Hybrid (Box Set) by Ruth D. Kerce

Hybrid (Box Set) by Ruth D. Kerce

Hybrid (Box Set)

by Ruth D. Kerce

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07602-02451

[ Futuristic Shifter Romance, MF & MFM ]

The Pod Program pairs Hybrid shifters and humans in space. Sex is a given. Survival, not so assured.

Publisher’s Note: Hybrid (Box Set) contains the previously published Hot Flash/Short Stories Savannah, Dox, and Redra.

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Chapter One

Savannah [Book 1]

Savannah put on the holo-helmet and started up the program as instructed earlier by her mission commander. She wasn’t much of a voyeur, but Jared loved to tinker with the software on board and often came up with special creations for her to experience.

The virtual location slowly came into focus, and she immediately felt restricted. As best as she could, she looked around InterGalactic Diversion — a sexual entertainment station, according to the sign on the far wall — but she was unable to move enough to see much. Her wrists appeared to be tied to a pair of planks. Sex planks? Her ankles were tied too. Just slightly off the ground, she hung on exhibit, naked and spread-eagle.

What had Jared done this time? The program allowed her to see herself, viewing the scene as if separate from it, but at the same time feeling everything that was happening, which made for an intense sensory experience.

A tall, strong man stood behind her with a multi-lashed whip. Even with the black mask covering his eyes, she recognized him as Jared. Her heart pounded against her ribs. She knew her fate.

With a smile of satisfaction, he wielded the whip like an expert, landing blow after blow to her back, butt and thighs. Her body jerked, not in pain, but surprise at how real it felt. The soft lashes didn’t hurt her skin, only made her very aware of her body. The sound of leather against flesh echoed throughout the station as their images projected off the reflective walls.

The stimulation of her senses affected her mind and her body. She craved sex. Sex with Jared. “Yes, yes, yes.”

As the whipping continued, spectators began to gather. Mostly men, but a sprinkling of women as well. “Fuck her!” a man in a full head mask yelled. Others nodded, and many voiced their encouragement.

Savannah had never experienced anything like this in her life. Because it was a program, she felt safe and eager for more.

After a glance at the crowd, Jared dropped the whip and unlaced the front of his leather pants. When he pulled out his cock, both women and men alike gasped. His boots sounded heavy on the flooring as he approached her from behind. “You ready?” he asked, loud enough for everyone to hear. He nudged her ass with his cock.

Her moan of anticipation didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd, who fell silent. She raised her butt as much as she could. With one hard thrust, he impaled her cunt with his cock. “Oh, yes, Jared!”

The crowd cheered their approval while he fucked her wildly. Chants of “Go, go, go!” filled the station as the spectators clapped enthusiastically.

Her fingers curled into fists, and she screamed, “I’m coming!” She twitched and squirmed.

The crowd roared. They shouted encouragement and chanted in a variety of languages until she finally stilled.

Not yet done with her, Jared continued to fuck her hard. She lay limp on the sex planks, no longer responding to his aggressive thrusts. With a grunt and a roar of his own, he finally came and relaxed against her back. “Did you like that, Savannah?” he whispered in her ear.

Savannah wasn’t sure if he was referring to the sex or the program itself. Either way, her answer would have been the same. She pulled off the holo-helmet and hung it back on its wall hook. Then she shut off the program.

She took in a deep breath and let it slowly ease out of her, calming her racing heart. “Wow.”

After watching and experiencing Jared’s sexual fantasy, she was in need of some major physical contact. The real kind. She fluffed her hair, shifted into her feline form, and went in search of Jared.

* * *

Jared Duncan stared out the pod’s main portal into the vast emptiness of space. Area 6 of Sector G4 looked clean. He swiveled his chair toward the control panel to confirm his assessment with the computer. When he activated the touch screen, the display flickered and the system froze. “Damn it.”

He slapped the top of the monitor. Nothing happened, so he smacked the side of the control desk that held the main processing unit. “Engage, you piece of shit!”

The computer beeped and finally confirmed his area assessment as it displayed a chart of the current mapping results. He grumbled under his breath, cursing the outdated equipment. “This pod is way past due a systems upgrade. I requested that upgrade three missions ago.”

A tall, thin feline rubbed against his leg and purred. At her touch, Jared immediately calmed. He reached down and scratched her head. “I’ll be another few minutes, Savannah.”

She swished her tail and padded across the pod’s control room. With a slight sway of her butt and a low meow, she strolled out into the corridor.

Savannah. If not for the Hybrid Project, his time up here would have been unbearable. The Hybrid Project — a scientific experiment involving accelerated evolution to create a new species of quasi-humans — had turned out to be one of mankind’s greatest successes.

The second-generation Hybrids in particular were exceptionally intelligent. Accepted by society as a new shape-shifting form of life, they enjoyed all the privileges of civilized living. Savannah was a second generation and his companion.

“Pod S132-N48 switching to a new area orbit.”

“New orbit approved,” a ground controller answered back, his voice crackling over the speaker system. “Auto-tracking authorized upon stabilization.”

“Copy.” Jared was one of many scientists stationed on pods orbiting Earth. Outsourcing work off-planet had become common practice in the last few decades. Pod stations monitored space chatter, surveyed asteroid movements and coordinated satellite repairs. A variety of assignments existed. His job wasn’t quite as glamorous as most.

“Engaging sector probes.” He was a particle sweeper, basically a galactic garbage man, which sounded less important than the job actually was, but it described his responsibilities well.

Garbage left over from launches and other space activities throughout the years flew through space at high speeds, just looking for something to hit. The particles, even when miniscule in size, were dangerous to ships and especially dangerous for astronauts who worked outside on repair or collection missions. At the rate of speed the particles traveled, even one sliver could disable a ship or kill a man. Particle sweepers found and destroyed all such dangers in their assigned sector.

“Pod sensors are transmitting data,” the ground controller informed him.

“Copy, Control.”

All was working as programmed. Time to let the PS-G3 software take over. When particles were detected in the area, lasers and filtration devices would auto-engage to break up and absorb the debris. The absorbed debris was converted into energy and utilized to operate the pod.

Years ago, he would have had to manually engage the systems, so he was grateful for the still relatively new software. He wished the pod’s hardware could have been equally new.

Even with the advanced software programs though, ground control couldn’t handle these missions solely by remote. Someone needed to monitor the equipment and navigation changes on-site because pod damage occurred often on sweepers. Repairs needed to be taken care of quickly to avoid total malfunction of an orbiter.

“Pod S132-N48 out.” He flipped off the communication channel and relaxed in the chair, listening for any abnormalities. The only sound remaining since the booster burn died was the low, soothing thump, thump, thump of the pod’s engines. With one last check of the controls, he felt satisfied. All looked secure. The end of another busy day.

A cat’s cry drew his attention. He smiled, pushed out his chair and rose to his feet. “On my way.” With a groan, he stretched his back, which cracked in response. Now in his thirties, he was getting too old for such long assignments. Soon, he’d have to find work on-planet and forgo these missions.

Life in a pod wasn’t easy. The pods only held two to four people maximum, depending on the model, which cut costs tremendously. But because of the cramped quarters, comforts were at a minimum.

Matching up humans who could withstand such conditions as well as each other in space had become a major problem. The solution? Each scientist was now accompanied by a carefully selected Hybrid match. The fact that a Hybrid could shift into an animal form had proven to be calming for both species. As such, longer missions were possible.

Looking forward to a few hours off, he strolled out of the control room and crossed the narrow corridor into the small bedchamber, which held a surprisingly good-sized mattress attached to a low frame. The bed and some built-in storage drawers were the only things in the room. No space existed for anything else.

Savannah lay on the bed. She had shifted into her quasi-human form. “Sweet,” he whispered. The sight of her as a non-feline always made his cock hard.

Her long blonde hair, with patches of light brown, covered her bare breasts. Her toned legs seemed to go on forever. As she fingered her pussy, she stared up at him with her golden orbs. “I started without you.” She practically purred the words. Intelligence and deep emotion shone in her bright, gorgeous eyes.

He smiled slightly. “So I see.” Savannah was the perfect companion. More than an assistant. She kept him grounded. Satisfied. Sane.

“Computer problems again?”

He unbuckled his belt. “I fixed it.”

“Slapping the system’s ass doesn’t really make it cooperate.”

“Works on you.”

Her eyes dilated, and a slight flush covered her skin. She moved her fingers faster, rubbing her clit.

“That’s sexy as hell.” He opened the top button of his white pants. After he toed off his boots, he headed for the bed. “Did you watch the sex program?”

“Tying me up and whipping me while others watch… Is that what you really fantasize about?”

“I fantasize more about the fucking. Did you like it?”


“You liked it.” When she slowed her hand, he shook his head. “No. Keep going. Make yourself come. I want to watch. It gets me hard.”

“You’re already hard. Your pants can barely contain your cock now. Besides, I’d rather you make me come than watch me do it to myself.”

He chuckled. He’d been up here for months with Savannah, but he still craved her like it was the first time for them. In the beginning, he’d been wary of the arrangement, but she had won him over quickly with her humanness, as strange as that sounded. “Consider it an order.”

“An order?” She arched one perfectly shaped eyebrow above a very pointed stare.

He smiled. “An earnest request then.” He outranked her on this mission, but he respected her too much to treat her like a subordinate. She pulled her weight as an expert navigator and had gotten them out of more than one jam with her quick thinking. Particle sweeping had its hazards and wasn’t for the meek at heart.

“I like the sound of an earnest request much better.” She stroked her clit faster.

Jared rubbed his crotch in anticipation. He’d had to make adjustments with Savannah. He was a man who liked being in control. Of his ship. Of his body. And of his woman. But Savannah demanded equality… in all things. He respected her for that, so he wasn’t about to complain. Giving up a small portion of control in return for her companionship, loyalty and the most passionate sex he’d ever experienced in his life seemed a small price to pay.

When he recognized that she was close to climaxing, his gaze switched from her pussy to her face, not wanting to miss a moment of her orgasm. “You know I’ll be sucking that juicy clit of yours later, right?” Sensual words always helped her come, so he rumbled them in his sexiest voice.

“Yes.” Her breathing grew heavy. She reached up and played with one of her nipples. “Please, Jared. Don’t torture me like this. Touch me. Now.”

The desire in her eyes sent an equal desire racing through him. He sat down on the mattress and stroked her inner thigh, teasing her as he edged closer to her pussy. With his free hand, he lightly traced her other nipple with his fingers. “I love to watch you when you’re aroused.”

Their gazes locked. He saw a vulnerability in her eyes that touched him deep down. He cleared his suddenly scratchy throat, working hard to contain his own needs. “Come for me, Savannah.”

A gasp escaped her lips and, after a moment, her limbs stiffened. “Oh, yes!” Her whole body flushed a deep pink. The deeper the color, the stronger her orgasm. Since he’d learned that, making her flush pleased him almost as much as taking his own pleasure. He looked upon it as a challenge. And a victory.

As he took in the image of her, all pink and tense with her lips slightly parted, he swallowed hard. “Jeez, you’re beautiful.” He’d never said the words to her, but she held a very special place in his heart.

Gradually, her breathing returned to normal. After she relaxed, he gently removed her hand from her pussy and, with deliberate slowness, sucked the moisture from her fingers.

A smile graced her lips, and she stared up at him with sleepy eyes. “That was a really nice appetizer. Makes me crave much more.”

He was just thinking the same thing. “You’re not too tired? It’s been a long day.” He laced his fingers through hers.

“I’m never too tired to be with you.”

That answer sent another wave of desire rushing through him, making him want her with a need almost too strong to control. “Good. Because I’m about to burst.”

He reached out and cupped the back of her neck, bringing her closer. Another thing he’d learned quickly about Savannah was that she loved to use her tongue and mouth. And he loved to indulge that need.

Jared kissed her deeply, sliding his tongue along hers. She tasted wild, like the sweetest of jungle fruits and earthy spices all wrapped into one. Slowly, he pulled back and licked her lips. “Suck my cock,” he whispered against her mouth. “Now.”

She hesitated before responding. “Another earnest request?”

“That one was an order.”

She stuck out her tongue at him and made a very wet raspberry sound.


With a small laugh and a shake of her head, she looked down. She pulled open his pants and firmly wrapped her fingers around his engorged shaft. “You’re lucky I love to suck cock.” With an eager look, she leaned over him and lapped wildly at the tip.

“Ah.” He groaned. “Yeah.” He was indeed lucky, and he knew it. Her tongue, slightly rough when she licked, drove him crazy. She bathed the head of his cock, then the length of his shaft, tasting every inch. Applying light pressure on the back of her neck, he urged her to take him fully into her mouth.

Without hesitation, she complied. She sucked hungrily on the tip before sliding her lips over the entire head of his cock. While she sucked, she made a purring noise, which vibrated his cock and traveled right to his balls.

Jolts of sexual pleasure shot through his body. “Ah, hell, that’s good.” He’d never experienced this level of pleasure with any other woman. Watching Savannah suck his cock made him want to come long and hard, until he had nothing left in his body to give.

He eased his fingers into her hair. When his body began to tighten, he forced himself to stay in control, wanting the ecstasy to last, even though he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Before he lost that control and came, he groaned and pulled her off him.

She glanced up. “What?”

Needing to plunge his cock into her pussy until he was buried as deeply as he could get, he released her hair. “Lie back.”

“Wait.” Her fingers tightened around his shaft. “Don’t I get the prize?” He didn’t immediately respond, and a look of earnestness crossed her face. “Jared? Let me.”

“You really want my come in your mouth? Down your throat?” His heart pounded crazily. He would love for her to suck him dry, but he always left that choice up to her.

“You know I do.”

He hesitated only a moment before a low growl rumbled up from the back of his throat. She drove him completely insane with an almost savage need. He wondered if she even realized how much she affected him. He grabbed her hair again, forcefully this time, but he was careful not to hurt her. “Take it. Take it all.”

Like a starving woman, she quickly took him back into her mouth and sucked him deeply, bobbing her head as she consumed every inch of his cock. Sucking. Licking. Demanding.

As the pleasure grew, his control began to slip. “Ah!” She tickled his balls, and he almost jumped out of his skin — the sensation was so intense. “Oh, fuck!” He tightened his fingers in her hair and came hard. “Damn!” As he pumped his come down her throat, she took every drop. “Yeah! Swallow all of it.” He fucked her mouth like a man possessed until, finally, he had nothing left to give her. “Oh, hell, Savannah.” He groaned and relaxed. “That was fucking amazing.”

Moving as if in slow motion, she slid her mouth off him. “My pleasure.”

He watched her lick her lips, her tongue collecting every bit of come that had escaped her mouth. Drained of energy, he collapsed to the mattress. Savannah was the best.

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