Hungry Novice by Kate Hill

Hungry Novice by Kate Hill

Hungry Novice

Scarlet Nights, Book 2
by Kate Hill

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07425-02395

[ Vampire Romance, MF ]

Blair and May are supposed to be living their happily ever after, but for them it’s not that easy. Lately the only place they’ve been able to get along is in bed. May wants to join Blair’s vampiric family in their battle against evil, but he wants nothing more than to keep her safe.

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Chapter One

The Bride Wore Burgundy

Candlelight flickered, mingling with the moonlight that shone through the rectangular windows of the small church in London. It was ten minutes past midnight and May, wearing an elegant burgundy gown trimmed with black, stood beside her soon to be husband, Blair.

She could scarcely believe the turn her life had taken since meeting Blair and she’d never imagined that she would marry a man like him, or that such a man even existed.

Even now she was sure he could hear her heart pounding. She wasn’t nervous about marrying him, but incredibly excited and a bit apprehensive. Was this really happening?

The vicar — a lean, bearded man with piercing brown eyes — looked far younger than his age — as did Blair.

As did everyone present at the wedding, except for May. She’d been told the vicar had officiated ceremonies for members of Blair’s bloodline for centuries.

May lifted her gaze to Blair’s as they took their vows. Her tension eased when she looked into his melting blue eyes. She didn’t doubt for a moment that marrying him was the right decision, not only because she would never again have to worry about being turned out on the streets, but because she truly loved him.

Blair slid the gold wedding ring onto May’s finger.

They knelt and the preacher continued speaking, but May scarcely heard the words. She felt their guests’ gazes upon them. They were Blair’s family and friends and like him they were all blood drinkers.


And the most fascinating, honorable people she had ever known.

“Those whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder,” said the vicar.

Blair’s hand tightened a bit on May’s. Again their gazes locked and they smiled at each other.

“I pronounce you man and wife.”

The vicar concluded the ceremony and as May walked out of the church, holding Blair’s arm, she glanced at the few guests who studied the newly wedded couple.

They were an unusual group for certain.

To their left, Blair’s vampire Creator watched them with an odd smile on his lips. Like Blair, he had ginger curls, but Hamilton’s eyes were paler blue. Beside him stood a tall, black-haired woman who had become a mentor for May. Daria, owner of an exclusive club called The Cock and the Pussy Willow, had taken May under her proverbial wing while Blair had been off tracking a killer.

To May’s right, two tall, powerfully built men stood patiently in their pew. One was thickly muscled with dark eyes and a square jaw. Giacomo, chief of security at Daria’s club, had once been a gladiator in ancient Rome. The man beside him had more refined features, his eyes shielded by dark glasses. His gloved hands rested on top of his snake head cane. Woodrow, a blind vampire and a talented musician, was one of Blair’s closest friends, though they had seen little of each other since Woodrow had moved to America to be closer to his blood father, Master Zigor.

Speaking of the ancient master, he stood at the back of the church, his long, black hair bound at his nape. His sapphire eyes were as cold as an arctic sea at night. Having Changed Hamilton, Master Zigor was Blair’s blood “grandfather” and one of the most intimidating people May had ever met. Still, she had to accept him, as he was the patriarch of Blair’s vampiric family. He had been cordial to her, but she sensed that he still considered her beneath him, whether because she was human or had been Blair’s maid, she wasn’t certain, nor did she truly care.

All the mattered to her was that she and Blair were together.

Outside the church, a carriage drawn by two black horses awaited them.

She and Blair stepped in.

“Finally alone,” Blair said, his smile broadening. He placed a hand to the back of May’s neck and covered her mouth in a warm, possessive kiss.

When it broke, she cuddled close to him, her head resting on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe we’re married,” she said.

“I love you, May.”

She tilted her gaze up to meet his. “I love you too, Blair. Are you sure the others are all right with this? Do they think you a fool for marrying –”

He silenced her with a kiss. “May, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. I never thought I’d love anyone like this again. I’ve been dead for over a hundred and fifty years. Because of you, I know what it is to live again.”

“I had no life before you,” she admitted. “I was always afraid. Uncertain.”

“We have each other now, May. That’s what matters.”

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at The Cock and the Pussy Willow, where they had been staying for the past few weeks. The brick building didn’t look much different than any other local club, but it was one of the most exclusive vampire havens in England. There was a dining room on the first floor, but upstairs were rooms where Daria’s lovely escorts entertained and fed her vampiric guests.

Blair and May had rented one of the club’s best suites.

In the foyer, they nodded to the guard, then hurried up to their room.

No sooner had they stepped inside, than Blair wrapped an arm around May and pulled her close to his chest. He nuzzled her neck as he kicked the door shut, then turned and gently pressed her against it, covering her mouth in a passionate kiss.

Though they had made love before, something about being married made this time as exciting as the first.

Despite Blair’s past tendencies for self-denial, he was a passionate man. One only had to look at his art to feel his enthusiasm.

His mouth pressed to hers and he groaned deep in his throat. His tongue thrust into her mouth and hers met it, stroke for stroke.

He broke the kiss to nuzzle her neck. May tilted her head to the side and moaned, enjoying the brush of his moist, firm lips against her skin and the gentle pressure of his fangs.

A shudder tore through her when she thought how it would feel when he bit her. He always gave her such pleasure in return for her blood. One day, when she took the Change, she would do the same for him — bring him ecstasy with a bite. He slid his hand beneath her dress. His fingers entered her easily.

“You’re so wet,” he murmured. “I love touching you, May.”

His long fingers explored her, then withdrew from her pussy and rolled over her clit. She tingled all over and her heart raced. Her snug corset made it difficult to breathe and she felt almost dizzy from the pleasure of his touch.

He kissed her again, almost stealing her breath, then he turned her roughly to face the wall and unfastened her dress. He slid it down her shoulders and past her hips. The expensive fabric pooled at her feet, but she didn’t care.

Blair’s deft hands unfastened the corset and she drew a deep breath, closing her eyes and pressing her forehead against the cool wooden door.

Growling softly, Blair unbuttoned his trousers and grasped her waist. His rock hard cock slid into her from behind. Grasping her hands, he pressed them to the door, holding them on either side of her head.

“Oh, Blair,” she gasped. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“No intention of it,” he rasped, releasing one hand to reach around and caress her swollen clit. He let go of her other hand so that he could wrap his arm around her waist, then he fondled her breasts, pinching and stroking her sensitive nipples.

May couldn’t endure another second. She came, trembling and gasping, her entire body throbbing.

Blair continued thrusting and rubbing her clit, drawing out her pleasure. He kissed her neck and when his fangs entered her, fresh waves of ecstasy broke over her.

“Oh Blair, I love you,” she panted. “I’m yours. Only yours. Always.”

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