The Comeuppance Of Charlotte Rose by Catherine Dolore

The Comeuppance Of Charlotte Rose by Catherine Dolore

The Comeuppance Of Charlotte Rose

Book 1

by Catherine Dolore

Ebook ISBN: B00U6HW1VI

[ Contemporary Erotica, FF ]

A thorny English rose gets pruned with precision in propriety’s void of Master Fabrizzio’s Vault.

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Chapter One

Charlotte Rose was a bitchy, ballsy brat with long, light brown hair and pale blue eyes.

Young and beautiful; she lived up to that crass chatter of being a restless daughter to the manor born.

Charlotte Marie Rose, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sunderland, William and Emma, was in Italy for their London headquartered family jewelry business.

Rose Associates, Limited had been jewelers to royalty and the upper crust for many decades.

In Rome at 7:45 in the morning, Charlotte met Calvianni International’s chief legal counsel, Lina Stᾱmpfarrio at company headquarters.

Charlotte’s tongue was tart, attraction was mutual and an innuendo of an afternoon invitation to Lina was made apparent.

Playing the pitch with whatever team was on the field, pink would match pink; for Charlotte Rose was going to score.

Even though she was only 22, Charlotte had already ridden many a wild mile on her back, hips, knees and lips.

Staying at the Hotel DeLorca in Milan, young Miss Rose waited for her guest at the bar downstairs called Esmee’s.

Esmee’s had a smattering of people seated at the booths in that midday, as Charlotte took a seat at the bar.

Charlotte Rose had an uncanny appearance of a Grecian goddess as she sat on that silver bar stool. Ivory wrap around dress with a two and a half inched silver and leather belt definitely made for a fascinating vision for persons passing by her inside of Esmee’s. As her folded legs dangled against the silver bar, the beige sandals she wore gave her feet an almost bare appearance.

In an emerald silk blouse with black skirt and black high heels, Lina sauntered into Esmee’s and saw Charlotte seated at the end of that silver and glass bar.

Stᾱmpfarrio’s black hair was twisted into a tight bun which exuded all which was proper for her position at Calvianni’s. Her dark brown eyes were warm and penetrating to anyone she fixed them on.

Lina’s scope was set in Charlotte Rose, as she placed a hand on her shoulder, “Charlotte? I hope I’m not too late”.

Flinching slightly, Charlotte turned around to greet her and smiled, “Lina”, Gazing at the parting of that emerald blouse which revealed a quite ample bosom, “You are right on time”.

Blonde bartender dressed in white blouse and red vest with light pink lipstick shook the shaker with Vodka and poured a creation for both women seated across that counter.

Charlotte wasn’t into marathons, when it was far more fun to sprint right to whatever she wanted. Running her right pinky along glass, the seductive game began.

”I like my martinis just like my men”, She inhales, “…Dirty”.

Lina, not one to shy away from a lusty volley of words inquires, “…And, what about your women?”

Crossing her legs and taking a skewered olive into awaiting mouth, Charlotte gave it a slow chew and answered as only she could, ”…Even dirtier….”

Stᾱmpfarrio nodded in reply, ”This is a very good thing to know….”

Confident in where she stood in this game of arousal Charlotte swallowed that olive and took a long sip of her martini.

“Good is a nice thing to know” Placing glass down and gently tapping fingernails against top of that bar, “…But, what is better…” Conveying a little insight of knowing more about Lina’s employer than just the reputation of his financial portfolio, she laughed, “…Is experience…”

“…Oh, that is most definite” Fiddling with her large, circular gold earrings Lina slightly cocked head to one side and replied,   “…It is the ultimate master”.

Loosened up by lust and liquor, Charlotte disclosed a bit more, “My parents have always told me that I drink too much, drive too fast, and fuck way too much”.

“And, of the three…” Lina tapped tongue against roof of mouth, “Which has gotten you into the most trouble?”

Charlotte motioned closer to her left ear and whispered, “Right between my thighs”.

Lina snickers, “Mmmm…that’s the best place to start” Looks at Charlotte’s bare folded leg.

Charlotte laughs, “Oh, I didn’t mean down there, honey” Takes a deep breath, “Vodka and motorcycles don’t mix. I found that out the hard way, as I slammed my new ride into a line of parked cars in London a few months back”.

“So, how did you get yourself out of that sticky situation?” She lightly patted glass bar top.

“A good barrister is a good investment. And, my family has a pretty decent one that’s been under retainer for longer than I’ve been alive” Charlotte ran thumb around edge of drink and sucked it lightly “He did what we pay him for”.

“Well, you must really be indebted to this man” Lina replied with interest, “I mean he must have worked some kind of magic not to have this situation splashed across tabs on Fleet Street”.

Beyond liquor reducing inhibitions for Charlotte, there was a mountain of arrogance she stood atop. It didn’t take a drop of anything to make this brat show off her true nature.

Picking up glass, Charlotte took a long swig of her drink, “Of course not” Starting to laugh out loud, “When a man is paid for a service, he sure as fuck better perform. Otherwise, I have no use for him”.

A bit taken aback and intrigued by the direction of this conversation between them, Lina rolled thumb against her own bottom lip, “It’s a good thing I’m not on your payroll”.

Charlotte snickered, “I have no doubt that performance is one area which you are never lacking in”.

“I guess beating around the bush isn’t one of your greater assets, Charlotte”, Lina smiled at her, knowing the possibility of Rose’s unvarnished reply.

Without missing a chance to crank up the temperature between them right there and then in Esmee’s, she shifted hips on silver bar stool and lowered her voice, “When I want something, I don’t bite my tongue. As for flittering on some bush; I always go straight for the pearl, you sexy bitch…”

“Ah, Miss Rose” Lina added with coyness in a public space, “You are quite the thorny rose, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am” Charlotte added, “Come upstairs with me now and we can part petals together”.

Lina nodded, as Rose placed a few liras on the bar for such discreet service from the Esmee’s bar staff.

Charlotte led the way to an afternoon of exploring the exquisiteness of a sexy Italian.

Behind the maroon door of room 48, fabric descended onto the floor as Charlotte’s bare ass plopped down onto a burgundy upholstered chair for a tempting tune-up.

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