Locomotive by J. Hali Steele

Locomotive by J. Hali Steele


Phantom Lure, Book 3

by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07611-02454

[ Paranormal Romance, MM ]

Grange sets a scenario in motion with other Lures to free Heath. Full of Lucifer’s power, Grange takes what he wants. In taking Heath, he changes him and their world forever.

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Chapter One

I am evil.

* * *

Sniffing the crisp morning air blowing through the station sharpened his senses. Only two Phantom Lure old and powerful enough to send a chill down Heath Terran’s spine existed. One disappeared into the last car followed by a tall, athletically-built black man. Chthonic’s delay in leaving Union Station happened because he had released the ticket for his twelfth car last night. The agent notified his office the buyer would be late boarding.

Unbeknownst to his staff, Heath, a top-rated design engineer, owned Chthonic, the only luxury express train of its kind in America. It rivaled Europe’s Orient Express with extra-long Pullman cars featuring spacious, deluxe accommodations coupled with superior service. He watched from the platform as Gentar Finway permitted his human to pass before spinning in the doorway to nod in Heath’s direction.

“Son of a bitch. I am what he is.” Heath didn’t like being Phantom Lure.


Heath preferred traveling as conductor. Not only did it allow him to wear gloves without question, it offered the opportunity to be particular about his catch. It also gave him control around the staff onboard. They resided in the first two coaches following twin streamline engines powerful enough to pull twice the load they regularly hauled into valleys and over towering mountains.

“Nothing, Mr. Styer.” He’d obtained trackage rights to run his magnificently appointed cars on nationwide rails, and his train was always booked solidly months in advance. One vacancy existed because a customer withdrew for a family emergency. “Everyone is aboard, and we need to make up some time.”

“Full speed, sir?”

Chthonic was also the fastest train operating in North America. “Yes.”

“Got it.”

Programmed computers handled trains nowadays. Heath had already checked with a trainmaster in charge of dispatching traffic for clearance to run all out; therefore, his engineer would manually take control to regain schedule. “Take her out of here.”

Having spent the last week serving Lucifer, enough power slithered through his veins to allow him time to relax, enjoy the trip. However, Heath loved fucking and always used his newfound potency to find someone within hours of leaving Luc. Strength garnered from the devil honed his ability to read his catch’s mind, often before he touched him.

Right now, his engineer remained concerned by his earlier outburst. “You good, Mr. Terran?”

“Stop worrying about me, Styer, all is well.” The man left his side and boarded engine number one.

Remembering why Lucifer had saddled him and other Phantom Lures with a wicked desire for sex caused him to adjust his cock surreptitiously. For his kind, more than a day without screwing someone spelled disaster. Lures began to wither away, vanishing from existence, never again to languish on earth, nor in the bowels of hell. A supreme lover, Satan had been in a piss-poor mood, and Heath wondered why he bothered to summon him below… Shit. It wasn’t just a memory. A fragrance he’d never forget permeated the air surrounding him. Heath sucked in a lungful and felt his nuts tighten. Grange Stafford. The breeze was redolent with his aroma, and it briefly confused Heath. Stepping into the thirteenth car, which he kept free for his use, he stiffened.

“Chthonic, Heath?”

Heath spun to face the blond-haired demon, certainly Satan’s prettiest Phantom. “I’m from the underworld. Quite fitting don’t you think?”

“It means subterranean.”

“Close enough. It beats driving a boat.”

“You don’t drive a boat.” Gentar narrowed his eyes. “And it’s a ship.”

“It’s been a while, Gentar.”

“Wanted to keep my balls.” Green eyes squinted. “I don’t remember gray hair.”

“Try living with Lucifer…“ Shit, he didn’t owe Gentar Finway any explanation, but he wondered at Finway carrying Grange’s scent. “How did you two stand being in the same room together?” How in hell were they even having this conversation without attempting to tear each other to shreds? Lures tended to be possessive of their space, and a few had lost their manhood encroaching on another’s territory.

Eyeing him suspiciously, Heath didn’t even care Gentar had gained entrance to his private car. Sex machines, every one of them, but Grange was Lucifer’s masterpiece, and not only did the Lure reek of him, so did the human. Smothering his surprise, and to buy time, he remained quiet.

“Grange… He’s different now.” Gentar glanced around Heath’s quarters. “You’ve outdone yourself with sumptuousness.” He chuckled. “I could do without the mirrors.” He looked Heath up and down. “If I had your body, I’d probably look at myself all the time too.”

An inch or so shorter than Gent, Heath carried more muscle. “They are only in my car.”

“Hmm, wonder why?”

“Every coach is designed for comfort.” Heath ignored his veiled reference to Grange’s strange fascination with mirrors. “A regular Pullman car wouldn’t do, considering how much I ask for each ticket.” Heath filled his lungs with shallow breaths, but it did no good. His cock jerked in his slacks, and nothing in this world could stem his hunger for the one demon he couldn’t have. The same supernatural being Lucifer had in his bed even now. That seed of information rooted itself in his thoughts, and Heath grew aware Gentar planted it there. “I forgot what a prick you were.”

“Considering our reason for existing, I’d say we’re both dicks.”

Luc always allowed his favorite more power than any other Phantom, but after Grange’s banishment to the land of humans, he hadn’t attempted to contact Heath until this morning. Why? “Grange hasn’t changed that much considering he’s snuggled up against the goddamn devil’s ass.”

“Like you, he has no choice if Lucifer calls.”

The only other Lure near Grange’s and Heath’s age, the Nordic beauty shared something extraordinary with Grange. It angered Heath that Gentar read him so easily. “I don’t give a shit about Grange.” He continued to study the Lure closely.

“Then why operate on this coast?”

Heath did pass through Philly often, but today he headed north to Albany where he’d turn south on a line through Buffalo to Cleveland. Then he’d pick up the western rail through Chicago. “Gent, before I toss your ass under the wheels, why are you here?” Heath peered at the brown-skinned human who’d arrived with Gent. Christ, he was hot and looking at him only hardened his shaft more. “Your taste has improved.” A whole hell of a lot, considering both creatures before him had had the pleasure of feeling Grange’s cock ride deep in their asses. Heath’s anger dissipated, and he waited for the green-eyed monster — jealousy — to replace it. It never happened. Jesus!

“See, we are the same, Heath.” He grinned. “And maybe I rode his ass.”

Heath wanted to know why both men carried Grange’s scent and why they were here. It wasn’t a coincidence. However, Gentar’s statement provided a welcome distraction from everything racing through his head. Heath’s laughter filled the sitting area of the well-appointed chamber. Removing a glove, he stepped toward the human, mildly surprised Gent didn’t stop him from touching his catch. Heath ran fingers down a brown cheek. “Thomas.” His name, everything he was, all that he’d done in his short life seeped into Heath. “We all know only one creature rides Grange’s ass.”

Gentar’s smile grew wide. “Conner Roth doesn’t.”

“Don’t say any more, Gent. I can still rip your balls off.” A bit of resentment did blossom in his chest over that piece of news. “Motherfucker.” Grange Stafford loved screwing his catch, he loved fucking Lucifer, and he was one of a few demons who had that particular pleasure. “What are you both up to?” He could inveigle information from the demon’s mind but had a feeling he wouldn’t have to. Choosing to operate out of New York, Heath avoided Philadelphia as if the city raged with plague. He never crossed paths with Grange. Lucifer would have a shit fit if he knew two of his most powerful creations stood toe-to-toe in a train car racing toward the Grand Canyon.

“You won’t have to coerce anything from me.” He grinned at Heath. “Satan is otherwise occupied, so he knows nothing.”

“Are you sure of that?”

Green eyes pierced Heath. “Do you remember what it was like to lie in Grange’s arms?”

Heath wished he didn’t. “Yes.” Heaven, hell, the world and everything in it dimmed when Grange claimed what he wanted. After fucking him, nothing mattered. Perhaps that explained why even Lucifer couldn’t resist the only demon he professed to love. The one Phantom…

“Grange sent me.” The tall, handsome Lure ran a hand through long, blond waves before openly adjusting his swelling cock.

Fine with him. He’d take Gent, use him hard and make sure Grange felt it. A searing pain gripped his heart, but Heath refused to allow the Lure to see his pain. “I forgot how fucking beautiful you were.” Heath wrapped fingers around Gent’s neck. He didn’t want to care, but he couldn’t sweep it away this time. Family. The word settled deep in his mind causing him fear. They were so like Lucifer, how could he find no covetousness in Gentar’s heart? He whispered, “What has Grange done?”

“Only Luc displays jealousy for his demons.” Gent leaned forward and kissed him softly. “Nice.”

“I have responsibilities to see to.”

“Later then.” Thomas moved to open the door, and he vanished onto the walkway. Gentar followed, but before leaving, he spun to face him. “It’s a small price to pay.”

Heath stared at his reflection in a mirror. “Pay for what?”

* * *

I am desire.

* * *

Heath visited his guests to make sure each had everything required. Some clientele enjoyed the intimacy of train travel for private meetings sans prying eyes, others preferred it to take advantage of a few key stops along the way, but most were simply afraid of flying. Before entering the dining car, Heath stepped out onto the glass-enclosed walkway running along each coach on the right side. Heath had merely taken the center aisle and moved it outside. He looked toward the engines and noted the mountains grew closer. Mr. Styer ran Chthonic all out, and trees bowed as they sped past. Stepping back inside, he was surprised to find Gent and Thomas having sandwiches. He expected they would rest before eating.

“We missed breakfast.” Gentar smiled up at him. “There will be plenty of time for relaxation.”

“Stop reading my mind.” Watching Thomas lick his lips had Heath’s cock rocking and rolling in his pants. “Not if I can help it.” No more of Gent’s word games. Heath wanted action.

“Tell you what.” Gent stood and brushed the front of his slacks. “Our catches have been with us long enough to now crave what we do, and sex does relax them. Tom is at your disposal while I go forward to make sure your driver is paying attention to the road.”

“We are on rails, smart ass.” When Gent chuckled, he said, “Touché. I’ll remember not to say you drive a boat in the future.” Gent left them alone, and Heath looked his rugged human up and down. “Is there a problem?”

Glancing nervously through the window, Thomas asked, “When’s the first stop?”

“Ahh, right.” He’d forgotten about the bit of information he’d filched from the mind of Gent’s catch. “You don’t like small spaces. How do you operate in the bowels of a boa… ship?”

“I wish you bastards would stay out of my head.”

Heath would have laughed if Thomas hadn’t been glaring at him with whiskey-brown eyes. “My coaches are larger than most cabins on a cruise ship.”

“You don’t have a deck to walk.” Tom ran a finger across Heath’s lips. “I bet you suck dick real good.”

“Damn.” He reached for Tom’s hand. “Let’s get your mind off your predicament.”

“Maybe I can take yours off something.”

Grange. That wasn’t going to happen; in fact he was uppermost in Heath’s mind as he wondered how much he enjoyed taking Tom. “You’ll help.” Heath tugged Thomas behind him and into his car. “Undress for me.” The man took his time removing each piece of clothing, and when he was done, Heath sighed. “God.” His brown skin was perfect, not a blemish. Heath leaned to see Tom’s broad back and high, tight ass in a mirror. “So fucking beautiful.” Quickly removing his clothes and tossing them aside, he walked slowly around Tom, admiring every glorious inch of the human. Ripped abs, strong thighs, and a thick, long cock met his gaze. The dark cap already shone with moisture.

Grange had touched this man.

He’d licked and savored every inch of dark skin before taking him, and the idea had Heath’s penis so hard he could hammer nails with it. Running his fingers over a taut abdomen, brushing them through tight curls surrounding the man’s dick, caused Heath to tremble. He watched as a pearly drop of cum slowly slipped over the crown. Noting the contrast of white skin against black skin served to excite him even more. He envisioned Grange raising the human’s long, muscular legs over his shoulders, guiding his engorged cock into the tight passage nestled between firm buttocks, and it pulled a spurt of cream from his own dick.

“Such a waste.” Tom dropped to his knees, gripped Heath’s thighs, and covered the tip of his shaft with lips so inviting and warm.

“Turn a little.” It wasn’t until Grange that Heath developed his desire to watch himself, or his catch, being pleasured. “Christ, you know how to suck a dick.” Grasping both sides of Tom’s head, he began to fuck the man’s mouth. In, out, nice and slow. Seeing his length disappear through soft, greedy lips, coupled with thoughts of Grange, had him close to ejaculating. “Lick my balls.” Something, anything to slow down his yearning to fill Gent’s human’s mouth. Closing his eyes wasn’t smart. Visions of dark thighs wrapped around Grange’s hips battered him, filled Heath with lust. “Shit, shit. Stop.”

Thomas ended his exploration of Heath’s nuts and stood. “Look at me, I’m here.”

Heath fell headlong into liquid brown eyes. Jesusfuckingchrist! A creature with his powers shouldn’t be swayed by human catch hooked for nothing more than fucking. Too late. Something stirred inside, something he hadn’t expected to feel ever again. He gripped the swollen cock between Tom’s legs and asked, “What can I give you?”

Heath cared about Gent’s human, and he wanted to please him.


Heath shoved him against a table used for paperwork. Sweeping everything from the surface, he lifted Tom until his ass rested on the edge. “Open for me.”

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