Devil in a Blue Dress by Lily Vega

Devil in a Blue Dress by Lily Vega

Devil in a Blue Dress

Devil May Care, Book 3

by Lily Vega

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07335-02365

[ Dark Fantasy Romance, MFM ]

All of Xanthe’s heart’s desires are coming true. She’s a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding and in charge of the bachelorette party. Her boyfriend, True, is extra limber and up for sex whenever and wherever she wants. Everything is just too perfect — on the surface, anyway.

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Chapter One

Tired of lame human games, Xanthe didn’t bother to conceal her yawn. Her tastes in games involved cuffs, floggers, and the occasional ball gag. Certainly not bridal bingo and guessing the number of multicolored candy engagement rings in a jar. She plucked out several of the candy rings and popped them into her mouth, earning the evil eye from another shower guest.

The woman, who looked old enough to feel the icy breath of the grim reaper on her neck, insisted Xanthe spit the candies out to be counted. Her cheeks grew hot after being subjected to the woman’s twig-like fingers in her mouth. If not for a stern look from her friend Natalie, she would have bitten or smote the crone.

Xanthe hadn’t been destined to attend her cousin Blake’s first wedding. When Natalie divorced him, Xanthe’s gift, a toaster she’d stolen money to buy, hadn’t been returned. Humans apparently didn’t give a shit about manners.

After serving time for the theft under the watch of a sadistic imp named Sixx, she couldn’t wait to attend all the events associated with Blake’s wedding to his new bride-to-be Arianna. Xanthe had done everything she could to fit in, even taking care to address her cousin by the name he’d adopted rather than by Balthazar, his demon name.

Now here she was at the kickoff event for the wedding festivities in a fancy restaurant in downtown Chicago. Shiny white streamers decorated the ceiling in an elegant spider web, and metallic confetti sparkled on the crisp white table linens. Every guest wore what Xanthe imagined were their church clothes — fancy attire with all the buttons fastened and skin covered. Lust demons, preferring to display their assets, didn’t own church clothes. Her stretchy crimson blouse plunged, showing off her cleavage, and her short skirt barely covered her ass cheeks. Out of place and out of patience, she almost wished she were back in Sixx’s cold dark cell.

She tried to win the games even though the prizes were lame. Who needed a miniature bottle of perfume or bath salts anyway? Or maybe, to be truly honest with herself, she was tired of seeing the happy grins of the bingo prizewinners. No matter how close she came to winning, another guest always received the prize.

Her present stood out amongst the beautifully wrapped gifts, but not in a good way. She’d refused the department store gift-wrapping service, believing she could make the present much more appealing if she attended to the wrapping herself. Instead, the paper, a gaudy gold that looked festive in the store and now stood out like a dollar hooker at a gala event, looked uneven and lumpy.

Her boyfriend, True, sat obediently at her side marking off squares on his bingo card. He showed no indication that he felt awkward or out of place being the only male in the room other than Blake.

For a human he had the strangest name. She had never heard of it before, but it suited his easygoing personality. She ran her gaze over True’s lithe body, starting with his long, shaggy, sun-highlighted blond hair to his sandals. Natalie referred to him as a crunchy-granola guy with a chocolate-candy heart. Xanthe couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or an insult. Not that Natalie could talk, having taken up with Ben, a male witch, who related better to numbers than people.

True looked up then, seeming to feel Xanthe’s gaze, and his face lit up with a smile that made his light blue eyes sparkle. “Thanks for inviting me. I’ve never played word bingo before.” He squeezed her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

His warm touch ignited her libido, reminding her of his flexibility from teaching Pilates. If she wasn’t hell bent on winning a damned prize, she’d drag him under the table for a quick romp.

She snuggled against him and eyed her bingo card. One more corner square and the prize would be hers. “Veil,” she chanted. “Veil, veil, veil.”

A short, frizzy-haired woman wearing a mint-green pantsuit and a canary-yellow blouse withdrew another slip of paper from the silky white bag. “Garter,” she called.

“Bingo,” True shouted and waved his card.

Damn all stupid human games. She pounded her fist on the table with enough force to topple her water glass. Energy coursed through her skin. The desire to transform burned deep inside, but she suppressed the urge. Going full-on demon would make her more of an outcast. True, seeming to sense the volcano of emotion inside her, wrapped both his arms around her waist and squeezed.

She breathed in his masculine scent. Her muscles relaxed and her nipples hardened into twin points visible through her blouse.

Natalie righted the glass and blotted at the puddle while True received his prize.

He held the candle to his nose and inhaled. “Lavender. Very relaxing.” He set it in front of Xanthe. “You can keep it if you want.” He stage-whispered, “I don’t think I’m really supposed to be here.”

She resisted the urge to shatter the candle on the ground. Like she wanted his consolation prize. In truth, she did want it, but she would never admit it. The games must be rigged against lust demons.

Xanthe turned to Natalie and pointed at the frosted confection shaped like a present. “When do we get to eat that?” Even the damned cake looked nicer than her gift.

“After we finish the games. Doesn’t it look delicious? I love angel food cake.” Natalie pushed up her purple eyeglasses.

“Not devil’s food?” Xanthe turned up her nose. “What of my cousin’s wishes? None of us demon kind are represented. Angel food cake is an insult.”

“True will take you to get chocolate cake later. The chocolate inside your favor will tide you over.”

“I know a great vegan bakery.” He pulled the string on the mesh favor bag to reveal candies with “A+B=4Ever” written on them and passed them to Xanthe. “Carob is pretty close to chocolate.”

Xanthe could tell from the way Natalie bit her lip that True was wrong. Carob sounded too close to carrot to be a good dessert even though Natalie insisted carrot cake was delicious.

The shower sucked imp balls. She was a fool to risk so much to come to this dimension. Being a bridesmaid should have been the greatest thing ever. But it was all a big, fat, hairy lie. Like everything else, the shower failed to meet her expectations. Maybe she was doomed.

Xanthe led True through the private party room. An older woman with dark brown hair streaked with gray stood in the doorway. A spider charm encrusted with sparkly stones glittered from around her neck. Xanthe pushed past her, and the brightly wrapped package the woman carried crashed to the ceramic tile floor. The spider lady dropped to her hands and knees, crooning. A waitress tried to help but the woman shot her a hateful gaze and unleashed a flurry of curses.

“Where are we going?” True’s question pulled her attention away from the woman’s hissy fit.

Without a reply, she headed toward the front of the restaurant with True on her heels. He’d figure it out soon. Their sexual encounters were much more satisfying than her usual random hookups, but something was missing. True tried his damnedest to please her, and sex in public would certainly make the day more interesting. Or so she hoped.

She yanked open the door with the icon of a woman in a skirt and pulled him past the two females grooming themselves in front of the mirror. Ignoring their squeals of protest, she strode past the two smaller cubicles to pull open the door to the large one. They would need all the space the bigger one would offer. She shoved True against the flimsy wall and kissed him, jamming her tongue into his mouth.

His muscular body melted against her. She shoved her hand down his pants and clutched his cock. He let out a gasp and kissed her harder. Under her firm grip, he always relented.

She considered grabbing one of the bathroom women and making her perform a sex act on them, but she didn’t want to share her toy. Like all lust demons, she sucked at sharing. Especially with women. Another hot man, however, would be a viable option.

For now, she’d enjoy the delectable human specimen before her. She reached under his shirt to tweak his nipples and he let out a shuttering breath. He loved nipple play. Almost as much as she did.

Their lovemaking was always a push-pull. He wanted softer, gentler while she wanted harder, rougher. Pleasure on the knife’s edge of pain. Romance and roses and sweet words of love got him hot. But she preferred being slammed and fucked and ridden hard.

Compliance was his nature, but she noticed shadows under his eyes and new lines on his face. She was fucking him to death.

She didn’t want to wear the kind-hearted man out like a mistreated dildo. Taking a bonus lover or bringing a third to their bed might be a solution, but how would he react to such an arrangement?

Somewhere buried in the recesses of her heart, she thought she might love True. Unsure of how she felt about loving someone, a concept as foreign as Gaelic, she had not dared tell anyone. Someone like Sixx would laugh his impish ass off at the thought of Xanthe being in love with a submissive human.

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