Moonlight Healing by Marilyn Lee

Moonlight Healing by Marilyn Lee

Moonlight Healing

Bloodlust, Book 4

by Marilyn Lee

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 02115-00665

[ Paranormal Romance, MF ]

There is no more compelling force in a vampire’s life than that of bloodlust. During a difficult and prolonged Feast of Indulgence, vampire/shifter Etienne Gauiter has found his perfect mate, his bloodlust, Raven Monclair. But in order to claim her, he’ll have to wrest her from the clutches of his twin brother Acier. Etienne is determined to have Raven — even if he has to kill Acier to get her.

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Chapter One

Raven Monclaire stood near the doors of the large ballroom in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel. Dancing couples, arrayed in dark suits and beautiful dresses, swayed in rhythm with the pulse pounding music. An hour earlier, the music had been soft, the dancing slow and the couples close together. Her mood had been much lighter — until she’d shared a last slow dance with her fiancé, Acier Gautier.

After that dance, Acier and his identical twin brother, Etienne, left the reception. Recalling the intimate way Etienne danced with the bride, Treena, grinding his groin against her while he palmed her ass, Raven closed her eyes briefly. She’d prevailed upon Acier to insist Etienne leave with him when Acier headed back to Arizona. If her father had seen that scandalous dance… or if Derek had…

In the past Raven had always been delighted to see Etienne, or Tee, as she’d always called him, but he’d changed over the course of the previous months. So had Acier. Part vampire and part wolf-shifter, Acier and Tee had recently undergone a vampire ritual called the Feast of Indulgence.

This Feast of Indulgence, during which a vampire went from a latent or half-blood status to full-blood status, could be a dangerous time for any human who loved such a person — as she loved Acier.

She frowned. Not that she was completely human. Although her father was human, her mother had been a Willoni Priestess. Like vampires and wolf-shifters, the Willoni were an ancient race from the Aeolian planetary system. Unlike the other two groups, skillful Willoni could see and sometimes even shape the future.

Raven had discovered that the ability to see the future could be as much a curse as it was a blessing. Her recent visions disturbed and frightened her. If they proved true, there were grim and painful times ahead for her and those she loved most.

At the moment she had more pressing matters to consider than worrying about a future she might or might not have seen or interpreted correctly. The Goddess willing, the weeks and months ahead would not be as frightening as those that had gone before. During Acier’s feast, she’d done what was necessary for Acier to work out his sexual aggression and hunger without harming her or being unfaithful. Acier had recovered from the near madness into which the Feast of Indulgence inevitably plunged a vampire.

The feast still held Tee firmly in its grip. Prior to his unexpected appearance at the church that morning, neither she nor Acier had seen Tee in weeks. The brothers who had once been so close were now emotionally worlds apart. She knew Acier worried about Tee’s mental state. After that indecent dance with the newly married Treena, she knew Acier’s fears were well founded.

But Tee was gone, and she should enjoy the rest of the reception without worrying about what he might do with Treena. She glanced at the large diamond engagement ring on the third finger of her left hand. If things continued to go well for her and Acier, the next time her family gathered for a wedding reception, it would be to celebrate her marriage to the big, handsome Acier.

Then she would be the one looking as if she were floating on air as she danced with their father. She narrowed her gaze and blinked. That wasn’t Treena dancing with their father. It was her other sister, Kiki. So where was Treena?

“Hey, hon, can you do me a favor?”

The man in front of her was tall, well built, and extremely handsome. Small wonder Treena had taken one look at this Boris Kodjoe look-alike and fallen into lust and then in love with Derek. Raven slipped her arm through his. “Of course. What do you need?”

“Treena went to change nearly an hour ago. She made me promise not to follow her. Will you go and tell her to get the lead out?” He glanced at his watch. “I’m going to change in my parents’ room and I’d like to get away in another hour. Tell her if she’s not here by then I’m coming to get her.”

The night before, Treena had told Raven and Kiki that she’d stopped sleeping with Derek six weeks earlier so he’d be hungry for her on their wedding night. Raven arched a brow and looked up at him. “What’s the rush?”

“I’m eager to start the honeymoon. If she doesn’t hurry up, we’ll be starting it right here instead of tonight. Get her for me?”

“Of course. You know I’ve always wanted a big brother.”

“And I’ve always wanted a gorgeous younger sister.”

She kissed his cheek and left the ballroom. As she waited at the elevator bank, she smiled, remembering Acier’s goodbye kisses. They had been deep, sweet, and scorching hot. Feeling his long, thick cock pressed against her as he held her had really aroused her. By the Goddess, she loved him. If her father had seen the passion she and Acier shared, he’d have insisted they get married immediately.

Her smile vanished as she recalled the look in Tee’s eyes when Acier finally released her. Tee’s gray eyes had turned that distinct gold, as they did when he was in what Acier had called prowl heat. Casting a quick look downward, she’d noted the clear outline of Tee’s hardened cock against his thigh.

Flushing, she looked away from the raw sexual hunger in Tee’s eyes to find Acier’s gaze on her. Part of Acier and Tee’s vampire heritage made it acceptable for brothers or sisters to sleep with their siblings’ bloodlusts, or perfect mates. Since Acier had finally accepted his vampiric blood, they both knew she and Tee would eventually make love.

Despite her deep feelings for Acier, Raven shivered with desire at the thought of sleeping with his identical twin. She and Tee had always been close. She thought of his big, warm hands caressing her bare body… a body Acier had only recently introduced to the absolute joys of sex with a well hung, skillful lover. What would sex with Tee be like? Aside from their hair, which Tee wore short and Acier wore in a long, dark curtain that fell past his broad shoulders, the two were physically identical. However, they had very different personalities. What would Tee be like as a lover? What —

The elevator doors opened and she stepped inside, pushed the button for the twelfth floor, and tried to clear her head. She and Acier would be apart for at least four weeks while he prepared to move his shifter dens from Arizona to the Greater Philadelphia area.

Acier had told her Pen would be mating with Emmanuel, one of the few female warrior class Keddi on Earth. Acier’s other Keddi, Drei, would be there as back up, in case Pen and Emmanuel didn’t like each other. Her smile widened at the thought of Pen, a diminutive shifter whose natural form was that of a gray wolf, fathering the next generation of earthbound Keddi. Drei, the younger of the two, had been driving everyone insane lately with his incessant crowing that he was the step-father to Acier’s young twin sisters.

Raven wanted to meet this Emmanuel, but the decision to remain in the Greater Philadelphia area had been easy once she’d seen how old and fragile her father looked. While she would miss Acier and their daily lovemaking, she wanted to spend some time with her father.

Her spiritual guide, Abby Valentine, had warned her most Willoni could not accurately see their own future. Nevertheless, her recent visions involving herself, Acier, and Etienne, and her father’s imminent death, disturbed and frightened her. At a time when she needed her most, Abby had disappeared. She would have to discover what, if anything, could be done to help her father before she went searching for Abby.

She left the elevator on the twelfth floor. Halfway down the corridor she stopped outside the door to the suite where she and her sisters had spent the previous night. It was the first time the three of them had been together for an overnighter in months. They’d stayed up until after two a.m. exchanging news and gossip. Treena and Kiki had exclaimed over the size of Raven’s engagement ring, exhibited good-natured envy that she had done what neither of them had been able to do — reel in Acier. All three sisters had spent years scheming to spend at least one night with either of the Gautier brothers.

Smiling, she remembered how grumpy they’d been when the alarm clock, followed by the wake up call, roused them. Treena was probably taking a quick nap. Raven glanced at her watch. Derek was impatient, but another fifteen or twenty minutes wouldn’t make much difference. She swiped her keycard. Easing the door open, she slipped inside, closing it quietly.

Her eyes widened as she stared across the room. A naked Treena’s lean, dark body was held against the wall opposite the door by the weight of the equally naked Tee’s tanned, muscular one. From the way Tee’s tight buns were clenching and unclenching, Raven knew he was already inside Treena — fucking her on her wedding day.

Raven could see Treena’s long nails digging into Tee’s broad shoulders. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted with her tongue peeking out. Each time Tee rotated his hips and thrust his cock into her, Treena moaned, her body shuddering.

After one particularly deep thrust, Treena gasped, raking her nails down Tee’s back to clutch his ass. “Oh, God, Etienne. Your cock is so huge and delicious. So hard. Give it to me! Give me every hot, wonderful inch! Fuck me!”

Tee responded by widening his stance, pulling his powerful hips back, and then shooting them forward.

“Oh! Oh, shit! Oh, shit, Etienne, your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder! Harder! Dear God, I want every inch pounding into me until I come again! I need every inch of cock slamming deep into me!”

Tee wrapped his arms around Treena and swung them around with his back against the wall. He stared straight into Raven’s startled gaze. A smile spreading across his face, he cupped Treena’s bare cheeks and fucked her hard and deep. Raven couldn’t look away from his intense gaze. She pressed a hand against her racing heart.

Treena moaned, tossed her head back, and ground her hips against his, clearly loving the relentless pounding he was giving her. “Oh, God. Oh, God, this is the sweetest cock in the world. Fuck me until I’m raw and full of your lovely cum!”

Keeping his gaze locked with Raven’s, Tee linked Treena’s arms around his neck, and lifted her off her feet. She wrapped her legs around him, impaled on his cock. He turned sideways, so Raven could clearly see his cock moving in and out of Treena’s pussy. Treena’s juices covered his pubic hair and the base of his shaft.

Raven bit her lip, feeling her pussy flex in response to the sight of Tee’s big, slick length tunneling in and out of Treena. Tee kept his movements slow and measured, his gaze locked on Raven.

“Oh, yes! So good!” Treena tightened her arms and began bouncing on his shaft. “Harder! Deeper! Please. Almost there! Harder!”

He gripped her thighs and sliced his shaft in and out, his thrusts short and rough. Within seconds, Treena cried out as her entire body shuddered.

Tee groaned and kept pounding her pussy, his lids fluttering. Raven knew he was coming too. Tearing her gaze away from his, she looked down. A steady stream of their combined fluids trickled down from Treena’s pussy to his pubic hair.

Raven caught her breath. By the Goddess, he was fucking Treena on her wedding day without a condom? Oh, no! The lustful spell broken, the muscles of her throat unlocked. “Etienne! How dare you!”

Treena gave a startled cry and tried to scramble off the cock still impaling her. “Stop! Oh, my God, Etienne, you have to stop! We’ve been caught!”

Easily overcoming Treena’s efforts to be free, Tee maintained his grip on her thighs and leisurely shot his dick in and out of her pussy several more times. Despite her efforts to dismount him, Treena gasped, and shuddered. Tee continued fucking her, groaning softly as he thrust up into her, digging his cock in hard and deep.

“Oh, God!” Treena moaned and came again. Only after he’d clearly ejaculated inside her again did Tee lower her to her feet. Even then, he remained inside her.

Raven, feeling a combination of anger and jealousy coursing through her, stalked across the room, grabbed Tee’s left shoulder, and tugged at it. “Get the hell away from her!”

With a deep-chested growl Etienne finally withdrew his cock. He turned to face Raven. “Ah, there’s my jealous little petite. What’s the matter, honey, afraid there won’t be any cock left for you?”

Heat flooded Raven’s cheeks. Ignoring him, she looked at Treena. “Derek’s a good man. How could you?”

Treena pressed a hand between her legs and over her breasts. Sobbing, she rushed into the bedroom, closing the door. Raven turned to glare at Tee. He stood in front of her, making no effort to cover himself. Despite her anger, her heartbeat raced as she looked at him. He had a beautiful, tanned body with wide shoulders, a nice chest covered with a sprinkling of dark hair, washboard abs, long, muscular legs, and a long, thick erection that was every bit as breathtaking as Acier’s. By the Goddess, what a big, beautiful cock!

She shook her head and sucked in an angry breath. “How could you do this to her?”

He leaned back against the wall, locking his gaze with hers. “Did it look as if I was raping her to you? I just gave her what she’s been wanting for years.”

She tossed her head angrily, sending her hair cascading around her shoulders. “You bastard! Have you no shame or sense of decency? It’s her wedding day.”

He grinned. “Those fucks were my wedding present.”

Fucks? They’d done it more than once? Oh, no! A sense of dread filled her. He’d done it more than once in her visions with disastrous results. “The least you could have done was use a condom!” She bit her lip. “What if she gets pregnant?”

His smile vanished. “That’s not too damn likely.”

“It’s not?” The Goddess willing, maybe she had interpreted her visions incorrectly. “You mean because she’s on birth control?”

“I mean because I’m a hybrid. Do you really think a half-vampire, half-shifter male can impregnate anyone?”

Her visions had included a few of herself pregnant and strangely unhappy. “Yes, I do.”

“You do? Didn’t you pay attention in biology, petite?”

“Do you mean Acier and I… what do you mean?”

“Hybrids are almost always sterile.”

Dare she believe him? She wasn’t certain. Before Acier had first made love to her, his fear of sending her home pregnant had been real. “But Acier and I… I thought… he never said he couldn’t get me pregnant.” She touched her stomach. “In fact, he was worried that he would and then have to face Dad.”

Etienne touched her cheek. “Biology was never Sei’s favorite subject, petite. You two clearly have that in common.”

He sounded as if he liked the idea of her and Acier being unable to have a child. She slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me!”

He narrowed his gaze. “Don’t touch you?” He curled the fingers of one hand in her hair and slid an arm around her waist. “I’m going to do more than touch you, petite. I’m going to fuck you until you’re walking bowlegged.” He pressed his lips against her neck and raked his incisors along her skin.

A rush of moisture pooled between her legs where his erection pressed against her. She swallowed hard, trying to keep her desire under control. The sexual tension between her and Tee had been high since her eighteenth birthday four years earlier. Although she’d once come close to allowing him to make love to her, her fear of Acier’s reaction had stopped her.

She loved having Acier ingest her blood as they made love. His huge cock often brought tinges of pain with the waves of pleasure. Thinking of Tee pleasuring and hurting her as Acier did sent a jolt of desire through her. She curled her fingers in the soft hair on Tee’s bare chest. It would be heaven to wind her arms around his neck, part her legs, and have him love her against the same wall where he’d just fucked Treena.

He reached between their bodies and rubbed his cock against her. She shuddered, feeling the heat and hardness of it through her clothing. By the Goddess she wanted him… needed him.

She gave herself a mental shake. Now was not the time to surrender to her hunger for Tee. She turned her head to avoid kissing the warm, caressing lips moving against her neck. “Get away from me and put on your clothes before Kiki or Derek walk in.”

He gave her a cold look. “If Kiki comes in, I’ll give her what she’s been wanting for years.”

She flushed and glared at him.

“If Derek walks in, his life expectancy will –”

She pressed her fingers against his lips. “No! Don’t you dare threaten him. Right now, he’s worth two of you.”

He growled softly. “You little –”

“If you dare call me a name, I’ll slap you so hard your ears will ring for weeks!”

“You do that and I’ll fuck you so hard up that big, dark ass of yours you won’t be able to sit down for weeks.”

She narrowed her gaze. “Don’t threaten me, you half-crazy bastard! You put your clothes on and you do it now, damn it, Etienne, or hell will freeze over before I allow you to touch me.”

He curled his hands into fists. “I don’t require your permission to take what is rightfully mine — you!”

During Acier’s feast, she had used her command of Bentia, a living barrier spirit, to help keep Acier in check. Bentia had been driven from her during a dangerous ritual she’d had to undergo after Acier’s feast. While she no longer commanded Bentia, she sensed it would be unwise to show fear with Tee.

She lifted her chin. “I didn’t allow Acier to take me against my will and I sure as hell will not allow you to do so.”

“You won’t dictate to me as you do to him. I’m going to get what I want and need from you — with or without your permission!”

She sucked in an angry breath. “Don’t forget who and what I am.” She leaned close and glared up at him. “I am the daughter of a Willoni Priestess and no damn male, no matter how crazy he is, takes me against my will. I know you’re not yourself, but if you ever threaten me again, you’re going to be one very sorry shifter.” She stepped away from him. “Now dress and get the hell out of here before Derek shows up!”

Staring into his angry gaze, she knew he was very close to committing rape. Why hadn’t Acier taken Etienne with him? Where the hell were all the friends and relatives who were supposed to be watching him to make sure he didn’t do anything he shouldn’t? Thinking of his best friend, full-blood vampire Damon duPre, she curled her lip. So much for his help. She was on her own. If she didn’t back Tee down, he would rape her.

Raven compressed her lips and held his gaze. He swore softly, snatched up his clothes, dressed quickly, and then he was gone in a blur of movement. Closing her eyes, Raven leaned against the wall. She toyed with the idea of calling Acier, but decided against it. It would be a cold day in hell when she couldn’t handle one half-crazy male. Besides, if her visions were true, such a call to Acier would only increase the chances of one of the brothers killing the other.

“You’re not going to tell Derek, are you?”

Raven opened her eyes and straightened. Treena, dressed in a silk trouser suit, stood in the doorway of the living room, looking chastened and remorseful. Even if she hadn’t expressed regret, there was no way Raven would betray her. “Of course not!” She pushed herself away from the wall and crossed the room.

The sisters embraced briefly before Treena shook her head. “I don’t know what came over me, Rae. I didn’t mean to sleep… to cheat with him, but when we were dancing, he made sure I could feel his erection. Derek has a very nice, satisfying shaft, but hell, Rae, I’ve never felt such a big, thick, long cock. I just had to have him. When he said he had to have me… I couldn’t say no.” She bit her lip. “I love Derek so much… I can’t believe what I just did with Etienne.”

“Just consider it a last crazy fling.” Raven caressed Treena’s cheek. “There’s no need for Derek to know what happened. Go to him and have a great honeymoon.”

Treena bit her lip. “Are you sure no one noticed?”

She wasn’t, but she nodded anyway. The only person Treena needed to be concerned about was Derek and he hadn’t given any evidence he’d seen that almost obscene dance between Treena and Tee. “Yes.”

Treena sighed. “That was such a stupid mistake. God, I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me.”

Recalling one of her more disturbing visions, Raven suppressed a shudder. “Derek’s waiting.”

With a troubled look in her dark eyes, Treena nodded slowly. “I better get back downstairs.” She picked up her suitcase, and headed for the door. “Are you coming?”

“In a minute. I just want to call Abby.”

“I expected to see her at the wedding.”

“I know, but she hasn’t been herself lately.”

“Why not? What’s going on with her?”

There was only so much Raven could share with Treena, who had no idea that neither Raven nor Abby were fully human. Abby hadn’t returned any of the numerous calls Raven had placed during the last week. “I think she’s lonely.”

“She doesn’t need to be. She’s a beautiful woman.”

She was a beautiful woman whose faith prohibited her enjoying carnal pleasure while she acted as guide to a Willoni acolyte. “Hopefully I’ll be able to contact her soon.”

Treena nodded. “I’ll see you downstairs before we leave?”

Raven smiled. “Of course.”

Alone in the suite, Raven sat on the chair by the window and took her cell phone from her shoulder bag. She felt a tingling sensation along the back of her neck and bolted to her feet, staring toward the door.

A man stood inside the closed door.

She’d thought Acier and Tee and their cousin Xavier Depardieu were handsome, but this man left her breathless. He was tall and muscular with long dark hair that fell around very broad shoulders. His eyes were more silver than gray. His skin had a reddish bronze tint. His dark, clearly tailor-made suit clung to his big body like the proverbial second skin. He exuded an air of sensuality that was almost palpable.

She immediately knew two things. He wasn’t human, and she didn’t need to fear him. Meeting his amazing silver gaze, she experienced a shock of recognition. They had never met, yet she knew his identity. Inclining her head slightly, she rose. She hesitated, then, moved by an instinct she didn’t quite understand, she bowed briefly. “You’re the one Acier said would help Tee.”

He nodded. “I am Enola Cheyenne.”

He had the most incredible smile she’d ever seen. It was at once reassuring, sexy, confident, and majestic. She had been right to bow to this Enola Cheyenne, whom she suspected commanded his people’s allegiance.

“And you are the Willoni who will help me rescue Etienne’s sanity.”

“You just missed him.”

He shook his head. “I sent him away so we could talk.”

That explained Tee’s sudden exit.

He extended his hand. “Come, little Willoni. We’ll discuss how to rescue Etienne.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know what to do to help him.”

“I do. Come.” She crossed the room and he took her hand in his. “How much do you want to help him?”

“More than I can say, but right now I’m also worried about my father. He’s sick and I need to be here with him.”

“I have seen your father.”

“You’re a healer. Will you help him?”

“Although I have some small ability to heal physical maladies, your father’s condition is beyond my capability. I am primarily a healer of the spirit or soul.”

Tears filled her eyes. “You mean he’s going to die?”

“What do his doctors say?”

She blinked hard. “That it’s just a matter of time.”

He hesitated. “I know someone who is a healer of the body. His father is a renowned healer.”

She squeezed his hand. “What’s his name? What’s his fee? If I can’t raise it, I know Acier will help.”

“He doesn’t heal for monetary reward and you won’t have heard of him. He’s from the planet Telmira.”

“Will he help my father? Can he help him?”

“I’m sure he’d be willing, but I cannot guarantee that he will actually be able to help. Your father’s condition –”

“Will you ask him? Please. I know Dad is human and he’s not going to live forever, but I’m not ready to lose him yet.”

“The healer’s name is Eros. I will ask him to come see your father. Please don’t get too hopeful — unless Eros gives you reason.”

She nodded. “I understand.”

“Before I contact Eros, we need to discuss Etienne and how much you are willing to endure to help restore his sanity.”

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