Accursed by Saloni Quinby

Accursed by Saloni Quinby


Witches and Demons, Book 2

by Saloni Quinby

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07338-02366

[ Paranormal Romance, MM ]

While Ian performs a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde on stage, a real life Jekyll and Hyde plots to destroy him. Will Ian trust Maxim enough to allow his lover to save him from the family curse?

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Maxim sat in the audience, watching his husband, Ian, accept an award for best actor. If anyone had told him early last year that he would be happily married to someone in Ian’s profession, he would have thought that person insane.

So much had happened since he and Ian had met, fought a demon and fallen in love.

Maxim had always disliked the glamour and pomp that surrounded actors — in particular famous ones — but at that moment he couldn’t help feeling rather proud and incredibly happy for Ian. He knew how much awards like this meant to an actor and such recognition couldn’t happen to a sweeter, more talented and dedicated person. Of course Maxim might be slightly biased, he thought with a smile.

He also couldn’t help feel a bit satisfied that his ex would most likely be watching this famous awards ceremony. The jerk would see that Ian, who was currently quite popular worldwide, had married Maxim, not caring that he wasn’t in the business as well.

There was a dinner party after the ceremony, but Ian surprised Maxim by suggesting they leave early.

At home in Ian’s ancestral mansion in London, they undressed in the master bedroom.

“Why did you want to leave so soon?” Maxim asked.

Ian grinned. “I’d much rather be alone with you.”

“But you won the award for best actor. You probably should have stayed longer. I thought you’d want to bask in the glory for a while. Weren’t you happy?”

“Thrilled, but I know you don’t care for such affairs. You’re not comfortable with the whole cameras in our face on the red carpet thing or mingling.”

“Which probably explains why I have so few connections in the publishing industry.” Maxim didn’t mind, though. He enjoyed being a shop owner and was happy with the small press that had published his most recent novel. Ian was quite right. He disliked industry gatherings of any kind. No matter what the profession, at such affairs phoniness and cutthroat behavior was rampant. When forced to attend, Maxim had learned to cope by keeping quiet and smiling a lot.

“I’m just glad you went with me tonight,” Ian said. “I so wanted to show you off, but I didn’t think you’d go.”

Maxim stared at Ian. After all this time the man still surprised him. Didn’t he know by now that Maxim was long over his bitterness toward Ian’s profession and that he was incredibly proud of his amazingly talented husband?

“Love, I wouldn’t have missed it,” Maxim said. “You looked fantastic and your speech was perfect.”

“You think so?”

“Yes.” Max stepped toward Ian and kissed his cheek before walking to the closet to hang up his suit and tie.

When he turned, he shook his head at the sight of Ian’s beautifully tailored tux flung carelessly over a chair. “I still can’t believe you toss around an expensive tux like this.” Maxim picked it up and hung it carefully in the closet. Tomorrow he would have it cleaned along with his suit.

“Sorry. I guess I’m a slob at heart.” Ian winked at Maxim. He unbuttoned his crisp white shirt, but before he could fling that aside too, Maxim took it and walked to the hamper. On the way he held Ian’s shirt to his face and inhaled, loving the scent of his cologne.

“Real thing. Right here.” Ian grasped Maxim’s arm and tugged him into a snug embrace. His mouth covered Maxim’s in a kiss that started out tender and quickly turned passionate.

Maxim had already undressed to his boxers. Ian reached through the front flap to fondle Maxim’s cock. His smooth hand stroked him to rock hardness, then he slid a finger beneath Ian’s foreskin to gently explore.

Moaning, Maxim unzipped Ian and cupped him through his underwear. They teased each other for a moment, then broke apart to quickly shed their clothes. Eager to keep touching and kissing his husband, Maxim absently flung his shirt over the same chair Ian had used.

Ian raised an eyebrow. “Really, Max? Didn’t you just scold me for that?”

Maxim narrowed his eyes in mock annoyance, then shoved Ian toward the bed.

“I like it when you get rough,” Ian teased as Maxim straddled him, then bent and covered Ian’s mouth in a deep kiss. Their tongues thrust against each other and Maxim stretched out on top of Ian, their hard cocks trapped between their bodies.

Moaning softly, Ian rolled over, pushing Maxim onto his back. He nuzzled his neck and kissed his chest, pausing to nip and lick Maxim’s nipples. Maxim closed his eyes and wriggled beneath Ian. He ran his hands down Ian’s back and grasped his ass, sliding a finger along the indentation. Ian groaned again. He moved lower, flicking his tongue over Maxim’s stomach and teasing his navel. When he reached his groin, Ian clasped Maxim’s cock and stroked it, then pushed down the foreskin and used his tongue and lips on his cock head.

Maxim’s entire being seemed focused on his cock. His eyes closed, he thrust his hips, careful not to push too hard, since he didn’t want to hurt Ian, whose mouth had now engulfed his cock.

He loved Ian so much.

And to think that he had almost lost him…

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