The Warriors of Sir Guy by Saloni Quinby

The Warriors of Sir Guy by Saloni Quinby

The Warriors of Sir Guy

Witches and Demons, Book 3

by Saloni Quinby

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07505-02420

[ Paranormal Romance, MM ]

Only Robin sees the good in him. When he warns Robin that demons have infiltrated the Warriors of Sir Guy, the lovers are thrust into a battle that might destroy them.

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Chapter One

Summer, 1990

“In the year 1205, a faithful knight was excommunicated from the church for using his powers as a warrior witch to battle the forces of evil. While continuing his fight alone, he befriended a hermit who taught him how to perfect his magical powers. During his travels, the knight met others with similar gifts and they founded a fellowship of male warrior witches. For ten years the knight led them into battle against demons and monsters, until the demoness Cassia captured, raped and killed him.

“Members of his fellowship continued his fight, calling themselves the Warriors of Sir Guy. They hunted Cassia and destroyed her, but her offspring by Sir Guy fled. For eight hundred years the Warriors of Sir Guy have tracked the half-demon and will not rest until the creature is destroyed and justice served.”

Robin stood in the doorway of the office of Anthony, leader of the Warriors of Sir Guy, as a middle-aged gentleman told their story to a wide-eyed boy. The child’s name was Torrance, and he was a member of the Coven of Celestial Sleep. They fought sleep-invading demons, such as Incubi and Succubi. Torrance had been born into their coven, but unlike most members, he had the powers of a warrior witch. Since Anthony and Torrance’s father, Jason, were old friends, the boy had come to the fellowship’s headquarters in the country to study for the summer. Twenty-three years ago, at the age of fourteen, Robin had done the same.

Torrance was merely eight years old — in Robin’s opinion far too young to undergo such intense training. Robin’s father, a witch from the States, had insisted that despite his powers, Torrance should have a carefree childhood. His Dad had been honest about the world of demons and others who used magic for evil purposes. He had trained Robin almost since birth to control his powers and insisted on martial arts lessons to provide a self-defense background he would need later in life. Still, Robin had enjoyed many of the freedoms of normal children as well.

“Your father sent you to us to learn how to use your powers as a warrior witch,” Anthony said to Torrance. “Your coven depends on you and the few others like you to bear the brunt of their war against evil.”

The boy’s enormous blue eyes stared intently at Anthony. “I understand, sir.”

Robin’s gut tightened. At eight years old, how could Torrance understand the hardships that were to come?

“You may go to your combat training now. We’ll talk more about the fellowship’s history later.”

“Yes, sir.” Torrance stood and bowed his head to Anthony before heading for the door. Seeing Robin, he paused and gazed up at him.

Robin smiled and Torrance looked surprised, then smiled back hesitantly.

Stepping aside, Robin allowed the boy to pass.

Still seated at his desk, Anthony said, “Close the door, please, Robin, and take a seat.”

Robin did as the older man asked. He sat in the chair across from Anthony’s desk and studied him. Tall with broad shoulders and short, dark hair touched with gray at the temples, Anthony had always reminded Robin of a cross between a monk and a CEO. Perhaps to be leader of the Warriors of Sir Guy he needed to be a bit of both.

For over eight hundred years the fellowship had thrived. Its members not only continued fighting evil while searching for the half-demon son of their martyred founder, but funded their battles and preserved their headquarters — this manor house once owned by Sir Guy. Outwardly, the manor was a historical museum, but in underground chambers, the fellowship trained for the war against evil.

“He’s young for this sort of training,” Robin commented.

“Perhaps, but as a warrior witch, you know what he’s going to face. Best to prepare him early.”

Robin couldn’t help wondering about a man who took no issue with training a child for battle. Maybe the same had been done to him. Even after so many years with the Warriors of Sir Guy, Robin knew little about Anthony’s background. He only knew that Anthony was a direct descendant of the warrior witch who had taken over leadership after Guy’s murder.

Anthony didn’t invite friendship. His main focus had always been on fighting supernatural evils, in particular the half-demon, Guy.

While Robin knew from experience the life of a warrior witch was often harsh, he had learned from his father that power should be tempered with compassion. Anthony sometimes seemed to forget that not everyone was a demon and that despite their own supernatural abilities, warrior witches were still human.

“You wanted to see me, sir?” Robin said, deciding to change the subject.

“Yes. Martin and James have a lead on the half-demon Guy, but they’ll need backup before moving in. You’re one of our strongest soldiers. I want you to assist them. It’s been three hundred years since anyone has gotten this close to him, and this time we don’t want anything to prevent us from destroying the bastard.”

“Where are they?”


Robin had planned on going home to Cincinnati to visit his father. It had been over a year since he’d last seen him, but as a member of the fellowship, finding the half-demon took precedence over everything. Robin had trained in Tibet many times before and he spoke the native language. He had also recently completed his yearly intense combat and survival training in Alaska, so he was an ideal choice to send as backup.

“When am I leaving?”

“As soon as possible. Martin and James are afraid that if they wait too long, the creature might sense danger and move on again.” Anthony leaned forward, his steel gray eyes intent. “We’re very close this time, Robin.”

Robin was about to ask a question that had plagued him almost since he’d first started training with the fellowship, but he refrained.

“What is it?” Anthony asked.

“It’s just that we’ve tracked Guy for eight hundred and ten years. Normally demons can be found and slain because they can’t resist doing damage. We simply follow a trail of destruction and ultimately find what we’re looking for. This half-demon is different.”

Anthony leaned back, his expression solemn. “Ah. Because he doesn’t glut himself with the blood of mortals — at least as far as we know — you think he’s not worthy of our attention? You think that we should forget he’s the product of a horrific act against our founder?”

“No. However, his mother committed the horrific act. Were he human –”

“Were he human, he would possibly be considered a victim as well? The problem is, Robin, and after all these years I shouldn’t have to explain it to you, he is half-demon. He has injured and killed many of our soldiers throughout the centuries. He must pay for that.”

He had injured and killed those who hunted him. He didn’t seek out the Warriors of Guy. He’d seemed to do his best to avoid them.

“Robin, I’m not without compassion. We are not without compassion and mercy. However, we can’t allow a known demon — a monster created by the blood and pain of our founder — to roam free. He can’t help what he is, but as a demon, he’ll continue to kill and destroy. He can’t help but use his powers for evil. Don’t think of it as punishing a victim, but as putting an end to his misery.”

Perhaps Anthony had a point. No demon could ever be truly happy. The only way their kind found comfort was through the pain and death of others. Robin had battled enough demons in his time to know this.

“You’re right,” Robin said. “He has to die.”

“I know you’re the best man for the job. Get packed for a wilderness journey. The demon is hiding in the mountains. Martin and James are expecting you.”

Robin stood and strode toward the door.

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