Extra Cream (Box Set) by J. Hali Steele

Extra Cream (Box Set) by J. Hali Steele

Extra Cream (Box Set)

by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07586-02446

[ Paranormal Romance, MF & MFM ]

The kind — shifters infected with vampyre blood — prowl the night looking for the mates they desire.

Getting enough cream is a problem for this cat… Jag Arizon has a plan to correct that. A jaguar of the Kind species, big cats infected with vampyre blood, he walks in both worlds. Aside from blood, he’s addicted to cream, and only one person can cure him. In convincing her to donate to his cause, Jag gets much more than he bargained for.

Publisher’s Note: This collection features the previously published novellas With Extra Cream, Hot Tin Roof, Cougar by the Tail, and Zader’s Menagerie.

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Chapter One

With Extra Cream [Book 1]

“No way! I’m not going to stop again, dude. Damn, show some control already.” Leron looked exasperated. “Jag, do you know what we are, man? You’re a jaguar and a vampyre. You’re a vampyre cat. The boogey man runs from us! We don’t drink fucking lattes.”

“I do, with lots of cream.” Jag really wanted to go back to Coffee Swirl. He needed to see her once more today. His cock bounced around in his pants like a Mexican jumping bean. His inner cat clawed at him. They both wanted to smell her again. “Leron, I need to see her one more time. Come on, it won’t take but a minute.”

“No. You’ve had two double-shot lattes already. You’re wired as hell. No more. We need to get back to the compound.”

“Please, man, one more,” Jag begged.

“Why don’t you ask her out already? Shit, at the rate you’re going, you could’ve bought a whole coffee plantation.”

“I could die of thirst over here, dude. You have to take me.” Jag saw him smile. He had him now. Leron, his best friend, knew he had a crush on Barbara.

“One more, that’s it. You got it?” Leron shook his head at him and turned the car around — back to the coffee shop. “You know she’s going to chew your ass out, right?”

“She likes me. That’s why she does that.” Jag had a big shit-eating grin on his face. He could already taste the cream.

“She’s human, dude. If she ever goes out with you, how are you going to tell her what you are? And have you thought about what the Elders will say about it? You’re getting yourself in too deep, man.”

Jag Arizon belonged to the Reign, the Sovereign Kind, warriors appointed by the Council of Elders to protect his people and humans alike from the unruly night creatures that trolled the streets like vermin.

Jag didn’t give a flying fuck what the Elder had to say. He was good at what he was — a killing machine. They wouldn’t be too quick in wanting to get rid of him.

Barbara would give him hell for the second time today, but he was hooked — the Swirl had the best cream in town. And she always smelled so damned sweet. His cat purred in anticipation.

* * *

Barbara Dorsey sat at the desk in her office trying to catch up on paperwork. She hadn’t slept well the night before and her feet were dragging. All she could think about was the dream. She’d begun to look forward to them. All of her inhibitions disappeared during them and Barbara had become addicted to her nightly visitor.

This one started like all the rest. They always took place at the Swirl. What made it hard for her to concentrate today was the desk. That’s where it happened last night. The memory washed over her in slow motion.

Her head barely hit the pillow and she went out like a light. Then she heard the swish of steam escaping the latte machine. It hissed as though a shot of espresso had just been pressed. Her eyes flew open and she found herself behind the counter in her shop. A door creaked open in back and she knew it was the office door.

Barbara passed through the swinging doors that led to the back. She reached her office and walked in. He sat on the edge of the desk in black leather pants and a black tee shirt. His chest rose and fell with each breath. It was as though he was pulling her scent into his lungs. Vivid green eyes sparkled and he smiled at her. Her body reacted like it always did to him. She got wet.

“Hey, beautiful. Come here.”

She could never refuse him, nor did she want to. Cream slid from her body and moistened the hair that lightly dusted her pussy. She anticipated what would happen. He’d take her any way he wanted to.

He pulled her between his thick thighs and she ground her body against his huge erection. “You like that?” There was a smile of satisfaction in his whispered voice. “Tonight I want you to suck my cock for me, pet.”

Barbara took his head in her hands and dug into the thick waves of multi-colored hair that hung past his broad shoulders. She brought him forward and captured his lips under her own. He tasted so good. She moaned when his tongue moved deep into her mouth. His hands went around her waist and captured her ass. Their kiss became volatile, igniting a fire only he could put out.

She moved her hands under his shirt. He inhaled sharply when they brushed across the rock-like planes of his stomach. Barbara reached the small hard nubs of nipple on his chest, and she stroked and squeezed them until he growled. It was a sound that came from his soul and excited her when it rumbled under her fingers. “I want you now,” she rasped.

“Take it, pet. Take me like I want you to.”

She unsnapped the button and tore the zipper down. His cock fell out in her hand. It was hot and felt like velvet on steel. His musky scent rose up and made her whimper with desire.

Barbara dropped to her knees and began to run her hands along his shaft. Her fingertips brushed his balls, which drew a hiss from his lips. Cupping the head of his penis, she smeared the moisture there and used her hand to masturbate him. The tight skin moved back and forth with her motions.

The teardrops of precum dribbled from the slit on his cock’s broad head and called to her. She slowly descended and flicked her tongue across the tip to collect the fluid. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she slipped her lips over him.

“Jesus, please,” he begged her with his head thrown back.

Barbara swallowed his whole length and started a slow rhythm of back and forth. Her hair bounced around her head as she licked up and down and sucked his cock while his body quivered.

She had to catch her breath, and while she did, Barbara kissed and nibbled on his balls. She pulled one then the other into her warm mouth. Releasing them, she ran her tongue back up the tender underside of his erection and took him back into her mouth. He tried to shove it all down her throat. And she took it. Over and over. He was relentless.

His body bowed as he stabbed his cock into her mouth. “Come up here,” he whispered.

She stood between his legs and pressed into him. The front of her skirt showed spots of his wetness. His hands dropped down and pulled at the hem until he ripped it right up the front. Barbara gasped in surprise. She felt so wild, so wanton. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna take what I want.”

Still trapped between his legs, she leaned into him. His cock jerked against her stomach and made her knees weak. Barbara trembled. He grabbed her full ass in his large hands, massaging and stroking her cheeks. Air locked in her throat as his fingers brushed over her puckered anus. Without entering her, he rubbed and played at the rim. She’d never been touched like that and it sent a taboo thrill racing through her body.

“What do you want?” Her eyes explored his and saw the need stamped in them.

“You know what I came for.”

His hands spanned her waist, turned her and lifted her to the desk. Going down on his knees between her legs, he took deep breaths as though he was absorbing her scent into his body.

“You smell like heaven,” he said, so softly she barely heard him. His tongue darted out and grazed her labia. Then long, slow strokes covered her pussy. He delved between the folds with his mouth and took everything. Fingers joined his tongue as he explored her cunt and made her drip more. “So damn good.”

His tongue poked and stabbed her until Barbara couldn’t hold back. She flooded his mouth with her desire. Wave after wave rushed from her.

He groaned. “Yeah… cream, sweet cream.”

He stood and grasped her legs, wrapping them around his waist. His cock slipped noisily into her wet channel. He bent his knees and started to stroke inside of her. Barbara put her arms around his neck and she met each thrust he delivered. Her office was permeated with the scent of sex and it rapidly drove her to another orgasm as he thrust in and out of her pussy.

“I want to come, now,” she cried out. Her cunt convulsed around him, and she began to squeeze and milk his cock. “Come with me.”

He pummeled into her like a machine. He crammed his cock into her until she yelled, her release pouring from her. Barbara watched his eyes shut and his jaw tighten. His ejaculation was near. He captured her mouth and growled as his tongue tangled with hers.

His body tensed and he jabbed her with short fast strokes until she felt him explode inside of her. He stopped devouring her mouth and moved to the side of her neck where his tongue laved her pulse.

Barbara’s head fell onto his shoulder. She was exhausted. “I –”

“Shh, pet,” he crooned in her ear, “You gave me what I came for…”

* * *

“You’re in early,” Crystal, her co-owner, said.

That brought her back to reality. Barbara hoped her friend hadn’t noticed the stain of color on her cheeks. “Just catching up with paperwork.” That had been two hours ago.

Now she watched out of the window as a black Mustang turned into the parking lot. Dang, he was back! This guy must like abuse or something. What could he want now? He’d already had two lattes this morning. With double shots. And always extra cream. He must be wired as hell. Maybe this time he’d go to Crystal’s section. She couldn’t take another round with him today. Her panties were already soaked.

He’d been coming twice a day for about a month now. He always sat at one of her tables, blatantly coming on to her. He was always polite, and he really did say the nicest things. Why didn’t she give him a chance?

Barbara was comfortable in her skin. She was a big girl. Five-foot-ten inches tall and Rubenesque. She definitely had “junk-in-her-trunk.” Healthy was what she liked to call herself. She wasn’t pretty. Not like most of the women that came in from the office buildings in the area. She didn’t have the model looks of Crystal. Still, none of that was a good reason not to at least flirt with him. If she put on makeup and fussed with her hair, she could compete with the best of them.

Barbara had been with a few men in her years. No relationship seemed to work, no matter how hard she tried. They couldn’t compete with her lifelong desire to have her own business. She’d focused on classes and opening the shop. The Coffee Swirl was hers. She convinced Crystal to come in on the idea with her. Crystal Lewis and Barbara had grown up together and they made great partners. Their chic little coffee place did well.

She watched Jag get out of the car. He was gorgeous. Shit, he could have anybody he wanted, so why her? Barbara never reciprocated his advances. Sometimes she’d been downright mean to him. But she couldn’t keep him out of her mind. And whenever he came in for coffee, her pussy dripped — more than any pot percolating on the premises.

He stood at least six and a half feet tall because she had to look up at him. A girl could get lost in those green eyes. He probably held a lifetime membership in the Body by Jake athletic club. Big arms, big thighs and his abs, well, add a couple cans to that six-pack. And that butt, her favorite male body part, so tight and mmm… scrumptious. And then there was all that long brown hair streaked with blond.

Lord, she had run her hands through it many nights — in her dreams. She wondered what the real thing would feel like. She got wet all over again thinking about it. What she wanted to do to that body was sinful, sinful as hell.

That was the real reason why she didn’t flirt with him or like his coming on to her. Jag was the man she dreamed about.

She couldn’t get back to sleep most nights after she’d woken up wet and breathless. The things they did to each other. Somehow, when Jag looked at her through those devilish green eyes, she believed the dreams were real. That was impossible, but something about them bothered her. Just like he did.

Control of her body slipped away whenever he got close. If Jag whispered her name, would he sound like the lover who came to her almost every night? Barbara had to avoid that at all costs or she’d know for sure she was losing her mind. She was too afraid to even tell her friend about it. The eerie feeling they were somehow more than just normal dreams stayed with her.

She’d grown up with her grandmother who read tarot cards and would tell Barbara she had psychic abilities too. Everyone said Grams was touched. Until recently, she had believed that. Now she wasn’t so positive. I’m the one who’s touched.

* * *

Jag entered the shop and stopped. He stood silently and watched Barbara stare out of the window for a few minutes. He wanted to drink in her gorgeous body. She had curves that didn’t stop. He’d never have to stoop far to taste those sweet come-and-get-me lips.

Why couldn’t he forget this woman? His inner cat felt a connection to her, and he did too. How? The jaguar in him started to prowl back and forth. It grew harder and harder to bring it under control whenever he got near her. It mewled and growled for release.

She wore her pretty dark brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. Golden brown tendrils escaped the barrette she used. He wanted to reach out and push them behind her ears like he’d seen her do a hundred times. Jag thought about doing that, maybe while holding her head, watching her suck the life out of… Whoa, big guy. Reality check.

From behind, her apron strings topped a full, delicious-looking ass. He didn’t need to see her voluptuous breasts to know they strained the little buttons on the front of her shirt. And Jag could stare into those violet-blue eyes all day long. The rest of his life, in fact. Barbara was all woman. And hot. Right now his body told him how much he wanted her. His erection throbbed. It had a life of its own as it moved around in his pants.

“Thinking about me, pet?” Jag whispered in her ear.

Barbara jumped at the sound of his voice. Her face was full of anxiety when she turned to look at him. “Well, if it isn’t Juan Valdez.” Jag could tell she tried to gather herself. “Sorry, my tables are all full. Go somewhere else.”

“There’s always one open for me.” He smiled and pointed to the table where the office execs quickly vacated their seats. Leron had that effect on most people. All he did was stand there. They moved, and fast. His friend, the same size as Jag, got a kick out of flashing his cat’s eyes at people. It scared the shit out of them, and when they looked again and found them normal, they were still freaked out. He was given a wide berth afterward.

“Look, Jag, this is a coffee bar, so I have the right to flag you. You’re flagged. Now go away.” Her body remained stiff with anger as she walked to the counter.

He called after her, “I’m a little thirsty. Don’t turn me away. The Swirl has the best cream in town.” He went to the table Leron had cleared, took a seat and waited for her to come take his order. Jag wanted to watch her big hips sway down the aisle between the tables.

Christ, he was going to have to strap his cock down if this kept up. He envisioned his hands on her hips, pulling her tight against his body so she could feel how aroused she made him. So what if she was human? Would she be repulsed by his cat? Let’s not even deal with the vampyre part yet. His animal purred inside.

Hell, this could be a problem. He wasn’t a cat most humans wanted sleeping beside them at night.

The Kind species consisted of big cats who had been infected with vampyre blood thousands of years ago. When they weren’t cat, they were vampyre. Glorious fangs and all. He could change shape in the blink of an eye and rip a human heart out with claws just as quick. He could become jaguar with a thought.

Jag watched Barbara walk toward his table. Maybe she’d be different. She owned a cat; he could smell it on her. He’d like to be her house cat. He should ask her out. What if she said no? He didn’t know if his pride could take a blow like that. He’d never been turned down by a cat… uhh… a human. Hell, he’d never been turned down. Period. Did she have to know he was a jaguar? His primal beast protested against that thought and scratched at him. It wanted to know her intimately.

“Jag, I know what you want, a caramel swirl latte with two shots. Leron, what can I get for you?” She wouldn’t even look at Jag.

“I’ll take a black coffee.”

Barbara turned to leave but Jag stopped her. “Barbie, I don’t think I’ll have my usual. I’d like one of those frozen things, kind of like a cappuccino, this time. But put the caramel in it.”

She spun around and nailed Jag with a thunderous expression on her face. “Do I look like a Barbie to you? Do I?” she yelled, really pissed off. “My name is Barbara. Don’t forget it, all right?”

“Okay. Could you put a squirt of orange syrup in it? And cream, extra cream.”

“Sure, whatever.” She stormed away from the table.

“Dude, what is your damn problem? Have you lost your fucking mind? Jesus, Jag, I’ve had enough of this.” Leron’s voice was tight. “You know what, Jag? When she gets back, I’m going to ask her out so you two will stop harassing each other and me. I can’t take this anymore.”

Jag went absolutely ballistic. “If you ask her out, or if you even look at her too long, I’ll rip your heart out, Leron. I’ll kill you. I mean it. In fact, don’t even talk to her anymore.” Jag was livid. “Do you hear me?”

“You’re kidding me, right? You can’t be serious. You’re talking like she’s your mate or something.”

Jag stared at his friend, his jaw dropped open. Kind only got like this with their true mate. Draga. When a cat found his draga, stay out of the way.

“Shit, Jag, please say you’re kidding?”

“Do you think… Oh hell, dude, could she be my draga? Because I’m serious. I don’t want you or anybody else talking to her or looking at her. Ever. Christ. I found my true flame, and for hell’s sake — she’s a human. What am I going to do now?”

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