Dare Me Once by J. Hali Steele

Dare Me Once by J. Hali Steele

Dare Me Once

Dirty Rotten Vampires , Book 4
by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07413-02391

[ Paranormal BDSM Romance, MMF ]

With thousands of years to devise ways to make a creature beg, Vald will test some on Drecara, whose hot, curvaceous body he desires. And because he must, he plans to experience the charms of Mictain, her protector, just to feel his burn.

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Chapter One

“Because I can.”

“Why? Why!”

Vald Gerlach never gave a second thought to why. He didn’t have to. If he wanted to do it, he did. If he desired having it, he took it. “Jesus, didn’t I answer that already?”

“Don’t you understand it’s wrong?” Adam stood before him expounding on something or another Vald had done or would do.

Vald had stopped listening to the heavenly being long before Adam voiced the second question, and now there were more. Christ, watching Adam’s toned body glisten with water as he had climbed from the enormous pond after Vald appeared in the Garden of Eden stirred rampant memories of life’s forbidden fruits, memories Vald wouldn’t mind reliving.

“Do you have no feeling of remorse?”

“Remorse for what?” Concentrate, damn it.

Adam, the first man God had placed on Earth, was haranguing Vald for possessing what Adam himself was responsible for. The unrelenting thirst for everything that felt and tasted good which existed in Vald’s cold, undead body came directly from the magnificent male in front of him. If there was an honest bone in Vlad’s body, that came from Adam, as well. Fuck, considering Vald had stolen the first woman placed in the beautiful, serene garden to ease Adam’s loneliness, Vald probably owed Adam something.

He remembered his first meeting with Lilith.

Vald had slithered in the shape of a serpent through the tree filled with shiny red fruit and landed at her feet. Wrapping around long, luscious legs, he slid up her ripe body licking and sniffing every inch. When he took on the form of a man, a form damn near more perfect than Adam’s as heaven and hell had a hand in his existence, Vald eyed her with one thought in mind — bedding her.

Lilith had extended her hand as if a dainty maiden, yet her heart beat with lust and yearning. Vald had taken proffered fingers in his and pressed them to his lips before embracing her, burying fangs into Lilith’s jugular, and extracting her sweet blood. In minutes, she was beneath Vald with his penis buried deep inside her.

Adam never forgave him, nor did he forgive Vald for making her a blood-addicted whore for any wanton vampire traversing Earth, a place teeming with dark creatures competing for supremacy in a world gone berserk. Lucifer also made sure Vald never forgot his treatment of Lilith, and as retribution he had snatched something from Vald the vampire had yet to forget.

Payback’s a bitch.

“If I remember correctly, Adam, even then Eve stirred in your body.”

“I’m speaking of the demi-vamps overrunning Earth.” Adam turned from him in an attempt to hide his true feelings. “Lilith is a thing of the past.” He jerked around to peer at Vald with icy blue eyes, chin held high. “Still, Lucifer will not forget.”

“It worked out for the better.”

“You presume to know what God intended?”

Vald had expended far too much power traveling to the Garden of Eden, a tranquil and holy place in another dimension. Haggling with Adam quickly grew tiresome. “He allows many things to plague His imperfect humans.” Adam eyed Vald warily as he began to circle the Godly creation. “You were first.” Vald reached and captured a dark, wet curl lying over Adam’s shoulder. “And still His most perfect creation.”

“I nev-never understood why He let Satan, or you for that matter, invade the Garden.” When Adam stuttered, it meant fear passed through his heart. No hellacious creature could ever again enter this place. What — who caused his apprehension?

Vald felt a soft, tentative push in his mind. It ended so quickly, he wondered if he’d imagined it. Shaking his head, he strengthened his shields. “Adam, you continue to ask why He mysteriously allowed Lucifer to place me here.” Something Vald never questioned. Filled with an abundance of righteousness, Adam didn’t understand the necessity for darkness and evil to subsist alongside good. “Perhaps I am God’s sword of challenge, His dare to every living thing.” What would men triumph over if everything remained sweetness and light? “Taking your blood made me the first undead monster alive.”

Adam sighed. “I continue to need you even though I have Eve.”

Vald had him. He waited for Adam to step forward, give him what he required to bolster his extraordinary powers. Blood — heavenly blood.

“You cannot.”

“I can.”

“Lucifer’s foul elixir courses through your veins.”

“Mixed so deliciously with yours.”

“No, no…”

Vald whispered, “Come to me.” Tugging hard on the hank of hair he still held closed the distance between them.

“This must be brought to an end.”

“I will touch parts of you Eve doesn’t even know exists.”

“Why are you doing this, Vald?”

“Because I can.”

* * *

Feeling uneasy as hell, Vigier Stone flashed from The Cemetery, his friend’s, Split Kryder, club, and now stood peering out the wall-sized window. Across the lake from his Arrowhead home, he watched Big Bear Mountain bulge and belch until its top blew off sending molten lava spiraling down the centuries-old crevices and into pristine blue waters.

“Jesusfuckingchrist!” A faint nudge from Vald Gerlach touched his mind.

Come to me.

“Where the fuck are you?” Vig hadn’t realized he said the words aloud until Split, who had materialized at his side, spoke.

“What’s up, and who are you talking to?” When Split turned to look out the window, breath hitched in his throat. “Are-are you kidding me?” He released a huff of air. “Vald?”

“Yes.” Vig recognized the pull of the oldest vampire alive, a vamp whose blood now felt as if it curdled in his veins. Vigier clutched his throat with one hand, grabbed the window frame with the other. “I can’t fight him, Split.”

“Goddamn it!”

Vig glanced at the mountain once more and noticed his reflection shimmer in and out of view in the glass. “Guard Kiwi well.”

“If I lend my powers…”

Split’s words floated away as Vigier slipped into nothingness and traveled at light speed to God knows where. Materializing in a magnificent garden, he looked up at a towering apple tree. Hearing water, he glanced right and honed his extraordinary sight on a gorgeous male specimen swimming to the opposite side of a large pond. He dipped under water and came up stroking in Vig’s direction.

“Isn’t he the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” Vig glared down at Vald who sat with his back against the fruit tree. “So delightful to watch.”

“What have you done?” Taking a quick look around, he added, “And where the hell am I?”

“Shh, he hates that word.”

“He hates the word hell?”

Vald’s attention remained riveted on the person now climbing ashore. “He’s so fucking devout.” Vald stood and faced toward the approaching man as Vigier staggered backward when the being drew so close he could smell righteousness. His name slammed into Vig’s head and left him struggling to remain standing. Impossible! There was no way he could be in…

“Welcome to the Garden of Eden.”

* * *

Vald witnessed wonder blaze in Vigier’s violet eyes, followed shortly with red swirls of anger. “Why is a volcano threatening southern California?”

“It will be my new home for a short time.”

“You can’t be serious!”

Vigier happened to be the vampire Vald had chosen to share his powers with because the man was damn near as pious as the godly creature standing before them. Vampire, yes, but full of compassion paired with constant worry about right and wrong, Vig would provide the necessary balance in the world between vampires and demons springing from hell. He was also eternally mated to Kiwi, his youngest granddaughter, a demon and vampire mix sired by Vald’s oldest son. If what he wanted reached fruition, Vald had to see to it that Vigier received even more powers than he currently held to protect his kind.

“I’m serious.” He smiled at Vig. “My new demon friends will feel right at home.”

“Vald, have you lost your mind? They will use this to gain a stronger toehold.”

“Shit, they’ll be so busy with me they won’t even remember vampires exist.”


Vald observed Adam pick an apple and bite into it. Such innocence. “I was the first satanic creature placed here in the form of a serpent.”

Vig’s eyebrow lifted, his lip curled into a sneer. “You’re responsible for the hell we live in on Earth?”

“I’m responsible for you being what you are.”

“You dirty, rotten…”

“Vampire?” Vald chuckled. “What are you? Never mind, Eve was going to find this fucking tree eventually. I helped her do it sooner.” He shrugged. “God allowed it, and as for Lilith, she already held lust in her heart.”

“You are evil personified.”

“Hmm, maybe, but heavenly blood coursing through his veins will soon be racing through yours.”


“You’ve already had a bit through Kiwi.” Vald tugged Adam in front of him, facing Vigier.


“Do you wish to protect Kiwi and your people?”

“Not like this.”

“You have another plan?” Vigier raised his hand. “Do you really want to come against me?” Crooking one finger, Vald drew Vig closer and closer. “Think of it as a precious gift from God.”

“You motherfucker.”

Vigier stopped only when he and Adam’s toes bumped. “Drink.” Vald rubbed fingers together and used the appearing talon to penetrate the beautiful man’s heart. “He won’t mind.” He used his mental path to coerce Vig.

Vigier’s head soon fell forward, unable to resist the delicious aroma of blood infused with heaven’s scent. Having his fill, he straightened and stared at Vald. “Why?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes.” Vig licked his lips clean of every trace of Adam’s life force.

“Because I want to fuck the devil’s favorite demon.” Vald felt fire and lust swirl in his cold heart just thinking about it. He allowed Vig a brief glimpse of what he had done to Adam. “Each is so very different.”

Vigier narrowed his violet eyes. “You truly do not fear their masters?”

Vald threw his head back and laughed with glee. “I am their best collaboration.” He dematerialized, leaving Vig with Adam.

Satan had blood, but did God? Vald had given it thought once or twice, but it was enough to carry magic he received from both through Lilith and Adam. Sustenance he intended to steal tonight would be rife with blood straight out of hell.

Streaking through dimensions, he left a trail Vigier would follow as he raced toward The Cemetery to meet with Drecara and her guard, Mictain, Lucifer’s preferred flavor of the decade. Vald didn’t want to keep the demon; he desired possessing him for a moment, a moment to refill his memory of…

“Where’s Vig, man?” Upon arrival, Split quickly accosted and pulled Vald from his reverie. The vampire who owned the club was not only Vigier’s friend, he was the mate of Vald’s oldest granddaughter, Tangerine — the one with horns and a demonic spirit that would never die. He was actually quite proud of her, though she didn’t know it.

“Sophronius.” Split hated his given name and Vald used it only to irk him. “Good to see you too.” He glanced around. “I’m expecting Drecara and Mictain. Don’t get all frosty when they arrive.”

“Hell, haul them into the bowels of that conflagration you concocted in Big Bear.”

“Ahh, you’ve seen my new home.”

The room, all of the patrons eating, drinking, and making merry, froze in place when Vigier whirled in followed by a blast of brutally cold air. “He couldn’t miss it since it’s in our backyard.”

Vald grunted. “We won’t crash your quaint barbeque parties.”

“Have you ever seen either of us fire up a grill or roast… Shit, why am I even talking to your ass?”

“Maybe you like me.” Seeing the look in Vigier’s eyes, he added, “Don’t worry, it’s fashioned so humans won’t see it.” Leaning closer, Vald whispered, “Yet.”

Vig snarled, “You’ve gone batshit crazy.”

Split circled the bar and peered at Vig. “What happened? I couldn’t get a read on you.”

“Nothing to worry about.” Vigier glared at Split. “However, you’re transparent as hell. If you throw one ice bolt at either demon, I’ll exact punishment.”

“Over my dead body.” Tangerine appeared out of thin air followed closely by Kiwi. The temperature spiked as Tang approached Vald. Suddenly, she cried, “Ouch!” Rubbing her butt, she glowered at her grandfather. “Bastard.”

Vald glanced over her shoulder at Split. “Those who raised her should have done that more often. Children need a firm hand occasionally.”

“I’m not a child to be spanked.”

“Then stop acting like one.” The air cooled rapidly.

Ki walked over to Vigier and sniffed loudly. “Where have you been?”

“We’ll talk later, babe.”

Telling them will be premature, Vald cautioned. Vig eyed him closely. Ki is not to drink from your heart.

You are a real son of a bitch, you know that?

Yes, I do. My guests have arrived and it’s late. We’ll take this up another time. Vald gathered both demons the instant they entered and vanished to his newest dwelling.

“Ooh!” Drecara snapped as Vald dropped her in an overstuffed chair. “You know I hate traveling in that manner. It’s so cold.”

“Perhaps you can earn permission to enter my home alone so you can be all warm and fuzzy.” Vald snapped his fingers and candles flared to life, casting shadows around the large room furnished with every modern convenience. Demons enjoyed earthly comforts as much as vampires did. “I’ve created heat for you.” He pivoted to face Mictain. “And you.”

“Vald, you know we cannot stay above.”

“You can.” He circled Drecara’s guard who didn’t bat an eyelid. Big, blond, and so fucking beautiful he damn near took Vald’s breath away. No easy feat. Rounding to face her, he added, “And you will, Dre, because I want you here.”

“I’ll remain.” Drecara stood and ran a hand through her dark hair as she visibly trembled. “Please send Mictain below.”

“He can’t leave if you don’t.” Vald embraced her. He kissed each eyelid as he traced fingertips down her spine. “You need not fear Lucifer.”

“Damn it, Vald, don’t do this.”

“Do what?” He continued to rain kisses on her face, neck and shoulders. Her ebony eyes glittered. “Your mind, your body, wishes to be right where you are.” He brushed the tops of her breasts peeking from a low-cut red shirt. “Soft, hot.” He could use magic and strip her bare but it wasn’t what Vald wanted. He deftly unbuttoned her jeans. The sound the zipper made as he eased it down seemed magnified. When he slipped his hand inside Drecara’s pants, heat discovered there was splendid, tantalizing to one as cold as Vald.

Breath hitched in Dre’s throat when he pushed slowly into the crease of her pussy. “Va-Vald, I, oh shit.” She melted against him, burying her face in the fabric covering his chest, and murmured, “Damn you for this.”

He peered over her head at Mictain. The rapid rise and fall of the demon’s broad chest and a bulge at his crotch disproved the look of detachment plastered on his face. “You’ve not tasted her charms.”

Inky eyes glared at Vald. “I am tasked with seeing no harm comes to her.”

“Listen and watch how much she enjoys what I do.”

“Ooh… please,” Drecara begged.

Vald pulled his hand out and spun Dre in his arms so she could observe Mictain. “See his cock swelling, his thighs trembling with desire.” Vald eased one hand back inside her jeans. With the other, he grabbed her shirt and ripped it away, leaving ample breasts bare. Grasping one nipple, he rolled and tugged the bud until she stood on tiptoes. “So ready for me.” Vald’s black T-shirt vanished.

Dre bounced on the hand jammed in her pants, straining to reach an early orgasm. “Make me come, Vald.”

“Command him to undress.”

“No… no, don’t.”

“Do it or I stop.” Vald leaned down and swiped his tongue slowly across her shoulder. Touching her neck tentatively, he asked, “Is that what you want?”

“Satan, help me,” she mumbled.

“He can’t hear you.” Vald clamped his fangs into her neck and his knees damn near buckled under the force of hot blood seeping into his mouth. “Shit!” He licked his lips and peered at her guard. “But Mictain hears you, and soon he will beg as you are.”

Mictain took a step forward. “You risk death, vampire.”

“Ahh, but how sweet it will be with your taste on my lips.”


Vald watched the demon struggle with lust vibrant in his eyes. “I smell your desire.”

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