Mystic U (Box Set) by Julia Talbot

Mystic U (Box Set) by Julia Talbot

Mystic U (Box Set)

by Julia Talbot

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07383-02381

[ Paranormal New Adult Romance, MMF ]

Pack alpha Logan is pretty sure Trouble looks like a prissy anthropology professor from Mystic U who thinks it’s her job to tell Logan how to run his pack. Allie thinks Logan needs to listen to her before it’s too late. Will she get her way, or will the Wolf Creek pack end up with a failing grade?

Publisher’s Note: The Mystic U collection contains the previously published novellas Wolf 101, Midterms, and Final Exams.

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Chapter One

Wolf 101 [Book 1]

Danny figured going to college was a damned waste of time.

Going to college out in the middle of frickin’ nowhere was even worse. Wyoming, for Christ’s sake. Skiing, his mother had said. Reconnecting to nature. Like a werewolf needed to connect with nature to be real, or something.

His mother had never set foot in the woods in her life. Or the mountains, save to go to Switzerland to catch a gondola up to get hot buttered rum.

Still, the scenery wasn’t so bad, was it? Oh, the craggy mountains were okay. Majestic, even. The trees and shit were pretty. The little blonde in the front row with the rack to die for? That was even better. She was the perfect thing to distract him from the lack of Thai food and the proliferation of flannel and cowboy boots.

Her name was Heather, which made him smile every time he thought of it. Like her parents were stuck in the eighties or something. Who named their kid Heather these days? There were a lot of throwbacks at Mystic U, though. A lot.

The official name of the college was the Wyoming Institute for Metaphysics. Danny thought it was kind of an innocuous name for a university full of werewolves, fairies and witches and shit. In a way, he guessed it was good to know that everyone around you was like you. A freak. That way you didn’t have to worry about who to tell.

In a way, it was bad. Take Heather, for instance. She was part of the local wolfpack there in Wyoming, and that meant she had a lot of big, burly protectors who looked like cowboys and loggers. It was nearly impossible to get close to her.

That wasn’t going to keep him from trying again.

When the professor dismissed them, Danny glanced down at his blank notebook page and grimaced. He was going to have to beg the notes off his roommate, who had old man Seagram in his nine o’clock class. Good thing Simon was an egghead.

Heather disappeared out the door just about the time he got packed up, and Danny stumbled over his own feet to get out there and find her. He had a plan. It involved the hot roast beef sandwich at the little diner right off the campus grounds. There was a chill in the air, and he’d bet that and a hot chocolate would net him a date if he could get between Heather’s many relations to talk to her.

Her blonde ponytail bobbed along, and he followed it through the sea of bodies, the scents enough to make his nose twitch. This one smelled like saltwater, that one like kitty musk. It was distracting, but Danny was pretty determined.

Heather turned on him at the end of the hall, clutching her books to her chest and smiling. “Hi.”

Danny came to a screeching halt, all but slamming into her. “Uh. Hi.”

“You’re following me. Danny, right? You’re new.”

Up close, her eyes were the prettiest bright blue, and her skin really was that clear. She had to be the cream of the crop in her pack. No wonder she had all sorts of alpha males all over her. He wanted to be all over her in the same way. Just look at her boobs. “Danny, right. I was wondering…” Dude, he was suave. He was a city boy. He’d mastered the pickup line at least five years ago, at the ripe old age of fifteen. So why was his voice all squeaky?


“Lunch? I hear the place across from campus has good roast beast.” There. That was more like him. Cool. Casual. Not drooling.

“They do. They have good pie, too.” She tilted her head, her smile widening. “Do you have a car?”

“Nope.” Her face fell, and Danny bit back a grin. “I have a motorcycle.”

“No shit?” When she bounced her tits went up and down. Jesus, they were a sweet pair. “Then I suggest a diner a little farther from all of my nosy neighbors. There’s one in Graybull, about thirty minutes from here. They have even better pie.”

Wow. She was… aggressive. Sure of herself. Danny liked it. “Then let’s go. I’m in visitor parking.”

“Oooh. You live dangerously.” She took his arm instead of waiting for him to take hers, leading him down the stairs and out to the quad, then down the walkway to the visitor lot in front of the admin building. Heather squeezed his hand when they got there. “Tell me the Harley is yours.”

“The Harley is mine.” It was vintage, a 1980s white and chrome masterpiece. Danny fucking loved it. It had a pillion seat, so she’d be comfortable.

“That is so hot.” Heather hopped on, bouncing some more.

Danny tore his eyes away from her front and gave her his back. She slid her arms around his waist, and man, the whole school thing was getting better by the minute.

“So where are all your nosy neighbors? Usually you have a big old escort by now.”

“Lee has jury duty. Can you believe it? The rest of the bachelor males never do anything without his say-so.” He could feel her shrug against his back. “He must have forgotten to call in the reinforcements.”

“Do werewolves get jury duty?” Man, that had to suck. What if you got sequestered?

“They do in Wolf Creek, Wyoming.” She squeezed his waist. “Let’s go, huh?”

“Hang on.”

Danny opened the Harley up, following Heather’s directions to the highway. Then he let it rip, putting on a burst of speed that made her squeal.

* * *

The diner had really good patty melts, which Danny tried on the urging of the waitress, and even better pie. The best part of the cherry pie had to be watching Heather lick it off the spoon. She wasn’t even pretending not to flirt with him. She was a living-dangerously girl, for sure. “Do you always come on this strong?”

She blinked, her face going a little blank. “Well, no. I mean, I like the way you smell, so I was going for it.”

“Oh.” Well, cool. Danny brightened. “Then that’s okay.”

“You are so weird.” Crossing her arms over her chest, Heather stared at him.

“I’m a city boy.” That generally seemed to explain everything to the people around here.

“Right. Which is also weird. What kind of wolf grows up in the city?”

“Me.” He couldn’t help that his mom wanted to do some science experiment about integrating were-folk into society at large. It was fucked up, but it was his family.

“Well, Mr. City, if you’re going to make fun of me, we’re not going to do this.”

“Are we going to do something?” That sent his pulse racing. “When? Where?”

“Not here.” Heather winked, her foot coming across under the table to poke his shin. “Today is good, though.”

“Okay. Do you… I mean, I live in a dorm.”

“I know.” She bit her thumbnail, her head tilted to one side. “It’s a nice day. I know where to go.”

Damn. She was going from zero to sixty in just moments, and suddenly Danny’s cock was so hard he could hardly sit still. Driving was gonna be a bitch.

“I’m ready.” He stared her down, making sure she understood.

“Then let’s go.”

* * *

God, this was fun.

Heather hadn’t felt so free in a long, long time. The engine on that Harley was amazing, and it thrummed under her butt, making her giggle. Danny felt good in front of her, warm where the wind around them was cold, and he smelled like the beginnings of good sex.

Wouldn’t Lee hate to admit she knew what sex smelled like? Really, sometimes it sucked to be betrothed to the up and coming pack alpha from like, birth.

They were headed off down a back road between Greybull and Wolf Creek, where there was an old line shack the cowboys used to use. It was deserted now, but all the local kids knew it as a make-out spot. It was the perfect place to get their groove on the first time. A little naughty, a little chance of getting caught… Yeah. Perfect.

The bike slid to a halt at the end of the lane, throwing up a little gravel. “We walk from here,” Heather murmured, hoping he wasn’t one of those guys who had to keep an eye on his bike at all times.

“Cool.” Danny slid off the bike and helped her off, holding her hand long after she needed it for balance. “Over there, huh?”

Nodding, Heather broke free and took off at a run. Sometimes she really was such a wolf. If he wanted her, he would have to be able to catch her, proving he was worthy.

She could hear him behind her, his biker boots pounding against the hard-packed dirt, his jeans thwapping against the tall grass. Her heart slammed against her rib cage, but it was excitement, not fear that had her thumping.

He caught her, just outside the little cabin, his hand slipping though her ponytail and landing on her shoulder. She twirled neatly, shoving at his chest, which clearly took him by surprise, because he landed on his ass on the ground, yelping. Heather burst out laughing, unable to keep it in.

“Shit, girl. You trying to kill me?” There really wasn’t any heat in it, at least not the angry kind. No, he was all hot and bothered in a different way. The way his cock tented up his jeans told her way more than anything she heard in his words.

“Nope. Just keeping you on your toes.” The door yielded easily, and while the place was a little musty and strewn with empty beer cans, it would do just fine.

Danny came in behind her, brushing dry grass off his butt. “What is this place?”

Oh, yeah. He so wasn’t from around there. “Old line shack. Like in the cowboy movies?”

“Huh. C’mere.” He got a little grabby, but she didn’t mind a bit. When his hands landed on her hips, pulling her close, it felt just right.

She half expected him to bury his face in her boobs, the way he’d been staring at them for days, but he was gentleman enough to kiss her first, his mouth hot and good and oddly spicy when he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Kind of exotic. Wanting more, Heather pushed him again, watching him stumble back and thump to the floor.

Man, he really wasn’t used to a girl doing the doing. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra.

“Cowboy movies, right?” He grinned up at her, looking a little feral. He tugged his shirt off, then went to work on his jeans. “Gonna ride me?”

“Mmm. I like the way you think. If you have a rubber, then I’m ready to giddy-up.”

His grin widened, and he pulled a little foil packet out of his pocket. Woo-hoo. She was ready. Foreplay was overrated, at least when you’d been flirting as long as they had today. Her pussy was wet, her thighs were a little shaky, and Heather just about killed herself getting out of her boots and jeans.

“Oh, babe. Let me admire a second.” Danny held up a hand to stall her when she moved to straddle him.

Hey, she could go with that. Heather preened a little, running her hands over her belly and up to lift her breasts, showing off for him some.

His cock jumped visibly, his skin flushing dark all the way down his chest. “God, I knew you’d be amazing. You’re stunning with your clothes on, let alone like this.”

She slid to her knees, legs slipping down on either side of his thighs. So cute. “Thank you. Less talk, more action.”

“Christ.” Staring into her eyes, Danny nodded, ripping the condom open. “Come on, babe. Ride.”

“You know it.” She took the condom from him, smoothing it down over his cock, which was nice and thick, not too long, and curved a little to the right. It was very respectable, as cocks went. Hard as a rock too, and ready for her. His balls pulled up when she touched him, and she knew he was close. Really close.

“Oh. Thank God.” When she made a questioning noise he grinned. “The condom helped back it off a little. I’m ready.”

“Fast off the mark, huh?” That was cool; she was ready too. She rose up, pulling his cock against her pussy lips, rubbing it around a bit before letting it sink into her. He spread her, made her feel like she was really pushing it to fit all that inside her.

Too damned hot.

Her hands on Danny’s chest, Heather started to move, sliding up and down, squeezing his cock with her pussy every time she dropped. The friction started to get good, his skin heating up everywhere she touched. She figured he was just gonna lie there, though, which was too bad. He was a looker.

Like her thinking it snapped him out of some sort of funk, Danny finally started to move, his fingers clamping down on her hips so he could pull her down, grinding up against her.

Oh, yeah. Better. Much better. Especially when he unclenched one hand from her hips and pressed it between her legs, sliding his finger across her clit. That had her crying out, her head falling back on her neck, her ponytail brushing her ass. “More!”

“Like that, huh?” He did it again, then again before almost pinching, but not quite.

“Yes!” God, that felt… Wetness rushed out of her, her belly drawing in and her thighs quivering. One more almost-rough touch and she was coming, her body shaking with each little rush of sensation.

“Oh…” He moaned for her, his cock pushing deep inside, and she could feel every pulse of his release. Damn, she could smell him, hot and male, and she was grateful for the condom. His line was strong.

Even if he was the least alpha werewolf boy she’d ever met.

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