Driver by J. Hali Steele

Driver by J. Hali Steele


Phantom Lure, Book 1
by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07386-02382

[ Paranormal Romance, MMF ]

The handsome man driving the bus on Roman Curt’s route to work appears in an unrealized fantasy. What would his girlfriend think of his wanton desires? Roman envisions sharing more than her with the stranger whose intent green eyes observe him through the rear view mirror. Roman wants to be his lover too!

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Chapter One

The city streets teemed with a variety of people ripe for hooking. Providing a relatively safe haven, Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, was a splendid place to exist and Grange Stafford anonymously canvassed the narrow, crowded streets searching for what he considered necessary. Excitement charged every sense as he thought of capturing someone new and educating him in boundless carnal pleasures.

At this moment, his catch was in sight.

The athletic, dark-haired man with a summer tan who boarded his bus thought his stolen looks at Grange went unnoticed, as the petite woman beside him talked on and on about a threesome. They didn’t. Grange caught every peek in his direction through the rearview mirror, even analyzed each glance. What Grange attempted to ascertain was when the handsome, blue-eyed male would come to the realization he’d relinquish his virginity to Grange. Hell, with confusion marauding through the man’s mind, he remained unaware his eyes begged the bus driver to take him. His name, Roman, rolled around in Grange’s head as he envisioned introducing him to the delights of same sex intercourse.

Grange wanted Roman badly.

Careful to mesmerize real bus drivers, steal their vehicles and appropriate designated routes only happened when Grange’s need grew so raw he couldn’t ignore it. Passengers were called catches, and though not every ride ended satisfactorily, he found mass transit riders not nearly as jaded or adventurous as those using other types of transport. Grange appreciated a catch fragrant with a bit of fear and apprehension over new sexual experiences. His favorites were normally couples he initiated into the joys of threesomes. Grange got off on watching a woman see her boyfriend impaled by him, the lovely way her mouth bowed in surprise when his penis sank so deep inside her man, his balls smacking the other’s ass. Performing fellatio on her lover with the same mouth was another turn on. The couple seated right behind him had his cock so damn hard Grange could come if he wanted to. Hold it, wait for the tight-assed man to conclude that until he let Grange have him, the visions he experienced would not dissipate.

Grange had done the necessary thing to make sure Roman’s satisfaction with his girlfriend or anyone else would remain elusive as long as the idea of Grange riding him to an orgasm played through his mind.

The woman, Paula Frame, hadn’t escaped Grange’s attention, neither was she aware participating in a threesome would have never entered her pretty little head without his prodding, though she did possess a wilder side. Her creamy skin glowed this evening as she animatedly stressed her desires to Roman. Not tall, she had shapely legs and a heart-shaped ass begging to be had, and after he took care of her boyfriend, Grange would see to it she got just what she believed she coveted — a ménage where she’d be taken and cared for by two big men.

Nearing Race Street, Grange knew Paula’s stop fast approached. She wouldn’t disembark because she’d not only worked herself into a sexual frenzy, she’d pulled Roman in her wake. Shit! The thought of Roman fucking her tonight urged drops of cream to escape his ramrod stiff shaft.

“Twelfth and Arch,” Grange called out. Passengers exited quickly, but Paula remained seated. Pulling from the curb, he continued on his way until he came to Sansom Street, Roman’s stop. As Grange knew they would, Paula and Roman waited until the last rider vanished through the doors before climbing off. When Roman turned to glance at him, Grange smiled. “Enjoy your evening.”

Lips curved tentatively in his direction, and Grange sighed at Roman’s mind settling down. The relief Roman experienced as he came close to accepting his predicament sounded an audible snap in Grange’s head as the man stuttered, “To-tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Grange replied. Tonight he’d go home alone and savor anticipating what he’d denied himself for two days — the longest a Phantom Lure could go without sexual contact and not begin to lose powers. Roman was a man who could provide unbridled sexual fulfillment. A man Grange was sure would embrace losing his virginity.

* * *

Crawling under the bed instead of out this morning seemed like a good idea as Roman Curts studied his face in the mirror. In fact, he could think of nothing better to do since making a complete jackass of himself last night exclaiming his desire to fuck another man. Pivoting, he rested his naked hip against the chest of drawers. Taking in Paula’s body beneath the covers, Roman glanced at his swollen prick and accepted he still hungered for her. Rom had come again and again ravaging Paula repeatedly, yet obtaining the true release he craved remained elusive, out of reach. At least in her arms. The whole time they rolled and thrashed around his bed after arriving home, listening to her go on about…

The bus driver!

Rom couldn’t shake the feeling he had met the beautiful stranger who told him to enjoy his evening before. Somewhere they had crossed paths, but when? Roman took that bus to work almost every day, and he had never seen him behind the wheel. God knows, Paula didn’t complain about what Roman did to her or the things he’d whispered in her ears as they had at each other. They’d never loved so shamelessly and, damn, Roman didn’t have the slightest idea why it wasn’t enough.

“You’re thinking about him.”

He jumped. “Yes.”

“It’s okay, Rom, I thought about him too while we…”


She jumped out of bed and rushed to his side. “Nothing we did was wrong. It’s never been so good.”

“You don’t understand.” Roman turned from her, peering in the glass at the dark growth on his chin. “Christ, Paula, I want him.” He scanned her brown eyes through the mirror, wondering what she thought. “Telling you what I’d like him to do to me while we made love, what I wished to see him do to you, I got harder than ever imagining it all.”

“Is that a first?”

“Yes. I’ve envisioned having a man penetrate me, even stick his dick down my throat. Hell, in college some of us experimented with touching, fondling, but I never went all the way.” Rom’s statement was true, but God, dare he tell her how much he had wanted to? Still did. Until the bus driver, those episodes remained in a place unopened for a long time.

Twisting, he pulled her into his arms and ran a hand through her long, unruly, blonde waves. “You liked hearing me say that.” Rehashing their night in bed and his school dalliances had his cock bulging. “Feel what it does to me.” He grasped her small hand and guided it to his penis. Paula swirled her palm over the already wet tip, and he groaned when she squeezed it. “How can I want him so badly while craving your beautiful ass beneath me?” Her small body, ripe with the scent of last night’s sexual escapades, turned him on. Rom cupped a breast and played with its taut nipple. The smell of sex wafted into the air, telling him she might like another romp between the sheets.

Standing on tiptoes, Paula planted a soft kiss on his chin. “Roman, I see nothing wrong with having both if it’s what we want.”

“Right now I want you.” Lifting her easily, Rom carried her back to the disheveled bed and sat her on the edge. “I still taste you.”

“Mmm, you are ready again.” Paula grabbed his cock and worked her hand up and down his length. “I love waking up at your place on Saturday mornings. Damn, I should have taken the week off with you.”

Saturday! Surely, the driver wouldn’t be on tonight, not if he drove weekdays. “Tomorrow,” he’d said when Roman smiled at him last night. At least he’d have the whole week off to put the idea out of his mind. This morning, he’d make love to his girlfriend the way she deserved. “I like having you at my disposal.” They’d dated exclusively over six months and sometime ago, after both received clean bills of health, they enjoyed each other without the hindrance of condoms.

“Show me.”

“You know what I want.”

Fondling his balls, she grinned. “I know what I want.” She swiped her tongue across the purple, engorged head of his dick. “Can I have it?”

“Hell, yes.”

Paula’s lips captured the tip and she sucked gently for a long time before pulling practically every inch down her throat. When she swallowed, Rom’s knees dipped. “Yeah, suck my cock.” He placed one hand behind her neck to urge her back and forth as his other hand cupped her face. Roman loved feeling his thickness prod her cheeks. “Damn, baby, you do that good.” Closing his eyes, throwing his head back, he gave himself up to the delicious feeling of fucking her mouth. Squeezing his butt cheeks, rocking heel to toe, Rom thrust in and out of Paula’s hot mouth as her tongue swirled and licked his length. Between sucking and deep-throating him repeatedly, she brought him too near ejaculation. “You keep that up I’ll come.”

Releasing Roman’s shaft, she peered upward through dark lashes and smiled as she continued to stroke his hardness. “You want this from him?”

Paula’s words caused Rom’s nuts to ache for release as the idea of the bus driver taking him slithered back into his head. “I want his cock in my mouth, feel it swell, taste his hot jizz as it splashes down my throat.”

“What else?”

“I can’t wait for him to part my cheeks, thrust his big dick inside me.”

“You’ll like it?”

“Yes, Paula, I want him so damn much.”

“Will you enjoy watching him fuck me?”

Roman yanked his shaft from her hand and pushed her down on the bed. “I want to eat your pussy as he fucks me in the ass.” Climbing between her legs, he jammed two fingers straight into her cunt. “When he screws you, I’m going to jerk off and splash your beautiful breasts with cum.”

Afraid to hurt her but well aware Paula liked it a little rough, Roman pinched a nipple until she cried, “Yes, yes!”

“You can’t wait to see him take me, see my face filled with lust when he slams inside me.”

“I can’t, oh God, I can’t.” She squirmed beneath him. “Give me your cock.”

He guided his fat, cum-wet head of his penis to her entrance. “Will you show me, help me suck him off?” He shoved every hard inch of dick into her pussy. “You’ll suck his cock with me?”

* * *

Not sure where her relationship with Rom was headed, Paula Frame had recently considered moving and going back to school. Last night had given her pause. She had never imagined sex could be this damn good! For months, she had hungered for what Rom gave her now — unrestrained fucking. His cock slammed into her over and over, bringing her to the rim of release. He took her with such abandon, Paula knew Roman’s hands bruised the flesh of her upper arms as he held her fixed in place while pummeling her pussy.

She envisioned the dark-haired stranger, his green eyes, and the way his large hands grasped the bus’s steering wheel, hands she wanted to touch her all over, the same hands she wanted to see stroke Rom’s thick cock. “I’ll show you how to suck his cock until he pleads for you to stop.” She arched her back and rammed her hips into Roman’s, seeking deeper penetration. “More, more!”

In, out, he pounded his body against hers. “After he fucks you, I’ll lick your cream from his dick.”

“God, oh shit, Rom… come… want to come!”

“Come, give it to me, Paula.”

“Tell me, say it, say it, Roman.”

“I want his cock, all of it.” He continued to thrust. “His hand on my prick working it until cum streams from me.” Roman stiffened and bellowed, “I want to fuck him.” Her orgasm met his savage release, which pulsed warm semen deep into Paula. “I want him, babe.” Spent, he fell on top of her and buried his face in her neck where he whispered, “So Goddamn much it hurts.”

Caressing Roman’s back, she touched him on every place she could reach before she grabbed a hank of hair and pulled his head until she could see his blue eyes. Wanton lust gleaming in their depths drew another spurt of liquid from her vagina. Damn! She’d watched the driver just after she exited his bus last night and observed the same raw animalistic look when his eyes pierced Roman’s back. Paula remembered briefly feeling embarrassed at having witnessed such emotion from one man toward another. The beauty of it, the longing, stabbed in her chest again.

“I’m sorry.”

“For feeling something that makes us this good?”

“I don’t understand it.”

Neither did Paula, but awareness that she wanted exactly what Roman did made her speak up. “He said tomorrow.”

“I thought about that, but it’s Saturday.”

“Have you ever met him before?”

“That’s the odd thing.” Roman flipped onto his back and propped up on arms he folded beneath his head. “How often have we taken that route to work?”

“Every day since we first met on the bus.”

“I feel like I know him.”

“It doesn’t matter. We’ll probably never see him again.”

“Not sure how I’d react considering I’ve vividly imagined him taking this.” He reached a hand to the apex of her thighs. “Christ, you’re wonderful to not — not be, well, you know.”

“Upset?” Why was she as accepting as she was of the whole thing? “I enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed, as in the past tense?”

“It gave us this delicious interlude of sexual expression.”

“If the real thing presented itself?”

Twisting toward Roman, Paula scanned his face. “It’s sex and if it makes us this good talking and thinking about it, how wonderful might the real thing be?”

She feathered her fingers down the straight bridge of his nose and touched his lips. Roman was handsome as hell and every woman they passed when out together reminded Paula of that fact when they unabashedly ogled him. He sported longish, dark hair, wasn’t overly muscular, but a six-pack stretched across his abdomen. Just over six feet, he possessed broad shoulders, and thick athletic thighs he maintained running a few times a week.

“Have you ever noticed him on one of your runs?” She wouldn’t have missed anyone as gorgeous as the driver.

“Shit, honey, do you know how many people hit the museum steps on a daily basis?”

“Maybe he’s had his eyes on you.”

“Why me?”

“Uhh, you need to take another look in the mirror, especially with this.” She rubbed the shadow of hair bristling on his face. “It makes you more handsome.”

He easily pulled Paula to lie on top of him. “It’s done. Let’s talk about where we want to have dinner tonight. Let’s try that restaurant over in University City.”

She eyed him strangely. “A little far, but sure.”

“We can go next door to a movie afterward.”

“Sounds like a plan. I can scrounge up a suitable pair of jeans and a shirt.” Paula kept a few outfits at Roman’s just as he did at her much smaller apartment. As an up and coming exec at the insurance company they worked for, his larger salary afforded him more luxury than did her secretary’s pay. She leaned to kiss Roman’s shoulder and, suddenly, Paula wondered if what happened last night brought them closer together or… Shit, why did she suddenly feel as if this was the beginning of the end?

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