Banging Daddy’s Friend Kane by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy's Friend Kane by Derenzi Balach

Banging Daddy’s Friend Kane

Ebony Booty, Book 3

by Derenzi Balach

DZRB Books

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63475-009-7

[ Contemporary Erotica, MF ]

Ebony never thought about wearing a corset until she met her father’s friend Kane, the owner of a leather and lifestyle shop. She might not be buying but Kane is more than happy to show her to a changing room to see what fits. With her father only a few feet away, Ebony will have to try hard not to let on how much she enjoys Kane’s version of customer satisfaction.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks. Please enjoy the first scene.

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Scene One

Ebony tried to keep her annoyance with the current situation to herself, although she didn’t try hard. She and Daddy had already visited seven different stores looking for a dress for her to wear to the auto expo tomorrow. Roy had suggested she be the booth babe for R&R’s stall. Something he’d had to talk Daddy into.

She would have to thank Roy later. There was a blowjob in that man’s future, more than likely at the expo, which was probably why he wanted her there. So many cars to have sex in, so little time. The thought of trying to sneak a quickie in a crowd of people appealed to her and put a grin on her face.

“Does that smile mean you forgive me?” Daddy glanced at her before turning his gaze back to traffic.

Ebony crossed her arms over her chest with a huff. “No. I’m smiling about something else. I still don’t know why you said no.”

“That dress was trashy just like all the others before it.”

“It’s an auto expo, Daddy. All the other booth babes will be wearing something similar. Why ask me to do it if you weren’t going to let me dress the part?”

Daddy gripped the steering wheel. “I didn’t ask. Roy did.”

“Why let him if you don’t want me to do it?”

“I do. I’m happy you want to help with my work, Tot. I am. But I’m not going to let this go with a the-other-kids-are-doing-it excuse. You don’t have to dress like a slut to get men’s attention.”

It just helps. Ebony kept that thought to herself.

A phone rang through the car speakers. Daddy tapped the answer button on his steering wheel. “You got Red. Go.”

“Red, it’s Kane. I’ve got your order.”

Daddy glanced at Ebony and his finger twitched over the end-call button. “Uh, sure. Thanks. I’ll be by later to pick it up.”

Ebony grinned. “What order?”

Kane asked, “Who’s that?”

“It’s Ebony. Red’s daughter.”

“The fabled Ebony. I’ve heard so much about you from Red. It’s about time we meet. Red, bring her over.”

Daddy shook his head. “Not going to happen.”

Ebony asked, “Why not?”

“Probably because of the type of shop I run,” Kane said with amusement in his tone.

“Kane, shut it. I’ll pick it up later. Bye.” Daddy stabbed the end-call button and grumbled under his breath. He glanced at her again. “No. Don’t even ask.”

Ebony’s grin grew and she wiggled her eyebrows. “What kind of shop, Daddy?”

“I already said don’t ask.”

“The kind of shop that sells adult things that men don’t want their daughters knowing they buy?”

“Ebony, drop it.”

“Ooh, I’m right.”

“You’re not right.”

“Then tell me.”

Daddy heaved a hard sigh. “Kane—Mr. White to you—owns a leather shop.”

Ebony deflated. “What’s so bad about that?”

“His shop also sells fetish wear.”



“Please, Daddy. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.” She repeated the word while swiveling in her seat with her hands clasped in front of her and a big smile on her face.


She kept saying please, knowing he would crack. He couldn’t resist her when she was like this.


She dropped her voice to a cutesy whisper, “Please. Please. Please. Please.”

“Argh! Fine! Just stop.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” She would have hugged him if he weren’t driving. She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek instead. “I love you.”

“Uh-huh. Spoiled. Little. Brat.”

Your spoiled little brat. You made me like this by always giving in.”

Daddy heaved a sigh and shook his head. “Reap what you sow.” He threw his blinker and took the next exit. A short while later, he pulled into a parking spot in front of a store named Kane’s Temptation and groaned.

“Suck it up. We’re here.” Ebony hopped out of the car before he could change his mind. “Besides there are other shops around here. One of them is bound to have a dress I can wear to the expo, so it’s not a wasted trip.”

Daddy grumbled as he exited the car and locked it behind him. He followed her into the shop, which had a chime attached to the door that rang cheerfully when they opened it. He called, “Kane, where are you?”

“Is that you, Red?” A tall man with bright-red hair and a healthy dose of freckles across his pale face walked out from the back of the store. He flashed a boyish smile, showing off pearly-white teeth. “Red. I thought you said you weren’t coming.” He swiveled his gray-eyed gaze to Ebony. “And is this Ebony?”

She walked forward with her hand out. “Hello, Mr. White. I’m Ebony. I begged him to come.”

“And he gave in.” Kane grasped her hand in a brief handshake while sliding his gaze over her. “I can see why Red wanted to keep you away. In my single days, I would have gobbled up a sweet morsel like you.”

Ebony giggled while Daddy cleared his throat and gave Kane his patented death stare.

Kane released Ebony’s hand and backed up a step. “However, I’m probably twice your age, I’ve been happily married for the last ten wonderful years, and I have a rambunctious seven-year-old son to prove it.”

“Only the one?”

“Alas, the missus only wanted one.” Kane waved that away. “But enough about me. Let me get Red’s order. Feel free to look around.” He leaned in close and whispered, while pointing to the left, “The corsets are that way.”

“Thank you.” Ebony started inching toward the direction he pointed while grinning at her father.

“Ebony, don’t even think about it.” Daddy made to follow her but Kane pulled him up short with a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax, Red. Let the girl have some fun. I haven’t met a woman yet who could resist trying on a corset.”

“I am not getting her a corset.”

“Who said you were? The store is called Temptation. I have to live up to the name. Whether you buy or not is completely up to you.” Kane chuckled as he went to the back of the store.

“What he said.” Ebony trotted over to the corsets. She’d always wanted to try one. Her waist was slim already but a corset would make it slimmer and make her large breasts look even bigger without plastic surgery. Win.

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