Rumple: The eSports Athlete by Lodi Alan

Rumple: The eSports Athlete by Lodi Alan

Rumple: The eSports Athlete

Part 1

by Lodi Alan


[ Fantasy Erotica, MFF ]

An eSport athlete finally reaches the highest rank in the MOBA League. Feeling victorious he begins searching porn for a well deserved victory pleasing. A few mis-clicks away finds Rumple, a gorgeous red lingerie dressed woman, magically appear on his bed behind him.

Note: This title has no chapter breaks.

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Scene One

My heart was pounding as my mouse frantically clicked. I was almost there, so close to the finish it was unreal. Sitting in my computer chair with laser focused RedBull-powered reflexes. My knees are twitching and I’m screaming to my allies on voice chat. We had just obliterated a virtual team fight and we were racing toward the enemy’s base. Within seconds we see the most amazing V-Word appear on the screen, Victory. I jumped up from my chair and shouted.

“Fuck Yes!”

I had finally made it to the highest rank in the MOBA League. My career as a professional eSport athlete was finally coming true. My body was exhausted as I had stayed up all night grinding away at the game. I said good bye to my online friends and put my headset down. Still pumping with adrenaline and energy drinks my mind was fully awake. Feeling proud at what I had accomplished and ready for bed there was only one clear thing to do, a victory jerk off. As I type in my go-to lesbian hot and mean website I make a small typo. A very poorly done porn website pops up, one that is almost surely to be some sort of computer fucking virus. I normally instantly click out of these but an ad in the corner had caught my eye.

“Stop jerking off and start fucking!”

Not having sex in god-knows how long after I had started pursuing my cyber athlete career I couldn’t help it but take a click. I was immediately prompted.

“Before signing the proposal, be sure to read the binding laws within this contract.”

I clicked the stupid check box and clicked next. The browser immediately closed down and did nothing. As usual I assumed my computer was about to be malware fucked. Frustrated I stood up and grabbed my phone, figuring I’d just use my saved files to whack one off. As I turn around and look down at my bed I become a deer in headlights. A mind blowing sexy bitch was sitting on my pillow, legs bent and spread with her back against the headboard. She was wearing red panty hose with clips to her hip hugging French thong, a half-mini skirt attached and a sheer see through red bra. She looked like someone ordered a valentine’s day fuck from a magazine. Most of all, she had glowing rose-colored eyes with long vibrant strawberry blonde hair.

“Holy fuck!” I yelled as my heart pounded in shock.

My dick was hard enough already as I immediately stared in to her thong pierced pussy lips. The room filled with heavenly sweet perfume. She started to introduce herself with a confident voice.

“My name is Rumple and I see you have requested my presence. I can tell you’re in need of some dick pleasing.”

I was still stunned, I had no idea how to respond. Mesmerized by her clit I couldn’t look away, it just looked too perfect to be true. Had I over caffeinated? Did I pass out at my desk from exhaustion and now I’m dreaming? She started to speak again, sounding like an attorney

“Did you read through the agreement? Are you ready to sign off? Once you agree you are bound to the contract. There is no going back and there are certainly no returns.”

Even if this was a dream, I better join in while I can. I took off my t-shirt and dropped my jeans, revealing my athletic toned body. Even eSport athletes are required to work out. I pull out my hard cock and balls out of the slit of my boxers.

“I don’t see a contract? What do I sign?” I asked as she doggy crawled towards the end of the bed.

“Common mistake, it’s part of the fine print; you sign by cumming inside me. But remember, I would highly advise you to read the contract first. I know it can be hard to think clearly when your cock is about to be super fucked.”

She reached the end of the bed right in front of me. She laid down on her back with her pussy laying at the edge. She started talking terms while grabbing the back of her knees and holding her legs up as if she was about to tell me to “Please sign on the line here”.

“As the contract states, you can test fuck as much as you want. I will warn you though – as soon as a drop of cum enters inside of me, even if unintentional and in any hole, the contract is binding.”

I dropped to my knees immediately, pulling her thong to the side and started eating her pussy. I reach up and grab her wobbling tits. Looking into her eyes through the perfect tit valley and pleased her clit. She bit her lip as she watched. Pussy licking was never good for me as it always got my dick so close to cumming that a gentle breeze could finish me. I grabbed her thighs right below her ass, lifting her pussy higher and explored her pussy hole with my tongue. I rubbed my face all over her pussy lips and feel her succulent juice smear all over me.

“Mmmmmmm…” she lets out a small whisper of a moan, as if she is still a legal representative that has to remain business professional.

Knowing my dick will burst once it enters her cunt I take my time. Kissing her inner thighs as I blow cool wind down into her clit. I can’t get enough as I spread her lips apart with one hand while sliding my index and middle finger in I start finger flicking her g-spot as my thumb and tongue work her clit. I catch her gripping the sheets while holding in her unprofessional moans. She helps prop her ass in the air and it is clear her asshole is getting jealous. My tongue is doing a fantastic job exploring her every curve inside and outside her body. I push my tongue into her tight ass as her pussy cream continues to lather my face. She can feel my tongue deep in her swirling around as my eyes stare into wide open pussy lips. I’ve never tasted a pussy so delicious and it drove me crazy. My cock had been ready to cum since I saw her clit from the distance. She certainly has proven to be an amazing test run.

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