Numb by Montgomery Raye

Numb by Montgomery Raye


by Montgomery Raye

Ebook ISBN: 9781310138409

[ BDSM Erotica, MF ]

Take a walk with Nora, whose hunger for love has taken the foreground in a most unusual way. For one who is “Numb”, what others may see as being extreme, is just a walk in the park of what is average.

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Chapter One

Nora’s reliability was something she’d always prided herself upon. Pity for her that this same attribute was what led to her being taken for granted by a person she trusted.

Having just been left by her boyfriend, Charles Applebaum, she set out on a different trajectory in the field of future relationships.

Charlie was an attorney with a deft touch in legal circles for tidying up loose financial ends for his clients. For him, Nora became less of a lover and more of a pleasant dining companion to introduce his friends to. Other women would fill the niche of naughty needs and ego boosting this man had.

As for Nora the writing on the wall of being dumped came creeping into her life about six months ago.

She got on with her life, making a decision never to wallow in that abyss of heartbreak ever again.

Gil’s, a subdued watering hole where Nora sometime drowned her sorrows, had been where she struck up a conversation with one person who was always there.

Eddie, a bartender in his late 50’s with salt and pepper hair and a well-bent ear from all those sad sacks like her who told their teary tales of heartbreak gave Nora a most unlikely gift, “There’s always choices to be made to ensure what a person may need”.

Eddie’s words were sobering to Nora, as he handed her a blue business card with seven numbers in gold lettering upon it.

With that item Eddie had given her, Nora knew the choice of how she wanted to live was in her hand now.

Blue card was magnetic, as Nora couldn’t leave it in her purse longer than the following morning. When she called that number, her physical stats and personal information had to be given to the person on the other end of that telephone line.

Nora had nice proportions, brown eyes and wavy, chin length dark brown hair.

Factor of anonymity which may have made many women repel away from intrigued her to no end. Something new and without strings of affection or the heart would be a challenge that Nora was more than eager to take on.

When Nora received a call back a few hours later, an address with a given time and other specifics were conveyed to her.

Nora waited within the salon of Hotel Clarabal, a quiet boutique locale hidden down in SoHo.

Slim silhouette of a female approached her, wearing a lavender dress and deep purple stilettos. Hair of chestnut color was complimented with that same shade of lipstick upon thin lips.

Two of them sat on pumpkin leather, wingback chairs with a single china cup of jasmine tea on either end of an off-white marble topped table chatting as if they were old sorority sisters for a few moments.

Getting down to the real reason why they were in the salon of Hotel Clarabal came as the other woman took a few sips of tea and placed cup down, “Two sides of the coin, Nora” She smiled and folded her legs, “Women have an ability to keep and use our heads”.

Nora asked, “Tell me about the tails”.

“Majority of the men are married, divorced or in that midline of purgatory” Chestnut shaded lips bared only the tip of information’s iceberg over the opportunity which Nora was offered.

Undeterred by that factor, Nora replied, “Takes two to tango. And, some of us got left feet” Laughing, she nodded.

“Let’s face it; we aren’t teeny-boppers trying to find our sugar daddies. Or, college girls who haven’t a clue what gravity is yet. And, neither are the men who are involved either”, Giving a little insight on the men that are in this arena, “If a man wants young ass and a brainless fuck, then let them have at it. I’m not even going to piss on that or be bitter” Tapping manicured fingers of her right hand onto table, she focused on the other side of lust’s ledger, “Yet, what is offered by myself and any woman who wishes to become involved are men that actually need a woman in every way. They may want the other women in their lives, as the best beards in the world. But, they need us as the ones who sacrifice our own pride for the thrill of accepting the sexual creatures we are beneath it all”.

Nora’s light in the center of her soul flickered on, as the woman had given voice to how she felt inside, “Those who sacrifice should be honored, instead of cast aside like yesterday’s leftovers”.

“We are women who make our own decisions. We take destiny in our own hands. We are not any longer victims. We are victors”, Credo of owning one’s own needs, desires and choices flowed from the woman’s lips, as varied plateaus of satiating sexual appetites were laid deliciously at Nora’s feet, “Displeasure is what you make of it. Pleasure is just as deep and wide. Our choice. Our road. No questions. No regrets”.

Taken items out of her lavender purse, this woman pulled out a legal document and silver pen; placing it onto the marble-topped table.

Far from being wealthy, Nora’s job as an agent at Aristotle Life Insurance had benefits which she had been squirreling away for many a year for a rainy day. Frequent flier miles, sick days and vacation time were the droplets of ink which became a rainfall of Nora’s signature upon that contract.

Woman in lavender gave a bit of background on the particulars of what each participant would face, “Contractual agreement lasts for a period of 30 days. I’ve found that length of time provides an adequate amount of mutual use for both you and your male counterpart”.

Once this contract was signed, it released any indemnity by Nora or the either person signing it who came into contact with her in the proceeding time period.

Nora’s signature onto contract was quick, as was the choice she made on this path to the unexpected and unknown.

And, so it begins…..

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