Sated by Lucy Felthouse

Sated by Lucy Felthouse


by Lucy Felthouse

Totally Bound

Ebook ISBN: 9781784307066

[ Paranormal Erotica, MFM ]

A human, a vampire and a werewolf walked into a bar. Sexy is what happens next.

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Chapter One

A human, a vampire and a werewolf walked into a bar. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. I can assure you it isn’t. And telling you that, actually, the human and the vampire walked into the bar together, and found the werewolf already there, probably doesn’t make it sound any better. Well tough, because that’s the way it went down.

Ace and I met at a Halloween fancy dress party. I know, I know—cliché of clichés. And yes, he was dressed as a vampire—albeit a horrendously exaggerated one—all slicked-back hair, über pale skin and visible fangs. In real life, he actually looks no different to you or I. Okay, he is a bit pale. But at the time, I’d laughed at him and asked if he thought vampires weren’t a bit overdone—it was when Twilight was at the height of its popularity—all angsty teens and stalkerish behavior.

He’d laughed right back, a joyous, melodious sound that had heat pooling in my groin—then as suddenly as it had arrived, his mirth disappeared. Then he’d said, “Overdone or not, we’re here to stay. And I don’t fucking sparkle.”

My heart had been pounding, and my mouth had gone dry. Somehow, I’d known he wasn’t joking. And, although my conscious brain had shut down, my subconscious had had my back, because I’d heard myself say, “Well, thank fuck for that, because I’ve never been a fan of glitter.”

He’d laughed again, the sound tugging at my very core. And—apologies for yet another cliché—we’ve been together ever since.

Several years later and we’re still as madly in love as ever, and still fucking like rabbits. Sex with a vampire is everything you’d expect it to be—energetic, powerful, finessed, mind-blowing and packed with stamina. Providing you can keep up, that is.

In addition to our unquenchable lust for each other, Ace and I have engaged in bondage, sex toys, spanking, anal, pegging—almost an A to Z of things to do in bed. Some we’ve tried and discarded, others have been a regular part of our sexual repertoire.

And yet, our latest adventure was the most exciting yet. You see, after mine and Ace’s initial meeting, I was given an almighty education in everything it meant to be a vampire. Myths were dispelled, other beliefs were confirmed—he definitely didn’t sparkle—and yet more things I’d never even thought of were seared into my brain.

So when Ace announced he had a friend who was a werewolf, I didn’t even bat an eyelid. It was the follow up information that surprised me.

“He wants to what?” The tone of my voice by the end of the sentence was so high that probably only dogs could hear me. And yet it was genuine surprise, rather than disapproval, that fuelled my reaction.

Raising his eyebrows, Ace gave me that sexy smirk that always gets my blood pounding through my veins and my pussy aching to be filled. “You heard me, Aneesa. My friend Barton would like to screw you. With me present, of course, and actively taking part.”

“A th-threesome?” I stumbled over the word—not because I was horrified. Quite the opposite, in fact. Being fucked by two hot guys at once had long been on my sexual bucket list—a list that, since meeting Ace, had had items checked off it at a rate of knots. I was going to have to start thinking of some more shit to put on it. I was way too young to have completed my bucket list—sexual or not—for Christ’s sake!

“That’s right, baby. And, from your reaction, I’m guessing you’re up for it.”

“My rea—” The penny dropped. Thoughts of two pairs of hands on me, two firm bodies pressed against mine, two hard cocks… I hadn’t said a word that affirmed how much the idea turned me on, but I didn’t need to. With his super senses, Ace would’ve picked up on my elevated heart rate, possibly an increase in sweating, the scent of the slickness growing between my legs…and that didn’t include the stuff a human would have noticed—widened pupils, pink cheeks and perky nipples.

Ace’s talents didn’t extend to mind-reading, but it didn’t matter. He’d pegged me right away.

“Super!” he said, clapping his hands like an excitable child. “I’ll give Barton a call and make some arrangements. Any nights this week you’re not free, babe?”

“Hey, hey, wait a minute!” I said, my brain finally kicking in and overriding my hormones. “I need to know more before I agree to this. Lots more. Who’s Barton? I don’t know him, I’ve never met him. He’s never met me. What if we don’t fancy each other? The three of us can’t just hop into bed and hope it works out for the best—”

Ace’s hands on my shoulders, squeezing gently, stopped my panicked flow of words. “Aneesa, relax. This isn’t something I cooked up on a whim, you know. This appeals to all three of us—you want to be fucked by two men at once, Barton wants to share a woman with another man, and I’ve been dying to see you with another guy for ages. It’s a win-win situation. But,” he continued, placing a finger on my lips, “it definitely isn’t going to be a case of hopping into bed and hoping it works out. When I said I was going to make some arrangements, I meant arrangements to meet Barton. Just a no-strings attached drink at a bar, so the two of you can get to know each other, find out if there’s something between you. If not, we walk away. If so, then we’ll figure out what we do next.”

He pressed a kiss to the end of my nose, then pulled me into an embrace. I know he was comforting me, assuring me everything would be all right, but I couldn’t help noticing the erection that dug into my stomach. I didn’t know whether it was the threesome thing or just me that was getting Ace going. It didn’t really matter. Simply knowing he was aroused revved my motor. Before I lost the power of thought again, though, I said, “O—okay. Call him. Arrange to meet. How about tomorrow night?”

“Ooh,” Ace purred, then nibbled on my earlobe, “somebody’s eager.”

I swatted him on the arm. “I’m eager for you, now, you idiot. Now go make that damn phone call, then get back here and fuck me, pronto.”

Pulling away with a grin, Ace nodded. “All right, sugar, I’m going. Why don’t you get your gorgeous brown ass naked and on the bed?” He pointed unnecessarily to our huge bed. “I will be back soon.

Rolling my eyes at his use of the phrase ‘brown ass’, I nevertheless did as he asked. In spite of his years on the planet, and the relative amount of experience, it was a constant source of fascination for him to compare our skin tones. His pale, typical British coloring—though there’s nothing else remotely typical about him—and my much darker skin, courtesy of my Indian parents. It had earned me many pet names and amusing endearments, which he added to all the time, so I never knew what he was going to come out with next. He did seem to favor ‘brown ass’ however, which he proved when he walked back into the room several moments later.

“Okay,” he said, with a wide smile and an exaggerated swagger, “it’s on for tomorrow. Now, get yourself over my knee, my darling. I’m going to spank that delicious brown ass of yours.”

I did mention that spanking is one of the things that made it onto our regular list, didn’t I?

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