Eve’s Rescue by Sarah Marsh

Eve's Rescue by Sarah Marsh

Eve’s Rescue

Coalition Mates, Book 3

by Sarah Marsh

Siren Bookstrand

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63959-444-0

[ SciFi Romance, MFMM ]

A lot can happen while you’re sleeping. When Eve wakes up to find that her night out turned into being kidnapped by aliens and shipped into space she doesn’t know what to think. That changes when she realises that her three hot rescuers married her while she was out cold.

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Eve knew her girls’ night out had taken an incredibly wrong turn when Sally dropped down at the table with a full tray of colorful shots.

“Bottoms up, bitches!” she yelled over the booming music.

“Sal, we just got laid off. You can’t afford to buy us all drinks,” Eve said, noticing Sally already looked half-tanked, and they had only gotten into the crowded club about twenty minutes ago.

“No worries, Evie, these were compliments of the guy at the bar. The one with the expensive suit. I figured he could afford it. So I told him our hard luck story about four hot, sad ladies out for some fun because they all got laid off today with no notice. He’s coming over to chat, so be nice for at least a little while,” Sally managed to get out in between downing almost a third of the shots on the tray.

“You can be nice, Sal. You are after all the one he’s trying to pick up. I’m going to find Lisa and dance,” she replied as she threw back two shots, gave her friend a wink, and wandered onto the dance floor. Eve loved to dance, and she was trying not to let losing her job today ruin a perfectly good girls’ night out. She wasn’t super close with her work friends, so it wasn’t likely she’d see them again soon once they all went their separate ways. It wasn’t like Evangeline was that sad about her job, it was just a clerk position at a transport company, but with no notice she was going to have to scramble to find something new quickly to make ends meet. She found Lisa and Bev grinding with a couple of guys that looked way too young to be in the club, and both women squealed when they saw her, and as the drinks started to kick in Eve got lost in the music.

After a couple more hours of dancing and drinks, Eve was feeling great, slightly more drunk than she had intended to get, but Sally really did have a talent for procuring free drinks. Must have had something to do with the blonde hair and expensive push-up bra. Not that Eve was lacking in the boob department, but since she came by them honestly she also had the hips and backyard to match. Which was fine by her, but she’d come to grips with the fact that a curvy redhead was not what the mainstream male population in North America appreciated…especially at trendy nightclubs. Seems the Barbie look never went out of style with men in their twenties and thirties. Oh well, she wasn’t there to pick up anyway, though a little male attention wouldn’t have hurt her delicate ego, she thought with a frown.

“Evvvvie, why are you frowning?” Sal asked with a slur as she draped her arm across Eve’s shoulders. “All thesse cute boys are buying uss drinks. Frowning gives you wrinkles.”

“It’s nothing, Sal, maybe we should cut out. I’m pretty drunk and so are you. Should we get a cab?” Eve asked, trying to hold Sally steady on her four-inch stilettos.

“Ladies, please allow me to take you home. I have a car waiting outside that my company is paying for. We might as well make use of it,” said the tall man to their left. He was the one in the expensive suit that had been plying Sally with drinks all night.

“Oh, John, thatss sssoo nice. Thanksss!” Sally said as she launched herself at the man and gave him a sloppy hug.

Eve looked at the stranger. Sally had been hanging out with him for most of the night, and he seemed like a normal businessman out for a good time, but there was something about him that bothered Eve. John made eye contact with her and almost looked as though he expected her to say no. But a cab back to her place would cost her at least forty-five bucks, and she didn’t want to leave Sally with anyone when she was this drunk, so she shrugged and nodded, accepting John’s offer. It took the two of them just to get Sally into the limo once they coaxed her out of the bar, dancing the entire way singing her favorite song. They all fell into the car laughing, and Eve was relaxing as they pulled out and drove away. It took Sally all of about two minutes before she laid her head on John’s lap and passed out, which made them both laugh.

“How about you give me your addresses so we can get you both home,” he said to her as he lowered the divider to the driver.

Eve rattled off both her and Sally’s addresses and took the bottle of water John offered her from the mini fridge. It only took her about fifteen more minutes before she began to have trouble keeping her eyes open herself. As she let her lids close she heard John speaking to the driver. “She’s finally out. Straight back to the ship. We’ll get these last ones into stasis and be out of this backwater solar system before the Coalition watchdogs even notice we slipped by them,” John said before he took off his watch and morphed back into the six-foot-seven green-skinned alien he actually was.

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