Yves by Sean Michael

Yves by Sean Michael


Shibari Auction House, Book 11

by Sean Michael

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07365-02375

[ BDSM Romance, MM ]

Tony adores Yves and is more than willing to give up hooking in exchange for a menial job so he can stay with Yves. He’s worried, though, that his pimp isn’t going to be happy that he escaped.

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Chapter One

Yves made sure the Auction House was closed up and locked down, then waited in his office, biding his time with paperwork as he waited for Tony to change and come meet him. Tony should have been finished with his first shift as the evening janitor a short time ago. Yves hoped everything had gone well. He hadn’t had any complaints from anyone, and he hoped Tony himself was happy with the job.

If Tony wasn’t happy, they’d find something else, because Yves was not giving up his boy. Not after having had well over a week with Tony.

Tony knocked at his office door. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to bother you. Is there somewhere I should wait?”

“No, no. This is perfect. I was just doing paperwork while I waited for you.” Yves smiled, admiring his boy’s lean lines. “You’re never a bother.”

Tony was wearing his T-shirt and jeans, and looking fine. They needed to get Tony a jacket, though, something good and warm. There were several months of cold weather still left in winter.

Yves grabbed the sweater he kept at work and handed it over. “It’ll be big on you, but it should help you stay warm on the walk home.” He knew instinctively that Tony wouldn’t accept a coat that Yves bought for him.

“Are you sure you don’t mind? I might smell like smoke.”

“If I find it bothers me, we can wash the sweater.” He was actually hoping to break Tony of the smoking habit, though maybe not right this second.

“All right. Thank you.” Tony took the sweater with red, raw hands. Someone had been working hard and without protection for his hands.

“Were there no gloves for you among the cleaning supplies?” That wouldn’t do. Yves would make sure some were procured before Tony’s next shift.

“Oh, I’m cool. No worries.” Tony shrugged the sweater on and wrapped it around himself.

Tony was swimming in it, but it still made Yves’ belly warm to see Tony in his clothing.

“I’m worried about it. There’s no reason to harm your skin.” Yves locked up, then put his arm around Tony’s shoulders, lending his warmth to his boy.

“Oh.” Tony blinked, then snuggled in.

They passed a few people on the street, Yves nodding and murmuring good evening, but most of his focus was on the dear boy snuggled up against his side. Tony didn’t even reach for his cigarettes, staying close to Yves’ side. Yves liked that, the thought that maybe he was more of an addiction than the smokes.

“Did you have a good day?” Tony asked.

“I did. Although I find the first day back after vacation is always very long and busy. Even more so when I had such a wonderful time as I did with you.” Memories of their first week together were going to make him smile for a very long time, he’d wager.

“Yeah. Yeah, I bet.”

“How about you? How was the first day?” Yves asked.

“Fine. Busy.”

“Did it go quickly?” Yves always found the busier the day, the faster it seemed to fly by.

Tony nodded. “I listened to my headphones mostly.”

“Is it something you can see yourself doing for a while?” Boring, Yves was sure, but easy enough and with experience, Tony could move to a new job, possibly educate himself and find something he liked more.

“Sure, I guess. I’ve done worse.”

Yves would take that. For now. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

“I think I’m just going to take a shower and go lie down.”

“Are you sure? We could pick something up on the way home.” He didn’t want Tony going hungry.

“I don’t want to waste my money on food. They fed me lunch there.”

“I’d like you to share my dinner with me, boy.” He had more than enough money to feed Tony as well as himself.

He got a quick glance, and the lean cheeks pinked. “Yeah? Okay. Sure.”

“If you feel like it’s charity, I would be happy to make arrangements. Let’s say you can eat with me and in return, you’ll keep the place clean.” It was a fair trade and kept their sex lives out of it. Yves didn’t want Tony to feel obligated to have sex with him or do any particular sex act just because Yves was sharing meals with him.

“Okay.” Tony looked so tired, almost worn.

“No cleaning until morning, though. And you don’t need to do more than one room a day. Most of the rooms just need a tidy, a dusting.” Honestly, he was only having Tony doing it so the lad was making a contribution.

Tony nodded. “I’ll do it. I promise. You don’t even have to feed me.”

“Stop that. Of course I have to feed you.”

“Nope.” Tony shook his head firmly. “You want to.”

“I wouldn’t be much of a human being if I didn’t feed you,” Yves pointed out.

“You’re a great guy. The best, even.” Tony squeezed his arm, tight.

“I’m glad you think so.” It made him feel good, to know that Tony felt that.

Tony gave him a warm smile, a wink. “I do, no bullshit.”

God, Yves wanted to kiss him. Better they get home, though, before any of that.

And they needed to find food first. “There’s a pizza place right around the corner. We could do take-out.”

Tony seemed to perk up, even if just a little. “I like pizza. A lot.”

“Pizza it is, then. What are your favorite toppings?”


“That’s it? Just the pepperoni?” Yves favored the fancy ‘gourmet’ pizzas, but no one ever said no to a pepperoni pizza.

“That’s my favorite one. I like everything but fish, though.”

“Ah. Well, fish doesn’t belong on a pizza. With a nice wild rice and some veg, yes. On dough with sauce and cheese, no.” Not even on a gourmet pizza.

They went into Mama Trioni’s, the smell of dough and cheese and pizza sauce immediately filling his nose. He could hear Tony’s belly growling, roaring like a wild animal was trapped in there.

Yves would have to make sure the staff knew to feed Tony supper as well as lunch. That meal his boy had eaten had been ages ago. It was late now, late enough for an evening snack, really, rather than supper.

Tony breathed in deeply. “Smells good, huh?”

“Smells amazing. Now, they do more than just pizza, and I happen to know from experience that the lasagna and spaghetti bolognese both travel very well.” They reheated well, too — a single order could last him at least two meals.

“I love a good bolognese. My nona made that, and it was like heaven.”

Yves loved hearing nuggets from Tony’s life before he hit the streets, little pieces of his boy that were real.

“Well, I’m not sure if it’ll live up to your nona’s, but it is good. Let’s go with that instead of pizza.” It was much better for both of them and aside from that, they’d likely have leftovers they could indulge in tomorrow night.

“Sure. Sure, if you like it.”

Yves ordered for both of them, getting the spaghetti, extra garlic bread and a large Caesar salad for them to share. Then he went for a couple pieces of tiramisu as well. Tony leaned against the wall, almost dozing. The cashier gave Yves a couple of pieces of garlic bread to eat while they waited for their order and he grabbed Tony’s hand, tugging him over to a table before offering one of the pieces of garlic goodness.

“Oh, smell that. Garlic is so flavorful.”

“It is, isn’t it? At least when you eat it with food.” Garlic breath wasn’t quite so amazing, although he and Tony were both indulging. And he really had to stop assuming they would be kissing when they got home.

“As long as we both eat it, huh?”

Chuckling at the fact Tony’s mind had traveled the same path his had, Yves nodded his agreement. “Yes, indeed.”

Tony watched him, clearly waiting for Yves to take a bite first. So polite.

Yves took it, had a bite. “Mmm. Not bad at all.”

Tony nibbled at first, then began to eat eagerly. His dear boy was starving. It made Yves want to growl. Instead, he would make sure Tony got food, had a safe place to live, and if he was lucky, he would be able to make love to Tony whenever they both wanted.

“Oh, this rocks. You should have some more.” Tony offered him another piece, and Yves loved that the instinct to take care of him was right there. He liked to think it meant Tony cared for him, too.

Yves did have more, munching the rest of his first piece and taking a second. It was warm and crispy and delicious. “It’s very good.”

“Uh-huh. I was hungrier than I thought,” Tony admitted.

Yves very much doubted that. He believed it was more of a case of Tony being hungrier than he was willing to admit.

“Did you want to eat our dinner here rather than take it home, then?” Yves was of the opinion that Tony deserved the option, as hungry as he was.

“Whatever you want.”

“No.” Yves shook his head. “It’s whatever you want.”

“I’d rather go home.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do.” He gave Tony his warmest smile. The lad made him happy. Very happy.

“Thank you. I just sort of want to be home,” Tony admitted.

“I’d like that, too.”

“Yeah.” Tony nodded, rubbed his poor hands together.

Their number was called, and Yves went to pay and pick up their order, and they went back out, their breath showing on the cold air. The snow began to fall more and more heavily. Tony carried the food and as they went up to the apartment.

“I do love a good snow.” Yves took a last look at it, then closed the door and followed Tony up, admiring the hints of ass he got.

“It’s nice from your balcony.”

“Yeah. We can look after we eat.” Leading the way into the kitchen, Yves began setting the table for two. It was nice to do that. To have a companion and not be alone.

Tony put the food out, and Yves made a mental note to deal with those poor hands. For now, they dug in and for a moment it was quiet, the food good enough to just enjoy. He loved the way Tony focused on the food, enjoyed it. He loved that Tony could do that here with him, too, that it wasn’t a case of shoving it down as quickly as possible, just to get fed.

“There’s a perfect bite right here.” Tony forked it up and offered it to him.

Leaning forward, he opened up, letting Tony feed him. It wouldn’t have mattered if it had been a terrible mouthful. Yves would have eaten it and loved it, simply because it had been offered to him by Tony. It wasn’t terrible, though; it was, in fact, quite good. He hummed as he chewed, then licked his lips.

He hoped all their meals together would be as wonderful as this one.

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