelt smoothly in front of Andrew, using gravity and his own weight to slip the boxers over Andrew’s hips.

“It’s your birthday!”

“And this is one of the presents I’m giving myself.” Leo leaned forward, letting just his lips brush side to side across Andrew’s sensitive crown. That sleek, red-purple cock stiffened more as if begging for Leo’s mouth.

Andrew sucked in an unsteady breath. “That’s an ‘oh, God, yes’ if you’re waiting for permission,” he said and then groaned, gripping Leo’s shoulders with his long, strong fingers.

“I was watching your pulse jump. There’s one big vein on the underside I will always want to tongue,” Leo whispered and did just that. He tasted musk, sweat, and the traces of middle-of-the-night sex not quite washed away by a hasty shower. It was magic, it was Andrew, alive and reacting again, responding to lust as he couldn’t in the dark, confusing time before diagnosis.

If Leo opened his mouth a little wider than usual, canted his head left to match the slight curve in Andrew’s cock, and took him deeper than normal? Well, they were rushed and greedy. A fast, simple blowjob should do the trick. Closed eyes hid Leo’s brimming tears of joy. And a little fear, at how close Leo might have come to not having Andrew at all…

Right here, now…his husband’s hips surged against him, cock driving deep into Leo’s throat. Andrew moaned, swaying suddenly against Leo.

Leo relaxed his muscles as much as he could, taking the other man to the back of his throat. Only Andrew’s tiny whimper warned Leo before he emptied warm, thick spend. Leo swallowed, controlling his gag reflex and his infinitesimal fear of choking. He waited through the aftershocks, hollowed his cheeks against that hot cock and then sucked as fiercely as he could.

Andrew bucked again, cursed, and then pulled back from Leo’s suddenly bereft mouth. Andrew’s seeking right hand found Leo’s left one, twining their fingers. “I don’t…don’t want to get come all over that pretty gray suit.”

“Today? I’d wear it into the office and dare anyone to say anything,” Leo gloated, levering himself upright against Andrew’s firm grip.

Andrew’s brown eyes darkened more, the pupils dilating at some thought or kink that Leo really, really wanted the time to explore.

More so, when Andrew shuttered his expression with a cagy look and said, “Duly noted, my little exhibitionist.” Andrew leaned forward to breathe a teasing kiss half an inch over Leo’s lips. He tugged Leo’s tie, woven in the same pattern and color as the scarf. “However, I still guarantee the subway will be worth it.”

“How?” Leo snuggled into Andrew’s shoulder, savoring the other man’s body heat through the dark-gray linen suit.

“You’ll know. Just make sure you wear last year’s birthday presents.” Andrew tapped the tie just above Leo’s discreet, simple platinum tie bar.

“Hmm. A mystery. Turn loose, love, I need to brush my teeth again.”

“Hmm. No. What happened to the man who wanted to wear my come to work?”

“Oh, definitely kinky. I’ll try not to breathe on anyone.” Leo gave him a skeptical look. “A man who didn’t love you so much might be a little suspicious. What is it? Candygram? Roses? Strippers on the subway? A fake kidnapping attempt?”

“Not saying, sweetheart. Why ruin the surprise?”

“Why, oh, why do I love a writer? Is my birthday present the recital tonight?”

“No. Well, yes, the present and the recital sort of go together. You really need both parts.”

Leo tilted his head quizzically, in the way he knew ignited Andrew’s every lust-button. “Is it worth missing another hour of hot, hot sex and then having to take a taxi anyway?”

“Oh, there will probably be more sex than you can handle. Later. I need all day to recover, just to be ready for it. So take the subway, please?” Andrew leaned down and whispered against Leo’s forehead.

“Subway,” Leo confirmed, mystified but game. Thriller novelists thought in tricky ways. He should be used to it after so many years.

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