Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set) by J. Hali Steele

Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set) by J. Hali Steele

Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set)

by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07511-02422

[ Paranormal Comedic Romance, MMF ]

Private Investigator Purple P. Rose’s latest case has her visiting the city’s seediest nightspot, the Mons Venus, with partner and boyfriend, Richard E. Rection. They’re unaware there’s a new and sinister being in town — Peter Hard, a vampyre who’s chosen Purple to be his.

Publisher’s Note: Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Screwed and Screwed Again.

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Chapter One

Screwed [Book 1]

One point of view…

It was the crack of dawn. Purple P. Rose woke up with a hairy one in her face — Boyd’s ass. Shit, had she had too much to drink? She couldn’t think straight. Everything was askew — even the view out of her ritzy loft’s window. The trees appeared to bow and wave at her as she listened to the shower run in her bathroom.

What the hell had happened last night? Something about the new guy. She looked back at Boyd, who still slept peacefully. Purp gazed across the park and tried to remember. She did have some memories intact — the worst being her partner Dick. She thought he’d gone soft. Maybe not. She shook her head to clear the clouds of confusion.

Richard E. Rection was a real son of a bitch known as Dick to his friends. Purp found she’d rather have no one else back her up in a tight spot. He’d done that last night. Warmth crept down her thighs as she turned over the pictures in her mind of what she could remember. She’d seen a new side of Dick. Flashes came to her in living color.

They’d checked out the club Mons Venus, a cheap strip joint on the Westside, as planned. The girls there were known to go all the way with customers. So, needless to say, the place stayed full.

Every nut-sac in town turned up at Mons Venus. Purp and Dick had met there last night to interview a bartender involved in their latest case. It wasn’t their usual type of job, but she’d taken it for the money. Car repairs had left her flat broke, and it was the first of the month, which came too fast lately.

Her real problem — so did Dick.

Now she remembered. He’d been the first to interview the bartender in question. Dick then disappeared with him to a room behind the stage.

After he’d left, Purp ordered her second gin and tonic. She’d decided to enjoy the show. The girl on stage had hair the color of a magnificent western sunset. The bush between her thighs carried the same flaming color. Red knew the pole she used intimately. Purp’s panties were soon full of morning dew. But it was nighttime and she wanted to be full of something else. A hefty dick, a sliver of tongue, it didn’t matter. Anything would do the job right now.

A tremor of premonition lanced through her. She studied the other patrons. As she looked around, her eyes lit on a dark corner table. Someone stared back at her from the table there. She could make out the outline of a body. Male. Smoke wafted around him, obscuring his face. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, and her pussy clenched on itself. Who was he and why was he watching her? It wasn’t the first time she’d had the feeling lately. Shit, just what she needed — the witchy stuff following her around.

Purp shook it off and felt her side for the gun holstered there. The wave of raw lust that slammed into her left her weak. Between her thighs, her cunt pulsed. She went through life horny, but what hit her now was hell.

Dick hadn’t returned, so Purp went to find him. What she found didn’t shock her. Not much did nowadays. She’d opened the door to the room where she heard thumping and bumping inside, and found him in a big wingback chair with his pants around his ankles and the bartender’s face buried between his muscular Adonis-like thighs. Purp had never seen Dick in this light. Hmm.

“Purp –”

“Don’t worry, Dick. I like what I see.” Did she like it?

Dick’s joy stick, as she called it, was huge. A broadsword. He knew how to wield it, too. Most of the time. Purple spent many nights with it stuffed in her goody basket. There, at least something brought a smile to her face.

They’d shared women before, but this was something different. Excitement blossomed in her chest. She watched the jubilation written on Dick’s face, and processed this new information about him.

Dick was one handsome bastard. And, for now, he belonged to her. He had blond hair he wore like a model, and his build made him look like one. His broad shoulders were full of muscle, and he had narrow hips. All over town, Dick’s hard and scrumptious tush had been pinched by rowdy ladies. Some men too. His daily workout had cut his stomach to a six-pack, and he had thighs an athlete would cry over. His piercing baby blue eyes didn’t miss a damn thing.

Purp had become well acquainted with the bartender. She didn’t know Dick was so familiar with him until now. His name was Boyd, but everyone called him Boy.

If he was back here, who was serving drinks?

His head bounced up and down as he gobbled Dick’s dick. Purp could only take so much before she got drawn into the picture. A brunette herself, she’d always been attracted to blonds, and Boy’s long sugar-colored hair flew in every direction. By the dreamy look on Dick’s face, the blowjob was to die for.

The rhythmic thump of the chair leg was what she’d heard popping against the floorboards. It’d been a while since Purp had gone down on Dick, and she wanted some of this action. Hot and bothered, she raised her skirt and put her hand into her panties to play with her nether lips. Her fingers slid through the moist pockets of her pussy. Before long, she’d rained drops into her hand. Hot, wet cum slipped from the svelte temple Purp called her body.

She stood five nine and weighed one forty. Purp was stacked. A brick shithouse. She worked out every day. Her chocolate-brown hair, parted in the middle, hung straight and dipped just below her shoulders. Green eyes peeped at a dirty sordid world through sooty lashes. Removing her jacket and holster, she hung both within reach on a coat rack behind Dick’s chair.

“I think you guys need some help.” She fell to her knees beside Boy, who whimpered over the delicious feast he’d worked into a quivering mass of male hardness. Purp shoved her way in and muscled the bartender aside. Her full, pouty lips met the smoldering head of Dick’s cock.

Boy knew better than to protest.

The savory flavor of his dick turned Purp on. Dick always did taste good — one of the things she could count on. Teardrops of precum leaked from his cock. She sucked and licked the head of his shaft, and Boy leaned back in to catch the dribbles with his voracious tongue. Purp could feel Dick kick his feet like a jackass to remove his shoes and the slacks that hobbled his ankles. Goody, more room. She vied with Boy to fit in the tight space between Dick’s thighs.

Purp lifted from her ministrations to catch Boy taking Dick’s balls into his greedy mouth. That sent Purp over the edge. She turned her head and sent chocolate-brown hair in a spray across Dick’s penis. Purp leaned forward and her mouth latched onto one of Boy’s hard nipples. She pulled it between her teeth. She bit and teased the pearl-sized nub until he threw his head back and groaned in glee.

Purp decided to walk her fingers down his ripped rib cage to find his cock. Boy was hung well. She knew firsthand he swung that hammer both ways. His musky scent of sex rose to her nostrils. Purp let the velvet warmth of steel fill her hand. Pushing the skin back and forth brought more sounds of lust from Boy’s open mouth.

She’d been surprised that all this time Dick had sat still. Purp guessed he enjoyed the vista of playfulness on display between his wide open legs. Losing the shackle of trousers from his ankles had been a good thing for all involved.

Right behind her head she heard Dick playing his cock like his favorite musical instrument. He slipped up and down it, fingered and stroked it. Purp knew her man. The drops of precum were probably dripping down the hard sides of his penis like ice cream melting down a cone.

Boy stayed on his knees, and Purp smeared the warm precum that topped his knob down the sides of his penis. Eyes glazed, he rose up and down, circling his hips as he crammed more of his big cock through Purp’s slender fingers.

“Purp, you’re making me come.” A low moan filled the room, and Boy shot a load of cum that splashed the inside of her thighs. Now Purp was thirsty. She slid from between her two compatriots and grabbed a handful of Boy’s hair, aiming his head back to Dick’s weeping cock. Let him play that horn for a while.

Purp wanted some skin to skin action. As she stood and pulled her skirt off, she watched Dick spike his whole cock into Boy’s waiting mouth. He drove in and out of him like a piston. Boy’s ass looked better and better to Purp, and as soon as she got naked, she dropped down behind it.

She lifted the thick spray of hair from his neck, and planted wet kisses along strong shoulders. His body shuddered under her treatment as he swallowed more of Dick. Her arms encircled the bartender and each hand was filled. One with warm balls, and the other with a cock coming back to life. Boy’s erection again pushed through Purp’s fingers as she massaged and caressed his sac. Still not enough. She remembered she was thirsty.

Purp wedged in between the two men and landed on the floor. Her back to Dick once again, she pushed at Boy so he’d raise high enough for her to take his now hard cock in her mouth. She hoped he could hold his uncomfortable position long enough to provide the drink she wanted. His strong thighs trembled beneath her hands. Purp’s tongue laved his heavy cock. Stroking and sucking, she took all of him into her mouth. Umm, good.

With one hand, she found his balls, and Purp kneaded them hard. When they tightened, she prepared for what would come. Her head bobbed faster on the rigid shaft and she sucked hard. Her tongue darted out and covered the tip with each pull out. Dick’s thighs bumped her each time he thrust into Boy’s mouth.

“Yeah, suck my cock, Boy.” Purp’s man sounded happy as hell.

Her own lips were clamped tight around the bartender’s cock and provided just the pull he needed to come. Her jaws were sore from sucking, but it was worth it when her thirst got quenched. Boy released another spurt of cream.

Hearing Dick moan and groan, Purp decided she’d better get up there or she’d miss the boat. She finished with the luscious dessert that waved in her face, and stood. Boy sank back to his knees, his mouth never leaving Dick’s erection.

Raising the bartender from Dick’s cock, Purp lowered herself slowly on the hard shaft that waited to fill her. Facing Boy, she brought her legs up and hung them over the chair arms. Oh yeah. She had it now. And she took it like a champion. The big head of his penis vanished inside her channel and got locked in.

Purp hadn’t realized how much she’d missed Dick’s shaft. Boy’s ravenous tongue at her core really set her in motion. Boy ate pussy better than anybody in the world. She guessed he gave a good blowjob — Dick seemed to like it. But Purp could vouch for the eating pussy part. The man’s tongue should be licensed as dangerous. If labeled and bought in a jar, it would read: Prime Licker. “Shit, Boy, lick my cunt.”

She liked the cock that filled her a lot, but damn, Boy’s tongue was da bomb. He circled and stabbed the clit in front of him. The hot, wet strokes across Purp’s labia made her cry out in joy. Boy nibbled her nub like he ate dinner. He licked Purp’s pussy and sucked on its lips as though it were his last supper. Tonight it would be. She wasn’t going to let Boyd get away.

Dick’s hands were full of her tits. Strong fingers pulled and pinched them to peaks of ecstasy. She moaned and murmured. Both names at some point passed her lips. Dick and Boy.

Purp’s hands were beside her thighs on the chair arms, and she lifted herself up and down. Each movement caused Boy’s tongue to slice deeper into the folds of pussy. Purp lost it when she felt it shove between the walls of her wetness and join Dick’s dick.

I’m riding a fucking pony. A feeling of pure bliss overcame her. Purp was going to explode and send sweet cream down Dick’s cock and into Boy’s waiting mouth. Her cunt quivered and shook with ecstasy — and it happened. Like rain falling from the sky, cum fell in a torrential downpour. Oh, shit yeah.

“Mmm.” Purp didn’t know whose voice she heard, but someone had gotten what they wanted. Boy stood and stretched. Christ, he looked hot.

“Hey, Purp, reach into my left breast pocket and grab a condom. I want to try Boy on for size.” Dick seemed anxious to get buried in an ass.

It pleased her to no end that he wanted protection. She and Dick had been an item for a few months, and to know he practiced safe sex made her feel good. His cock went uncovered nowhere but inside her. As far as birth control was concerned, Purp ritually popped the pill. But the turn of events here was new. They’d never crossed this bridge before. Would Dick fuck Boy in front of her? Purp’s satisfied pussy twitched at the thought of it. Hell, would he let Boy fuck her in front of him? He’d seen women lick her pussy.

Okay, their relationship still held some surprises. Maybe she’d see Boy screw Dick. Purp rolled that around in her brain for a minute. Would Dick do that? Had Dick done that? Shit. All she could think about was that now.

She lifted her satisfied body from Dick, and fetched his condom from the jacket thrown across a nearby chair. This should be good. Dick in Boy. Purp unwrapped the penile raincoat and slipped it over Dick’s girth. He remained full of cum that somebody would catch tonight, and it’d better be her.

“Hey, Boy, can you handle that package?” Purp asked in her naked glory. She liked to show off her well-kept bod.

“I’m gonna try,” he answered with a smile as he produced a tube from somewhere. Lube. Boy came ready for anything.

Yeah, I bet you are. This wouldn’t be his first time being ridden bronco. She glanced at Dick. Damn if he didn’t look good sitting there with his cock waving at her. Purp’s heart fluttered. Would this be different than watching him do a woman? A warm stream ran down the inside of her thigh. Lord, she’d never been this turned on before.

Armed with this new information about Dick, Purp thought of all the new adventures they could experience together. Lucky they weren’t possessive about each other. Why hadn’t he introduced her to this before? She liked experimenting. Yeah, Dick still had a few surprises up his sleeve.

Was this his first time with Boy?

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