A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (Box Set)

A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (Box Set)

A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (Box Set)

by Lena Austin, Isabella Jordan, Marteeka Karland, Lacey Savage, B.J. McCall, Marie Treanor, Tuesday Richards, Anne Kane, Cynthia Sax, Bryl R. Tyne and Sean Michael

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07182-02314

[ Holiday Paranormal Romance, MF & MMF & MM ]

Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!

Dawg-Napped! by Anne Kane: Comet’s decided the cute little prairie dawg Cyndi is just what Bruce needs to cuddle up with him in his North Pole cottage.

Stray Urges by Lacey Savage: Memories made between the sheets, under the mistletoe and beneath the hard body of a devoted mate can never truly be forgotten.

Cry for the Moon by Marie Treanor: A knock on Christmas Eve heralds the arrival of a raggedy man who bears a strange resemblance to her missing husband…

An Orgasm for Christmas by Marteeka Karland: Rose knows exactly what she wants for Christmas — ”The biggest screaming orgasm the Magical Forest has ever seen!”

Bound for Christmas by Sean Michael: Luke has been lusting over Jenny and Greg and he’s more than willing to let her wrap him up as the best Christmas present ever.

Canine Christmas by B.J. McCall: Joy Kingston wants a man for her birthday, but is she prepared for a werewolf who packs heat and wants her for his mate?

Just Wink by Bryl R. Tyne: How hard could donning a Christmassy green Speedo and pretending for thirty seconds to savor a giant candy cane be, anyway?

Bitsy’s Christmas Demon by Cynthia Sax: Demons don’t love. Christmas Fairies won’t accept less. And evil never takes a holiday.

Christmas in the Zone by Isabella Jordan: Two guys, two gals, and an aphrodisiac under the tree… Can Rick keep up until Maddox and Madeline find an antidote?

Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin: Beware the cowboy bearing gifts… who may make Dr. Gary Lord’s Yuletide much gayer than he’d planned.

Tails N Scales by Tuesday Richards: What is a prairie dawg to do when a family of gator shifters asks him to dinner?

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Chapter One

Dawg-Napped! by Anne Kane

Comet held himself very still. He didn’t want to scare away the female. She’d be perfect for Bruce, and Comet knew the young Elf desperately needed a female. Soft brown eyes complemented her golden-brown hair. Young, sexy, not too tall, but not short either. Curvy, too. Not the type to appeal to everyone, but Elves liked lots of padding on their women. Now all he had to do was figure out how to get the two of them together. If someone didn’t help him, Bruce would spend the rest of his life without a mate, and the North Pole was one place where you needed a bed partner to help keep the chills at bay.

* * *

Cyndi sidled up to the vintage motorbike, keeping an eye peeled for the owner. He’d sounded downright grouchy when he’d snarled at Peppie for waddling over to admire the bike. Dressed completely in dark leathers, with a scowl that would wilt the toughest salesman, he’d looked like the kind of guy she usually steered well clear of. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t resist the temptation. She had this thing for vintage bikes, and to have one roar up to the Barkus Saloon was unbelievable. The intoxicating aroma of real leather filled her senses with a feeling akin to lust. She just had to touch it.

The machine was in mint condition, and her regard for the owner went up a few notches. It took dedication and a lot of elbow grease to keep one of these babies from becoming a run-down pile of metal.

She ran her hand lovingly over the chromed sissy bar, and walked in a slow circle around the machine, checking out the immaculately sparkling exhaust and shiny wheel spokes. Someone had certainly given them a good rubbing recently.

She fingered the braided leather that outlined the front flap of the saddlebags. The workmanship intrigued her. She’d never seen anything quite this intricate. She examined the bags carefully, looking for the craftsman’s stamp, but couldn’t find an identifying mark.

After taking a look around to ascertain no one was watching, she unbuckled the flap to take a quick peek inside. Sometimes leather workers stamped their initials on the inside of a piece so as not to mar the beauty of their creations. She peered inside the left bag, but couldn’t see any markings. Grumbling, she refastened the buckles and went back around to check the bag on the other side. She’d just gotten the flap lifted, and her head down to look inside, when she heard the door of the bar creak open.

“Thanks, Bucky. I’ll make sure Santa’s good to you this Christmas.”

Cyndi recognized the deep voice as belonging to the owner of this lovely machine. Damn! He must have gulped his drink down in record time.

Panicking, she sucked in a deep breath and willed a shift. Seconds later, her small, furry prairie dawg body tumbled to the bottom of the saddlebag. The flap slapped closed above her and she let out a sigh of relief. The dark, rich smell of leather surrounded her and she sat still, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. She heard a creak of leather and the saddlebags dropped an inch closer to the ground as the biker’s weight settled into the seat.

Good. With him seated his back would be to her and she could slip out undetected and make a run for the safety of the grass. Standing up on her hind legs, she pushed against the flap.

Nothing. The leather remained obstinately in place. There was no way he could have buckled the straps back down without her hearing him. She pushed harder, panicking again, when she heard the snick of the rider’s face shield coming down, but the flap refused to budge.

She dug her claws into the thick leather and braced herself to shove against the obstinate flap with all her furry might. It didn’t even bend.

The roar of the engine revving up made her jump, and she tumbled to the bottom of the saddlebag, cursing every inch of the way. She’d barely managed to scramble to her feet when the bike jerked forward, and she again landed in an undignified heap on her butt. Oh shit! They were moving! Well, there wasn’t much she could do now except hope the biker didn’t live too far away.

She’d been up before dawn this morning, and the motion of the bike made her drowsy. Cyndi turned around a few times to find the most comfortable position, curled up, and let the rocking motion lull her into a fitful sleep. After a while the air got colder, and she buried her nose under her tail before she drifted off yet again.

* * *

Cyndi could hear voices, far away, arguing.

“What the hell do you mean you thought I’d like her? She’s a rodent, for crying out loud.” She recognized the voice of the biker, but the air was so cold, and she didn’t want to wake up.

“She’s not a rodent. She’s a prairie dawg shifter, and a dang cute one at that. How was I supposed to know prairie dawgs could suffer from hypothermia? She has fur!”

A second voice? She didn’t remember there being two bikers, but then, she didn’t really care. She just wanted to stay in her warm world of dreams. She wished the two would go away.

“That’s your problem, Comet, you just don’t think things through. You get an idea and you run with it. She could have died in there!”

“I would have felt it if she was in danger.” Comet sounded defensive. “It felt like she was sleeping.”

“Well, now I’m going to have to wake her up and try to explain why she’s freezing her furry little tail off at the North Pole instead of sunning it in Barkus, Kansas.”

The North Pole? Cyndi cracked one eye open, but all she could see was an impressive set of antlers. She closed her eyes and snuggled back down into the blankets.

Blankets? Her sleep-befuddled mind nudged her. She should be in human form if there were blankets. She obligingly shifted into human form, stretching her arms out over her head to help get the blood flowing. Prairie dawgs went into semi-hibernation in the winter, so when her body in dawg-form had encountered cold it had automatically slowed her physiology down to conserve energy. Coming out of hibernation left her feeling sluggish, and somewhat cold. She shivered.

“Oh. My. Christmas tree!”

The shock in the biker’s deep voice penetrated the layers of fog, and Cyndi reluctantly opened her eyes. He was taller than she remembered, at least five ten. His dark curly hair was tucked behind his pointed ears before it fell to his shoulders in a sexy tangle. A pair of the brightest blue eyes she’d ever seen were busy taking in every detail of her naked body.

The fact that her clothing didn’t shift with her meant she was stark naked, and she hastily pulled the blanket up to her chin. Feeling a little more confident now that she was covered, Cyndi tore her attention away from the mouthwatering biceps on the biker and turned her head to look at the other speaker. She blinked, confused. All she could see was a deer regarding her with its soft brown eyes.

“She’s in shock, Bruce. You’re going to have to warm her up slowly.” A hint of panic sounded in the deer’s voice.

She was not in shock, she was coming out of hibernation mode, but right now she wasn’t up to explaining the difference to the attractive Elf, let alone the deer. Or was it a buck? Those antlers really were impressive.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you’d suffer like this when I held the saddle bag closed.” The deer batted its insanely long eyelashes at her. “I just thought you and Bruce might hit it off.”

“A taaalllkkkin deeer?” Cyndi started to wonder if she was still asleep and this was just a bizarre dream.

“I’m not a deer. I’m one of Santa’s reindeer.” He actually sounded offended, and the look on his face tempted her to giggle. “I’m capable of disguising myself as the bike you couldn’t keep your paws off of. It’s no harder to believe than a shapeshifting prairie dog.”

“Comet, mind your manners!”

Cyndi turned her attention back to the hunky Elf. A talking reindeer that doubled as a vintage bike was just a little too much to deal with at the moment. “Who are you and where are we?” She drew the blanket tighter around her and glanced at her surroundings. They were sitting on a thick bed of straw, and it looked for all the world like a hayloft somewhere in Kansas.

The Elf frowned, looking concerned. “We’re at the North Pole, of course. Where else would you expect to find Elves and reindeer? You were so cold I didn’t want to chance moving you to the house, so I threw some blankets on top of the straw and covered you to try to warm you up.” He grabbed the hem of his bright red shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing an impressive set of abs. “You’re still shivering, so I guess it wasn’t enough. I’ll have to share my body heat with you. It’s the only way to combat the hypothermia without having you go into shock. Damn Comet and his stupid ideas.” He tossed the shirt aside and loosened the drawstring on his pants.

Cyndi felt her temperature go up a notch when he dropped the pants to the ground and kicked them aside to stand in front of her clad only in a pair of jockey shorts — Christmas-themed, she noticed. The holly and ivy print material stretched valiantly over a massive bulge at his groin. She tried to remember what she knew about Elves. Were they all well hung? Because unless she was mistaken, that was the largest hard-on she’d ever seen.

He was under the impression that she had hypothermia or shock or something. She supposed she should tell him she was okay, before he got completely naked. Then again, he’d seen everything she had to offer, and turnabout was fair play. She hadn’t had a good roll in the hay since her previous boyfriend moved to the other side of Kansas last spring. This was starting to look interesting. She kept her mouth closed.

“AAhhhemmmm.” Mischief danced in the reindeer’s eyes as he turned toward the door. “I’ll just go make sure everything went okay in our absence.” He looked at Bruce, and nodded his antlers toward the bed. “You need to be under those blankets with her if you’re going to warm her up.” Prancing gleefully, the matchmaking mammal sidled out the door.

“Ummm.” Cyndi wasn’t quite sure what to say. “Get your gorgeous butt under this blanket” seemed a little blunt, but she couldn’t concentrate enough to come up with anything better. She could feel hot flames of lust licking their way through her belly.

Bruce stepped over to the side of the bed, looking decidedly uncomfortable. She bet he didn’t spend a lot of time playing Good Samaritan to naked women. “I’m not going to do anything to hurt you. I have the greatest respect for women, and I would never dream of taking liberties just because you’re thousands of miles from home and stranded here until we figure out how to get you back to Kansas.” He looked as nervous as a mouse in a room full of cats. He cleared his throat, and his brow furrowed with determination. “I have to get under there with you to warm you up.” He lifted a corner of the blanket, and paused as if he were waiting for her to do something. Like scream. Or invite him to join her.

Another one of those bone-shattering shivers ran through her and Bruce quickly slid into the cocoon of blankets covering her. Cyndi could feel the heat radiating from his mouthwatering body.

“Roll over, and I’ll snuggle up to you from behind. It’ll make it easier to warm you up.”

Cyndi obediently rolled onto her side, although she was fairly sure the easiest way to warm her up would be a nice long fuck. She scooted backward until she could feel his cock pressed along the crack of her ass. The heat rolled off his body in luxurious waves. “Mmmm. That feels good.” She wriggled her ass a bit, just to tempt him.

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