Through Topaz by Leona Grey

Through Topaz by Leona Grey

Through Topaz

by Leona Grey

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 03075-00977

[ Dark Fantasy Romance, MF ]

Dowan is intrigued by the sexy witch with the sincere eyes. The woman has guts but will she be a match for Lilia, the Faery who has kidnapped Ember’s father and is the enemy of the Gnomes?

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Chapter One

Who would’ve thought Gnomes could be sexy? Ember mused as she braided a string of topaz chips into her long, light brown hair. Gnomes were often thought to be dwarfish and slightly ugly, but people saw them so rarely that there was no way to be sure. This one was not short at all, and far from ugly. She wondered what his name was, and what his voice would sound like. Most of all, she wondered how to get him to help her.

He probably wouldn’t be happy with her. The embodiments of the earth element, gnomes were a private people. Unlike the Faeries, Gnomes tried to avoid human contact even when they were in the human realm. It was possible that he had never even been there, since Gnomes only went there after an earth-related natural disaster, such as an earthquake. He wouldn’t appreciate being yanked from his home.

Still, she had to do it. The scrying bowl had revealed, in no uncertain terms, that he would be the one to help her. She scanned the cave where she had made her home to make sure all was ready. Satisfied everything was in place, she went to the right wall and ran her hand over a vein of translucent topaz. By concentrating her energies, she called up the Gnome’s image until she could see him through the stone. His back was to her, so she studied him. Broad, bare shoulders, thick arms moving slowly (as Earth elementals were wont to do) while he used his magic. She couldn’t figure out what he was doing. Maybe he would tell her, once she gained his trust.

She turned away reluctantly and began to undress. Her laces loosened, her purple velvet dress fell to the floor. As she stepped into the natural hot spring directly across from the topaz vein, she could feel his eyes on her. She lowered herself into the water with a pleased groan. She turned before she was completely submerged so that he could see her breasts; his attention sharpened. He had a strong presence, this Gnome. The scrying bowl was right. She felt him approach. Just a little closer, she thought.

* * *

Dowan studied the witch — for witch she must be to be able to manipulate the elements. He drew closer, deliberating on what he should do. She was in a cave. If she tried to use her magic on him, he could always escape into the surrounding stone. It would be prudent not to go, to simply watch her, but he had a weakness for human women. And he hadn’t had one in quite a while.

Being a Gnome, his main source of company was other Gnomes, and Gnomes were male. Not that he didn’t like his friends, but his desire was toward women. If he went aboveground, into the Land of Faery, he found only Faeries. While Faery women were lovely in an ethereal way, they were all slender as willows, and fragile. One had to be careful with them. Watching this witch through the topaz made him think of the first human woman he had been with. He smiled at the memory.

She had been brought here by a jealous Faery and left to fend for herself. The woman was kidnapped before her marriage — an arranged marriage to a rich young man that the Faery female wanted as her own. Dowan had helped the poor woman home, after comforting her extensively. Faery women didn’t appeal to him as much after being with the human woman. Their slim bodies couldn’t bring him as much pleasure as full breasts in his hands and a full backside against his erection, which stirred insistently as the witch began soaping herself. She was smooth and full and curved like the other woman had been, and Dowan would bet that she felt as good. He smiled in anticipation and walked through the stone, only to find his hands caught. The stone wouldn’t release them. He tried to retreat back into his home, but couldn’t. He turned enraged eyes on the witch, but before he could demand she release him, she stepped out of the water and rendered him speechless.

* * *

The air was cool compared to the water, and Ember shivered. She would have covered herself, but she had the Gnome’s undivided attention. “You took your time,” she said. “I don’t know how much longer I could have waited.”

He made no response, so she tried again. “You changed colors.” When she had seen him in her scrying bowl, his skin and hair had been deep brown like the stone walls of his home. Now, they were the lighter brown of the cave wall. His eyes hadn’t changed, though. They were still topaz.

“We do that,” he replied in a slow rumble. He watched with interest as she shivered again. “If you wanted to bind me while we made love, you had only to ask.”

“I’m sorry for capturing you, but I had no choice. You must help me.”

“Why would I aid someone who has trapped me?”

“Because you will enjoy it. I need you to help me raise magic. Sex magic. Look behind you. You’ll see it’s working already.” In the topaz, they saw her father beating on a door. His once-heavy body was now skeletal, and he was screaming something about an “inbred Faery hag.” Said hag appeared on cue. The picture began to fade, so they saw her only briefly.

“That was my father,” Ember explained. “I used my divining skills to figure out how to rescue him, and I need you for that. I don’t know why, but it had to be you, specifically.” She stepped forward. “If this were your father, what would you have done?”

He saw the sincerity in her huge, brown doe eyes. “If you release me and give back my powers, I give my word that I will help you rescue him.”

“And will you give me your name?” This was the real test. Telling her his name would give her power over him.

He hesitated before saying, “I, Dowan, swear to help rescue your father if you release me and return my powers.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. The stone slowly released him.

He tried to coax the stone outward, to test his power, but nothing happened. “What about my powers?”

“They never left you. This place is mine. It responds only to me. Thank you, Dowan.” She kissed his cheek. Since she was shorter than him, her nipples brushed his chest. He hardened again and the image in the topaz appeared momentarily. Startled, they both turned to watch but it quickly went away when he saw the Faery again and lost his erection.

“That could be a problem,” the witch murmured. “Thank you again for agreeing to help.”

She turned her sincere brown eyes on him once more. That look made him feel a little better about giving his word. For all he knew, her father could be a terrible man, but he doubted that. He had recognized the “Faery hag” as Lilia, a thorn in the side of any Gnome. Anyone kidnapped by her was probably a good person. Dowan rested his big, hard hands on the witch’s delightfully rounded hips.

“The Gnomes will be glad for a reason to thwart Lilia. Perhaps by helping you, I can find out how she steals from us. Or you could kill her, and we will no longer have to worry. Besides, I think your eyes don’t lie easily. You’re very worried for your father.”

She smiled softly. “Yes, he’s all of my family. My name is Ember, by the way.”

That surprised him. She had put them on equal ground. Now, he had power over her as well.

He nodded in acknowledgement of that trusting gesture. “Well, let me dress, and I will tell you what we have to do. At least, I will tell as much as I know.”

While she dressed, he studied the markings on her back. A hawk covered her left shoulder blade, surrounded by mystical symbols. Dowan would have to study them more closely to know what they said. That would be no hardship, looking at her bare back.

After she dressed, they built a fire and ate a thick stew. He asked her what “sex magic” was.

“It’s simple, really,” she explained. “Sex, when it’s good, raises energy which can be used for magical purposes. I don’t know why we must raise power in this way. The bowl didn’t explain.”

“How will we know when there is enough power?”

“It’s three days until the full moon. According to the bowl, we should work the magic that night.”

“You must eat more, then,” he said.

She gave him a quizzical look.

“You can’t have sex for three whole days on just a small bowl of stew. Here.” He spooned more into her bowl.

She watched for signs that he was joking, but there were none. “Um, I didn’t mean we would do it all day, every day until then.”

“Oh.” He nodded. The fact that he didn’t balk at the idea of having sex for three days straight was a little frightening. “And what do we do on the full moon?”

“I will be able to open a door, not just into Faeryland, but straight into my father’s prison. Hopefully, we can just grab him and come straight back here. She shouldn’t be able to follow.”

“Why not? If you could get into her home, why can’t she do the same to you?”

“He’s not in her home. There are magics on this place, this prison, but they’re mostly meant to keep people from getting out. We should be wary of traps, though.” She leaned her elbows on her knees and stared into the fire, trying to anticipate the unexpected. Then she felt his gaze on her again. She glanced up. He was staring at her breasts, the bowl forgotten in his hands.

She stood slowly and walked toward him, letting her hips roll. He watched her come, remembering how she had looked while bathing. When she stood directly in front of him, he set down his bowl and ran his big, hard hands over her hips. Gently, he kneaded the softness and underlying muscle. He made a satisfied sound at the feel of her. He nuzzled her belly and nipped at her hipbone.

She ran her hands through his hair with a small smile. When he looked up at her, his eyes were deep blue. “It’s your sapphire ring. It made them change,” he said, noticing her reaction.

“Oh.” She slid down his body and straddled his legs, circling her hips slowly against him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then traced her back and shoulders with a firm touch. She felt a strange trembling in his hands as they roamed her body, a vibration that relaxed and excited her at the same time. She started to ask what he was doing but he stopped her mouth with his.

“No more words,” he said in a bass whisper that gave her chills. “Just enjoy this.” He smiled when she leaned into his touch. She wondered what it would feel like when he reached other parts of her. His touch reminded her of a storm, when the thunder is so strong that one can feel the rumbles from the ground.

One of his hands traveled up her neck and tilted her head back. He began to kiss, nip, and lick her sensitive skin. When his other hand found her breast and his thumb traced circles around her nipple, she gasped in surprise. She didn’t know why, but that side was always more sensitive than the other.

She began rotating her hips against him again, firm and slow. His magical hands still wandered over her, becoming more insistent. The fire steadily built between them. Breathing became panting. Their bodies began to rub against each other of their own accord. Ember’s hands clenched and unclenched at the feel of his hard cock. She wanted to touch him so badly, but she couldn’t think clearly enough to make herself do it just yet.

She was dragging her teeth over his shoulder when the orgasm began building. She sucked his skin into her mouth. One of his hands was on her breast, teasing the nipple. The other hand was on her bottom, squeezing and helping her move, keeping her in the right position so he was stroking his erection against her clit. She moaned and arched into him, making the sensation sharper. Then her climax struck and she lost control of her mind and body. All she could do was cling to his bare, muscled shoulders and moan.

He took her mouth desperately, as if her orgasm excited him beyond anything. His touch, his kiss, his body were all hard now, and that excited her. He tore at her clothes, even using his teeth a little bit. Her forest green dress was thrown ingloriously to the ground. Now, the vibration and warmth of his hands were right against her skin. She didn’t notice the hard stone against her back as he laid her on the floor.

It was thrilling and almost too much, when he touched her between her legs. His finger circled her opening, which still throbbed from her last orgasm. Her stomach trembled and she made a small cry as she palmed him through his brown leather pants. One of his fingers moved to cover her clitoris, varying the pressure of the delicious vibration. In no time, she was caught up in another orgasm so sweet she could almost taste it. Those sapphire eyes watched her with an intensity that might have scared her, had she been capable of coherent thought.

She dropped her hand into his pants, needing to feel him there, but he pushed her hand roughly out of the way and liberated his straining cock from the confines of the leather. She wrapped both her hands around him and he moaned loudly. As he spread her legs, she had to look down at him. Just the sight of him made her wetter. He was so large, she could only imagine what he would feel like inside her.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out. He slowly drew himself out of her hands, hissing as she alternately flexed and relaxed her fingers. She simply had to lick and nibble the skin of his neck, which was exposed when he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

He looked at her again, this time with an evil little smile. He inserted just the head of his penis into her and made small circles, working his way in so slowly. She moved her hips to try and make him go faster but he shook his head and placed one hand low on her belly to hold her still. He turned his mouth to her breasts, never increasing the pace of his penetration. She couldn’t keep from tensing her slick pussy walls around him. “You’re killing me,” he rumbled against her breast as one hand found her nipple and increased the vibrations from his fingers. She tightened around him again and, this time, he pushed all the way in, as if he couldn’t help himself.

Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. He was so large inside her that she almost couldn’t breathe. When he started moving, a series of soft ohs escaped her. They became progressively louder and more desperate as he increased the pace. He put both arms under her shoulders and pulled her down each time he thrust. The sensation was so powerful, he was so powerful, that her moans quickly became breathless screams, and he was right there with her. When she came, her spasms drove him to climax as well. He yelled his relief to the ceiling.

They both lay panting and unmoving for a time. Then he rolled onto his side and pulled her against him, holding her like a piece of china. His hands roamed with gentle vibrations over her back and shoulders and neck, relaxing the tired muscles. It was when he reached her scalp that she finally fell asleep.

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