Slave by Angelica Dawson

Slave by Angelica Dawson


Blue Moon House, Book 4

by Angelica Dawson

Naughty Nights Press

Ebook ISBN: 9781926514086

[ Paranormal Erotica ]

How does a slave become an equal? It doesn’t take Will long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong his view toward women is. He learns to separate the way he treats women from the way he regards them, as fellow human beings.

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Chapter One

“Will, come in here.” Terrance called.

The boy, reading in the parlor, dropped his book. “Yes, sir?” His heart raced, afraid his master would punish him.

“Come in.”

Will had only been in the rooms during the day. They were stark and plain, very easy to clean, though the blood was both disturbing and stubborn when it stained. He followed the icy-skinned man into the room and found a woman with black skin like his own, trussed up and hanging from the roof.

“She says she wants more.”

“Yes. Yes, master. I am evil. Punish me more.”

Terrance shook his head, white-blond hair swinging out. “I don’t understand. Aren’t you people beaten enough?”

Will’s jaw clenched. “No. Some women never learn their place.” He strode up to the woman and slapped her face. Blood and saliva sprayed the floor. “Some women are no good for anything.” He slapped again, sending her head spinning in the opposite direction. “Some women are only good for fucking.” He unbuttoned his trousers, ready to do what it seemed his master had failed in.

“Will, stop.” It wasn’t Terrance, but Sophia. Even after three years in their service, he was still becoming accustomed to his owners. They could hear everything in the house and they were as fast as ghosts, appearing in one room and then another. He had learned quickly to do as they asked, when they asked, because they always knew if he didn’t. “Go back to your book.”

“No,” he said, not taking his eyes off the woman before him. “This is what you want, isn’t it, whore?” He stepped closer, squeezing her cheeks and deforming her mouth. “You want me to fuck you savagely while I tear out your hair, twist off your nipples.”

“William,” Sophia said again, an air of command in her voice.

“No, wait.”

This time it was Nicholas. Were they all going to watch him? Not that he particularly cared.

“Yes,” she said, tears leaking from her eyes. “Please, sir.”

He dropped his hand from her mouth to slap her again. “I am not your sir. I am not your master or your husband. I am your executioner.” He grabbed her by the hips and attempted to spear her. His cock hadn’t cooperated, so he used several fingers, jamming them into her, pushing hard. He used his other hand and pinched her butt cheek, pulled her hair, and tweaked her nipple, pulling it and twisting.

She screamed and rocked on his hand, wetness leaking from her. She sobbed. “Yes…ah…yes…ah…” Her gasps started to even out and Will pulled back his hand.

“You are nothing but a filthy whore and you will never be anything to anyone.”

Her eyes closed and she sagged against her bonds, relaxing completely.

Will turned to his masters. It was true, they were all standing there. The other female, Lynn, joining the two men and Sophia.


Sophia stepped up and slapped him across the face. “How dare you treat another person that way?”

“She’s not a person, she’s a whore,” he answered, confused.

Sophia inhaled and exhaled slowly. “There is much you need to learn about humanity. Return to your reading.”

He ducked his head, still much taller than Sophia. “I may?”

Her angry expression softened. “Yes, I encourage you to do so now that Terrance has taught you how. Perhaps the words will show you what life has failed to.” She stalked past him to the woman still tied in the room.

Will didn’t stay to watch what they did with her next. Instead, he picked up his book from where he had left it.

Terrance came into the parlor and Will dropped his book again, rising in a rush.

“Sit down, William. I came to apologize. Sophia has rightfully reprimanded me. I should not have put you in that position.”

Will sat down slowly, feeling very odd sitting while his master stood. “Why didn’t you deal with her?” Will asked.

Terrance sat across from Will. “She’s been treated like an object all her life. We hope to find her an owner in the north.”

Will scoffed. The North was weak, coddling their slaves. Not for the first time, Will’s respect for his owners faltered. They coddled him, teaching him to read, giving him leisure time. However, the one time he had tried to work during the evening, he had been reprimanded and sent to his room next to the kitchen. It didn’t take him long to understand why they wanted him out of the way. The sounds had been incomprehensible to him at thirteen, but now, eighteen, he had a good idea what went on behind all those doors.

Still, by teaching him, they’d make him unfit for most owners. They were ruining him. He could never leave the service of Blue Moon House.

“Terrance, leave us,” Sophia said, entering the parlor. “William. I don’t know what you saw when you were a boy, but you need to learn new ways. Do you understand?”

His lip curled in a sneer. “You want me to be soft, like you. A woman.”

Sophia stood taller. She slapped him across the face. The nature of his masters had never been a secret. Their inhuman strength and speed was explained by the lack of windows and the blood he so often cleaned up in the rooms. He was positive they were vampires. She was a woman, but she was stronger than he was. The unnatural abounded here. “You think I’m soft?” she asked, her voice sharp as tacks.

“Yes,” he said, sneering again. “You coddle me and you would coddle her.”

Sophia took a deep breath and muttered. It wasn’t English, so he had no idea what she prayed. “What you did worked, but you must not think that is because she is an animal.”

“But she is—” he started to say.

Sophia spoke over him. “It is because she gave you power over her. She wanted you to control her. That control comes with a trust that you will not injure her.”

He snorted. “Of course I would injure her.”

Sophia slapped him again and this time Will fell to the floor. “I will injure you if you don’t listen,” she warned. “We treat people in all sorts of ways here, many are not civil. Always, however, we have the interest of our clients at heart.”

“Clients?” he asked. He’d never talked with his owners about their companions. “She is a slave. You own her. She isn’t a client.”

Sophia’s expression brightened a little, her shining sapphire eyes dancing. “We don’t own her, actually. She comes here after she has finished duties. Her sister covers her evenings so she can be here.”

Will tried to remember ever having anyone stand up for or cover for him. There was no one. “She’ll be whipped. They both will.”

Sophia frowned. “You speak like you want that. Do you? Hasn’t there been enough whipping?”

He hung his head, remembering how badly he was bleeding when Sophia bought him. She had been returning from a party and heard his screams from the street. That fact still shamed him. She had stormed in and demanded to know what price Mister Green wanted for him. It hadn’t stopped two more lashes from old Jim’s whip. The master hadn’t ordered him to stop.

Sophia stopped him. He remembered the awe in all three men’s faces when her hand stopped Jim’s from descending.

“I will buy him. Fair price. What do you ask for the boy?” Her voice had been colder than the snow in the air.

“That boy ain’t worth two bits,” Mister Green had spat.

“Sold.” Before the master could argue, she’d handed over a dollar. “There, much more than your price. She reached her hand back toward William. “Do you need help?”

William had brushed her hand aside, standing on wobbling knees. His chest bled where the whip had torn it open. His back was bleeding too. He stooped slightly, shuffling, but he left the stable on his bare feet.

“William?” Sophia asked, bringing him back to the present. “Don’t you think there’s been enough whipping?”

His eyes hardened. She could dress him up, teach him to read, even teach him table manners for fancy guests, but he’d always be a slave. He’d be beneath her and the other masters in this house. “A slave needs to be beaten, broken,” he argued, remembering his father’s teaching. “We fight because we believe we can. We need to be shown we can’t.”

Sophia’s expression was so sad. It made Will’s heart hurt. He clenched his jaw and fought the weak emotion.

“That’s what that was about?” She pointed in the direction of the room where the slave had hung. “You were showing her she can’t fight?”

He nodded. “Exactly. Showing her what she is worth, what she can expect.” He slouched in the chair. “It’s easier when you know what to expect.”

Sophia shook her head, muttering again. “I suppose that’s true. We’re trying to show Betsy that she can expect something else.”

“Why?” he asked. “Nothing’s gonna change.” He stood. “I’d like to go to bed now.” They didn’t usually stop him when he chose to retire for the night, as long as he was up at dawn to clean the many rooms of the house.

Sophia sighed. “Of course. You won’t be asked to do that again,” she said.

“I understand.”


He turned to look at Sophia. She was so small compared to him. He was still growing, but already her head barely reached his shoulders. “Yes, Ma’am?”

“Nothing.” Her expression was one of disappointment. He felt an odd pang; he had done something to make her uneasy.


Good as her word, William was undisturbed the following evenings as he read in the parlor. The noises coming from the hall sometimes gave him pause, trying to imagine what might be going on behind the doors, but almost always, he returned to the words on the page, the science and religion he could find in them.

He’d never read the bible before. He expected it to be painfully difficult, but it was surprisingly simple. It contradicted itself over and over again, making him wonder if the pastors were ever as confused as he was. The books on nature, which he expected to be simple, were very complex, requiring he consult the gigantic dictionary that rested on a reading stand in the parlor and was the main reason he read there. When he was first introduced to books, he assumed the tome was the bible. In a way, it had become one. His library of words.

He gave up on sciences after a time. He could understand the basics, how plants and animals procreated, life cycles, food cycles, those were easy to understand, but when it extended to air currents and weather, or the pull of the earth, he was hopelessly lost.

“William?” Lynn asked, poking her head into his room. “I didn’t expect you to stay in tonight. Isn’t there a shindig down the road?”

There was a party at a farm. The master was on a trip out of town and the mistress was visiting a friend in town, giving the slaves a half-day holiday. Will had heard about it, but hadn’t really considered going.

“Wouldn’t you like to go? Meet a nice girl?”

He shrugged. “What do I want one for?”

Lynn’s brow furrowed in puzzlement. “You don’t…you don’t like girls?” she asked, letting her cool hand rest on his arm. “Have you ever kissed one?”

He pulled his arm back. “No. Women are only for fucking and beating.” He turned back to his book.

“You think I’m only good for fucking or beating?” she asked, moving to perch on the arm of his chair, her long chemise was loose enough to let her cross one leg.

“Of course not,” he said with a smirk. “You’re a white lady. You are for men to carry on their arm, to make babies, and run households.”

Lynn’s mouth puckered again. “Would you like to make babies?”

He dropped his book in alarm. “No.” He said, shaking a little. What was she asking? That was mad. He could never…fuck a white lady. “No, I don’t want to make any more slaves,” he said, imagining that was what she meant.

She nodded solemnly. “I can certainly understand that.” She ran her hand through Will’s short-cut black curls. Terrance took a razor to his head once a month, so the coarse nap never had much length. “We worry about you, William. Are you happy here?”

He looked into the vampire’s glowing amber eyes. It was one of the few outward signs that they were different, their gemstone eyes. They seemed to shatter light, collect it in a glow. “Why should it matter?”

Lynn sighed and bowed her head. “I suppose it doesn’t. If you were terribly unhappy, we would sell you to another owner.”

“And who would keep your house?” he asked. “You?”

Lynn chuckled. “Probably not. We would likely hire a woman to do it.”

“Why would you do that when you can have a slave?” It didn’t make sense.

“We…we aren’t comfortable with humans living here, William. You know what we are by now, don’t you?”

“You’re vampires.”

“You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

He snorted. “Who would believe a slave boy? No, I have told no one. I haven’t seen any dead bodies or had to clean more than splatters of blood. What business is it of mine?”

“None, I suppose, but you can see why we might worry.”

“I’m not worried,” he said shrugging. “You seem to get your blood from your…clients.” He used the word with derision. He still didn’t fully comprehend what exactly went on in the house.

Lynn nodded. “We do. Well, Will, I just wanted to make sure you knew you could go to that party, if you wanted.”

“Thank you, Ma’am. I think I’ll read some more.”

She smiled broadly. “We’ve expanded our library quite a lot for you. I’m glad you enjoy it.”

He dropped the book a second time. “You bought them for me?”

She nodded, still smiling. “Yes. We are interested in some topics, but don’t usually buy books. Are there any you particularly fancy?” She rose from her perch and went to the small shelf.

“All of them,” he said, still lost in a fog of disbelief. “Why would you buy books for your slave?”

Lynn straightened and turned back again. “Because although your happiness might not matter to you, it does to us. We want you to be happy, Will.” She put her hands on his cheeks and pulled him toward her for a quick peck.

Lynn’s head turned to look toward the front entry. “Henry is here. Excuse me, Will.”

Will didn’t open his book again, looking at it in wonder. Perhaps there was more to this than he had imagined.


“Will, would you come with me?”

Will straightened from the oven where he had just set a ham steak to roast. Nicholas wasn’t wearing a shirt and neither did Will. He found they just got dirty and in the way when he worked, especially in the warm kitchen. He was charged with cooking for himself and having enough food available for the guests. He was never asked to serve them, just have food in the pantry. It was pleasant choosing the food for himself instead of eating what some woman dictated. He hadn’t known how to cook at first, though, and botched a lot before developing the skill.

“Yes, sir.” He wiped his hands on a towel, which he tossed back into the sink. and then followed Nicholas to one of the many doors in the hall.

“What would you do with this?” Nicholas asked, opening the door. Inside a man stood naked. His bound hands hung above him. It was a white man, though not as pale as Terrance, or even Nicholas. Will licked his lips, unsure what the vampire wanted.

Will took a tentative step into the room, wanting a closer look at the man. His skin was a brownish-olive, warm. Black, glossy hair fell in waves to his shoulders. The same glossy hair framed an average looking penis. Or, it would be average, if it weren’t half-hardened, vessels starting to stand out on it.

Will had handled his own penis many times. It was much larger than this one, but the lighter skin, the fact that it wasn’t his, fascinated him.

“Go on,” Nicholas urged.

“Master?” the man asked.

“This is Will, Bart. I thought I’d get a fresh opinion. I’d hate for our play to become stale.”

Bart sighed and sagged a little, pulling his elbows as far as the rope allowed. “I understand. He is young, isn’t he?”

“Eighteen,” Nicholas answered.

Will took slow steps, and then reached out to touch the other man’s penis.

The image of a woman playing with his penis flashed through his head. Then more memories: white fingers against dark skin. Black hands beating. White hands beating. His mother strung up, beaten by his father.

He let go and stepped back, shaking his head.

“No? I think he liked that.” Nicholas reached past Will to grip Bart’s length. “What he really likes, is this…” Nicholas crouched and licked the head of Bart’s cock. He held the head in his mouth while he stroked. Will watched in fascination.

“Give it a try,” Nicholas urged, pointing the penis toward Will.

He shook a little as he knelt down, taking the penis in his hand again. This time there were no memories, just the warm flesh in his hand. The skin was impossibly soft. It was what he imagined white ladies’ hands were like.

“Ah,” Bart moaned, but not for Will. Nicholas had risen and was standing behind the man. He must be doing something to his backside. Continuing to stroke, he peeked around Bart’s hip.

Nicholas had just poured oil on Bart’s ass and was tracing his fingers along the crack between his cheeks.

“You focus on that,” Nicholas urged with a smirk. “Have you tried tasting it yet?”

Will licked his lips. He had no idea what a man tasted like. He had no idea what a woman tasted like, either, but was fairly certain he wasn’t interested in finding out. However, this sausage in his hand tempted him.

Opening his mouth, he popped the head in, just as he would a sausage. His chest expanded, growing with his inhalation, but his heart seemed constricted within it, as though it grew even more, faster than his chest. Holding the penis, he slid down, wanting more.

Bart groaned and his hips seemed to push toward Will. That suited him, and he opened his mouth wider, hoping to taste the whole length. Bart was pulled away and Will’s hand, slightly loose, slid over the length that retreated.

“Fuck me, Master,” Bart moaned.

“Everything well with you, Will?

He licked his tongue up the length as he removed the head from his mouth. “Very well, thank you.”

“Then you will get your wish, Bart.” The man’s hips were driven toward Will and he bent his head down, meeting them. His nose inhaled the salty smell of sweat from Bart’s dark, curly hair. He moaned a little at how that smell mingled with the taste. There was a slight shifting before the hips were pushed toward Will again. He was unsure what set the pace, but he quickly became used to it, sliding his mouth to match.

“Ugh, yes,” Bart groaned, and he twitched inside Will’s mouth. His balls lifted as he began to throb. How foolish of him not to have paid them attention sooner. Holding them, he stroked the sack and felt the egg shape inside. A perfect shape.

Bart trembled and the throbbing turned to erupting. White seed filled Will’s mouth and he pulled back just enough to swallow slowly, loving the feel of the thick substance on his tongue and in his throat. He could feel it sliding all the way down into his belly. That was when he noticed how hard he was. Unable to ignore it, he rubbed himself through his pants.

“Easy, Bart,” Nicholas said, untying the man and lifting him into his arms. Will watched, impressed, as always, by the vampire’s strength, and noticed that Nicholas was naked too. His penis was still erect, gleaming with wetness.

Will stayed on his knees until the blond vampire returned to him. Will reached out for his penis as well. “Master?” he asked.

“Not here,” Nicholas murmured. “The kitchen.”

Will nodded and rose quickly, turning to the door. He felt he was floating as he walked through the hall, his head cloudy.

“You enjoyed that?” Nicholas asked.

He sank into a chair in the kitchen, for the moment forgetting his master still stood. “That was… May I?” he asked again, reaching for Nicholas’ member that had fallen from its former glory to rest against his thigh.

“If you wish,” Nicholas said. “Don’t feel obliged. I know that was your first—” He cut off in a gasp as the boy fell to his knees once more.

Will wanted to worship the penis. In a sudden revelation, he knew he would do anything to have this. Everything he did would be to bring him back to this. He stroked Nicholas as he sucked. He could taste the oil coating him, and something else, something mellow. Above both of those, was the semen. Salty and thick. It would be his drink of choice.

“Slow, Will. You want to drag it out, don’t you?” Nicholas’ hand touched his and Will slowed. He was right. Will wanted this moment to last forever; this one, and the one after when his mouth was filled. He held the white cream on his tongue this time, tilting his head back to let only drops slide down.

Nicholas sighed. “You have no idea how beautiful you look right now.” Will’s eyes were still closed, still savoring his moment.

“What are you doing?” Sophia asked, nearly screeching.

“Discovering his tastes,” Nicholas said as though it were obvious.

“How do you know his tastes?”

“Sophia, look at him. He is in utter bliss.”

Will opened his eyes and looked at Sophia from the corner of them. He didn’t rise, didn’t swallow.

“Oh,” she said in acknowledgement. “You shouldn’t have done it here,” she said in a hiss.

“It wasn’t me. He started with my pet.”

Sophia slammed her fist hard on the table, making the salt seller and pepper mill jump and topple. “Dammit. After Terrance’s debacle, I thought I was clear on this. I don’t want him in our rooms. He is neither one of us, nor one of them. Don’t make me regret keeping him. I’ll sell him,” she threatened. “Tomorrow. He should have a normal life.”

Will did swallow then. “No. Please. I won’t go in any of the rooms again. Just let me have this,” he said, reaching for Nicholas again.

Sophia held his wrist, stopping him from touching Nicholas. “You can’t have us,” she said with a sigh. “You see what you’ve done?”

“Don’t worry, Will. You can stay and we’ll find you nice boys to play with,” Nicholas said with a smile.

Sophia continued to glare at both of them. “You will fix this,” she said, holding Will’s hand out toward Nicholas’.

Taking Will’s hand, Nicholas pulled him to his feet. “I bet you’re half-drunk on that, aren’t you? Let’s get you in your bed.”

“Oil,” Will said, brow furrowing. “Why do you taste like oil?”

Nicholas continued to guide the boy by his shoulders. “You’ll figure it out.”

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