The Showers by Adam Mann

The Showers by Adam Mann

The Showers

by Adam Mann

Global Publishing Group LLC

Ebook ISBN: B017LDY4NW
Print ISBN: 9780692570883

[ Romantic Suspense Comedy, MF ]

Bill got more than he bargained for when he stayed at a farmhouse with a group of guests, and the farmer’s wife strays into his shower! The romance was complicated by the lady’s teenage daughter, and her former husband who suddenly turns up, and their discovery that local society can be more than a bit spiteful at times.

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Chapter One

The First Shower

It was just getting dark when they arrived at the farmhouse. This was a new direction for James and a place he had never visited before, but these clients had particularly asked to ride over this Dale to the ancient church in the distant valley.

As they approached the buildings in the first valley they could see in the twilight a child riding a small pony in a field, but as they got closer the child turned out to be a teenager, a girl, aged about sixteen.

“Welcome,” she called to them, and led them to a large barn where their ponies would be stabled for the night. They turned their ponies loose into the barn, and James made sure there was food and water for all the ponies. In fact the water was a long steel cattle trough, and all seven ponies took long drinks, before they turned their attention to the new meadow hay that had been shaken out in overhead racks for them.

Their ponies were Fell ponies that had originated in the fells of Cumberland, but which were tough and well boned so that they had no trouble carrying a full grown man.

The barn had been built, probably many years ago, from the local flat limestone that could be seen everywhere around them. There was another barn next door which had been converted into bedrooms, where James’s clients would be staying.

“Hi,” said a short middle aged but slim lady with dark curly hair, “my name’s Helen Roberts, and this is my daughter Amanda who you’ve met already.”

“You,” she said looking at the clients, “will all be staying in the barn next door, but James, your guide, will be staying in the farmhouse as there’s not enough room in the barn.” She paused for a minute;

“That sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?” and she laughed, “Dinner will be in the farmhouse at seven thirty, and you can wear whatever you like!”

James was tired after a day’s trekking, so after he made sure that his clients were happy with and installed in their rooms in the barn he tramped back to his own room on the first floor in the farmhouse.

His backpack was still where he had left it outside the stable block, and he picked it up walked to the farmhouse and climbed the stairs to the first floor, he turned left and walked to the last door on the right as he had been told.

The room was big and airy, with a large picture window looking over the Dales. He dumped his backpack on the floor and looked into the bathroom. There was a shower cabinet with frosted glass panels, so he stripped off his boots and clothes and climbed into the shower cabinet.

The water was mercifully warm, and he just stood under the flowing water and let the dust and dirt of the day wash off him.

Suddenly, he heard the bathroom door open!

But through the frosted glass he couldn’t see who it was, and for a moment he was worried that it might be the landlady’s teenage daughter, who would not know this was his allotted room, but surely by now she must be aware of someone using the shower!

The door of the shower cabinet opened and Helen, the landlady, stood there looking at him, and smiling. She took off her pinafore dress, and climbed into the shower cabinet close to James.

She smiled at him and took off her bra, which was now soaked, and stood close to James under the running water.

She must have been nearly a foot shorter than James, and she looked up at him and smiled again. Her breasts were soft and white, and she pressed herself against him. He sensed her nipples hardening.

James’s penis had been reacting to the closeness of the lady, and her hot wet skin, and she took his penis gently in her hands and lifted it so that it was pressed between them, against James’s stomach and her stomach and her rib cage and up towards her breasts.

She lifted her face to James so he kissed her, and she held him close to her own body, and smiled at him again.

“Sorry for the intrusion,” she whispered, as the water continued to cascade onto their bodies.

She lifted a leg to put round James but she still had on her panties, now soaking, so she put her leg down and pushed her panties to her ankles.

She held James around the neck and lifted her body up to him, again lifting one leg exposing her vulva. James helped her by lifting her bodily up to him, and she smiled at him again.

James’s penis was by now hard and erect, and she wiggled her vulva against him. His penis soon found it, and she gasped as it went into her vagina. She lowered the raised leg which had the effect of tightening her vagina, and it was now James’s turn to gasp.

Up until now hardly a word had been said by either of them.

“Take me to bed,” she said now. It was not a command, nor a plea, just a logical request.

James picked her up and carried her dripping wet to his bedroom, whilst she held onto James’s neck with both arms. She was not heavy.

He laid her on the bed, which still had a counterpane over the duvet, and followed her down to lie alongside her.

She turned towards him;

“Dinner’s at seven thirty,” she whispered, as she opened her legs and pulled James on top of her.

Neither of them wanted to wait, and James heard her groaning through closed lips as she reached a climax and the heat in her vagina soon made James groan as well. Their sweat and the water from the shower soon mingled on the counterpane, but they both ignored that.

They lay side by side and exhausted from their sudden and strenuous efforts.

James shut his eyes, but Helen wanted to talk to him;

“Your tour company gave me a copy of our profile,” she explained, “so I know you’re single, but thanks any rate!”

“What about you?” James thought he ought to ask, but sleepily.

“My former husband, Amanda’s father, disappeared just before Amanda was born, so I’ve been a bit lonely living up here by myself,”

She turned her body to face James, making sure her breasts were pressing hard against him, which stimulated James to turn towards her.

“Wow,” said James, “you’ve a beautiful body, even if you’re not very tall!”

“Five foot, two,” she said, and snuggled against him.

“Who’s cooking dinner?” asked James, wondering in which direction their conversation was taking,

“We try to offer our guests local food, so tonight we’ve got home grown roast lamb, and vegetables we grow up here,” and she added, “but we have to buy the potatoes,”

“Should we get dressed?” he asked.

“Beast!” she said, holding her body against him, “I’m still feeling sexy!”

“After dinner?” suggested James.

“We might have to wait for our guests,”

“Sounds like we’ve got a date,” he agreed, but neither of them wanted to get up immediately.

They lay still side by side for several minutes;

“Where’s my dress?” Helen asked eventually,

James lifted his head to look; “still in the bathroom,”

“Damn!” she said.

“Let me help you,” said James gallantly, “I’m nearest to the bathroom,”

James got out of bed naked and stood up. He walked to the bathroom and took Helen’s pinafore dress off a peg where she had put it. He picked up her wet bra and panties from the floor of the shower cabinet and put them on the edge of the hand basin to drain.

Helen giggled as she put the pinafore dress over her naked body, and did up several of the buttons on the front.

She stood on tip-toes to kiss him, and walked out of his room, carrying her shoes in one hand.

James took some clothes from his backpack, and his spongebag into the bathroom. He quickly shaved and then dressed himself, leaving Helen’s wet underclothes still draining in the hand basin.

James went down to meet his six clients, just after seven, to find them all clean and dressed, and looking forward to dinner.

The married couple were Chuck and Mary, who came from South Africa by way of Texas! Chuck was one of those people who saw fun and laughter in everything, but his wife took a much more serious attitude. They were the oldest people in the group, but found riding no problem although Chuck did joke about the English saddle on his pony, with nothing to hold on to! He did appreciate however the broad shoulders of the Fell ponies.

All the other guests were single.

Roger was a computer expert, a slight build and about 35 who was enjoying ten days away from his desk, although he did admit he had brought with him an iPad, with a 3G connection but would discipline himself, he told them, only to open the instrument in the evenings, and only then to read the news and the sports results.

Wilfred, but they all called him Will, ran a dating agency which specialised in Asian women meeting European men. He was almost as old as Chuck, but his once brown hair was now greying. He was once tall and slim, but was now allowing his beer stomach to develop. He told them that he once had an Asian girlfriend, which had prompted him to run his dating agency.

Colin and Gloria were students from the same University. The blonde Gloria watched every movement Colin made, and was clearly besotted with him, and worried herself continually about getting too fat! Colin was happy and carefree, or at least he gave that impression, as he hummed or sang verses of songs from pop music.   He was a bit casual about his appearance, and often allowed his unruly brown hair to get into his eyes. Gloria’s father had paid for the trekking holiday for both of them, with strict instructions to Colin to keep his eyes on the scenery, and away from his daughter!

“What a great shower,” claimed Chuck aloud at dinner that night, “the overhead fitting with the high water pressure made my skin tingle!”

Everyone looked at one another, wondering for a moment what each of them had been doing in their shower cabinet!

Amanda had been putting the last minute touches to the dining table; Helen was just coming in from the kitchen, and maybe only heard the last few words of Chuck’s comment. Colin looked guiltily at Gloria, who blushed and put her hand on her stomach, whilst Roger hoped that no one would notice he hadn’t been in his shower at all. Wilfred went back to dreaming about his Asian girlfriend, whom no doubt he had been dreaming about in the shower!

James tried hard to remember where the shower fitting had been in his shower cabinet, and quickly looked at Helen to see if she had heard Chuck’s comment.

“Great shower!” agreed James wholeheartedly.

“Dinner’s ready,” announced Helen.

It was a large round table with nine set places.

“Sit where you like,” Amanda said, “but leave these two chairs for Mum and myself,” indicating two chairs nearest the kitchen door.

The roast lamb came with tasty leeks in a cheese sauce, roast potatoes and carrots, spring cabbage and a huge tureen of gravy.

“Help yourselves, please,” invited Amanda.

“Who does all the cooking?” asked Mary.

“Mum and I share the work, but I’ve been going to a cooking school in town, so I’ve been trying out new dishes and recipes!”

The men did not say much as they ate, but from the looks on their faces they enjoyed the food. Only Mary and Amanda said anything, whilst Gloria did her best not to eat too much!

“What type of animals do you farm here?” asked Chuck as he finished eating.

“Sheep, mainly, we’ve about two hundred,” Helen replied, “but we do keep a couple of dairy cows for milk,” and she continued; “we also keep a few hens for fresh eggs, and a neighbour down the valley keeps pigs so that we can give our guests roast pork, but we have to buy bacon and potatoes.”

James intervened; “did you grow the vegetables we’ve just eaten?”

“Yes,” Helen replied, “You must all look at my garden later, or in the morning,” she added looking at the darkness outside.

“Don’t you keep any cattle?” persisted Chuck, who owned a large ranch in Texas.

“No,” Helen said, “the sheep tend to look after themselves eating the sparse grass that is grown on these Dales, but we have to buy most of the food supplements when they produce lambs in the spring, and especially for our two dairy cows.”

“Have you lived here a long time?” Mary asked.

“Most of my life, I was born here and so was Amanda,” but I only left to go to college when I was sixteen,” and she added, “my parents wanted a son to run the farm after them, but they never had one, so when I married Amanda’s father, they thought their dreams had come true!”

Everyone wanted to ask what had happened to Amanda’s father, but nobody did, then.

“Now,” announced Amanda, “we have a special desert – we still call it a pudding – but I’m told at school it’s more polite to call it a desert,”

Everyone waited whilst Amanda went into the kitchen, and she came back with a large porcelain bowl and a large plate. They all watched as the porcelain bowl was turned upside down onto the plate, and Amanda carefully lifted it off leaving a huge pudding on the plate.

“Summer pudding,” she announced with a huge smile of relief that it had not collapsed, “with most of the fruit grown in Mum’s garden!”

It was quite liquid inside the bread lined pudding, but she carefully passed a pudding bowl with a purple slice of the pudding to each guest, accompanied by a large spoon of whipped cream.

Chuck was the first to try a spoonful, and he sighed;

“Wonderful, just wonderful and delicious!” he declared, and he joked, “Amanda, do you want a job in Texas?”

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