Hold Me Hard by J. Hali Steele

Hold Me Hard by J. Hali Steele

Hold Me Hard

Dirty Rotten Vampires, Book 3

by J. Hali Steele

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07311-02357

[ Vampire Romance, MF ]

Can love’s invisible bond survive leather straps?

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Chapter One

When power changes hands, someone gets hurt.

Vigier Stone, a master vampire, intended to ensure it wouldn’t be him or the mixed-breed woman he coveted. Having shared his ancient blood with Kiwi Odette, it became paramount in his mind to keep her at his side. This meant away from the vampire council members who’d gone astray and sought to either change Kiwi’s kind into vampires, or make sure she didn’t see her next birthday. It also entailed keeping her from the hands of her grandfather, the strongest undead creature he knew, and one he considered a friend until Vig realized the cold bastard intentionally kept them apart.

Split Kryder eyed Vig from a well-stocked bar. “He deserves time with his granddaughter, and who better to keep her safe at this perilous time?”

“And if he spirits Tangerine off to God knows where, what then, Sophronius?” The sound of mental shields grinding into place was almost audible in the large room. Vigier moved from the window to sit on a barstool.

Split, who hated his given name of Sophronius, glared at him. “He wouldn’t dare.”

“Daring Vald Gerlach is a dangerous proposition.” Vig grunted. “I take it you remember how easily he vanquished two council members who possessed more power than either of us.” Running a hand through dark hair, Vig recalled the battle with the vamps who attempted to use Split’s first mate’s potion to change not only diseased malevolents, but every demi-vamp alive into what they were — cold, undead, bloodsucking menaces.

“I was unprepared, weakened by…”

Laughter preceded a blast of cold air into the room. “Sophie, you are full of shit. Pops would tear you to pieces and scatter them around the world.”

Both vamps turned to spy Eustace Gerlach, Vald’s youngest, lounging against the arm of an overstuffed chair. “And who decorated, Vigier? I like it.”

“Screw you, Eustace.” Vigier had his newest home built near Split’s on Lake Arrowhead in the high desert of California so Kiwi would have a warm place to entertain her sister, Tangerine, whose demon life force remained intact even though she fed from Split. Ki could handle extreme cold, what with her father’s vampire blood being stronger in her makeup, but she’d acquired an affinity for warm climes. Didn’t matter now since Vald snatched her from Vig’s care over a week ago.

“Now that we’ve established how much we love each other, can we cease the name calling?” Eustace, who preferred being called Staas, strolled behind the bar and picked up a bottle of gin. Twisting the cap off, he tilted it to his lips and drank a good portion. “I think dear old dad is waiting to see how we handle the small bit of power we wrested from the council.”

“For Christsakes, use a glass!” Vig grabbed the bottle. “Goddamn mohawked freak.”

“So now we’re going to talk about hair? Why did you cut yours?”

“Staas, let it go, man.”

“I liked Vig’s girly tresses.” He spun to appraise Split. “Soph, how are you?”

Split knocked him across the room with one blow to his shoulder. “Now you’re fucking with the wrong vampire.”

Staas regained his footing and flew headfirst into Split, sending him to his ass.

Heat blazed a path through the room as Tangerine Odette appeared out of nowhere, catching Staas off guard. “Dirty, rotten vampire.” She flicked her fingers, shooting embers toward his crotch. “Hurting him hurts me, Uncle.”

The younger man chuckled as he blew cold air toward his dick. “You’ve got your mother’s flair for flame, but since when can you materialize on your own?”

Tangerine walked to where Split now stood. “Since I imbibed Soph’s blood.”

“She can call you that?”

Split laughed as he hugged his woman. “Tang can call me anything she wants to.”

“Enough!” Vig clenched and unclenched his fists as he strode to the window and stared out at snow-covered mountains in the distance. “I want Kiwi back where she belongs.” Vigier pivoted when he noted the temperature dip dramatically, covering the windows and walls with icicles. “You piece of shit.” Vald had finally returned with his granddaughter, Kiwi, whose cheeks reddened as she glanced at Vig from beneath dark lashes. Her blush reminded him how shyly she first came to his bed, how much he still coveted her body, her… Damn, it was much more than that! While she was gone, he considered seeking solace elsewhere yet the idea had left him nauseous.


Vig followed Ki’s eyes. “Son of a bitch!” Spiders! Paralyzed with irrational fear, he regretted the day Split had become acquainted with his dire fear of the eight-legged monsters, and then had the gall to broadcast the information.

Kiwi reached Vig’s side instantly and banished the tiny creatures. Brushing past her, he headed toward Vald. “I dare you to take from me what’s mine again.” Vig poked the ancient vamp in the chest, sending a spear of ice to his heart. “I will kill you.” A snap of his fingers vibrated the room, stilling everyone in it.

“Impressive.” Bitter cold air puffed against Vigier’s face as Vald contemplated him. “Dare me once.” The ancient vampire edged by Vig, pretending not to feel pain as he made his way to the bar, surreptitiously reaching beneath his leather coat to rub his chest.

It didn’t go unnoticed. “She belongs to me.”

“If that were not true, you would be gone.” With a mere flick of Vald’s hand, normalcy returned to the room and its occupants who were unaware of the battle of wills which had transpired during the lapse in time.

Ki laughed nervously as she walked over to hug Tang, who took her sister’s hand. Both women vanished.

“Oh hell no!” Split cried.

Vig threw his head back and bellowed in rage.

* * *

“Why the red cheeks?” Tang had transported them to Split’s basement apartment, which was outfitted with seemingly impregnable shields. He’d also used voodoo magic to secure the hideaway.

Ignoring the comment, Kiwi said, “I missed you.”

“You missed him.”

“God, yes!”

“That bad, huh?”


“What have you and Vald been up to?”

Ki observed Tang closely. “You still refuse to call him grandfather?”

“He’s a maniacal killer.”


“All those cold bastards are.”

“You love one of them too.”

“So you love him?”

This time the rush of heat to Ki’s face also reached deep inside, igniting her desire for Vigier. “He provides my sustenance, and look at my eyes, sister, I’m what they are.”

“I’ve seen red swirl in their violet depths, Ki, Mother’s demon blood sizzles in your veins.”

“I… I have fangs.” Kiwi’s shields slipped.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Tang briefly glimpsed into her mind. “He won’t let you hunt and feed?”

“Vigier takes care of me.”

“He closets you away from everyone and he would keep you from Vald if he could. He will tire of you.”

“Split hasn’t tired of you.”

“He’s used to sleeping with a half demon.”

Ki watched her sister’s red eyes darken with a need only Split seemed able to fill. “You don’t understand.”

“Make me.” Tang tilted her head and fixed her with a look.

“Don’t try and read me.” She fortified shields that were now stronger than Tang’s. Drinking from Vald had done more for her than any blood she’d previously taken; unfortunately, Ki had to be wary because it also gave him a direct route into her thoughts. “I like what Vig does to me.”

“Remember when the council kept us away from everything?”

“It’s not like that.” Kiwi sighed. “Tang, you still have such anger toward them. How, when you love one so very much?”

“Soph is different.”

“No he’s not. We all kill diseased creatures created by demons who crawl from the bowels of the earth. Vigier’s worries are compounded by council members wanting to change us.”

“I can handle malevolents, but I can’t handle another council controlling us. Don’t you get it?”

“I get that he desires me as I desire him.”

“You trust the cold bastard?”

Ki flopped onto the bed and nibbled a fingernail, giving Tang’s question thought. Vigier and Split had coerced their father, Zef Gerlach, and their uncle, Staas, along with Barringer Ganteau to join against the old council. Would they be any different if they gained power? The passion between her and Vig was undeniable, but to keep her safe would he go against what was ingrained in his nature? As other vamps joined with them, would they be able to sway the small enclave after discovering the new leaders had chosen to mate with demi-vamps? “Split and Barringer won’t allow harm to our kind unless they carry the malevolent disease. Together they are strong.” Ki finger-combed her short, black curls. “And Grandfather would never tolerate it.”

“They’re all dirty rotten…”

“Stop, stop!”

“Damn it, Ki, didn’t you hear him? Vigier Stone is controlling and power hungry. You’re nothing more than a possession to him.”

“He missed me, I know he did.”

Tang walked to where she sat. “I hope for your sake you’re right, baby.”

“Don’t call me that.”

She ruffled Ki’s hair. “Guess you’re all grown up.” Tang quickly vanished, leaving her to contemplate her predicament.

Kiwi breathed deeply, savoring the scent that caused her sister to scurry away. Could he breach Split’s spell and enter the apartment?

Come to me. Vigier’s voice in Kiwi’s mind was balm to her soul.

Vig… I… Why did she hesitate when she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms, in his bed? Had Tang’s words made an impression?

That was not a request.

Ki answered his command by transporting to the plush bedroom where Vig awaited her arrival. “I’m here.”

“Take your clothes off.”

* * *

Vigier hungered for Kiwi, and waiting for the vampires to leave his residence stretched nerves already rattled by her grandfather. His essence had hovered above The Cemetery, permitting snatches of conversation with Tang to reach his ears. Vig wanted to snap his fingers and send the scalding bitch on her way but his powers couldn’t invade Split’s voodoo-laced safeguards. Vowing to dig deeper into his friend’s mind to discover how he fabricated the intricate web that barred him from entering the abode beneath the club, he realized Tangerine had sensed his nearness and departed. Vigier called to Kiwi. Come to me.

He couldn’t enter, but she could leave.

Ki’s indecisiveness bothered him, but when she materialized in his bedroom and her scent filled the space, Vig sucked air noisily into his lungs as though he could take her inside himself, hold her there forever. Impatiently, he waited for her to cross the room to the chair he sat in. Ki’s nipples hardened, peeking through her bra and the thin top covering it while jeans encased her ass and long, shapely legs. Vig took this all in as she neared and his fingers itched to run through her short, almost black, unruly curls as Ki wedged between his legs.

“No magic.”

“If I wish it.” He wore only black slacks. “Remove one piece at a time.” His breathing escalated as Ki lifted the hem of her shirt and inched it up and over golden, lace-enveloped breasts. “Stop.” Vig leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her navel. An athletically toned body and soft, perfumed skin beckoned him to explore the tiny indentation. His tongue jabbed in and out, mimicking what he’d do to her with his cock. “Do you want me?”

“Yes.” She relinquished her hold on the shirt and pushed fingers through his hair. “You cut it.”

Vig grasped her ass and clenched his thighs, capturing Ki between them. “It got in the way.” He ran his tongue in circles around her belly button where, afterward, he laid his head and savored the warmth for a moment. “And you wished it.”

“You look like a petulant boy.”

Licking a path to her bra, Vig used fangs to rip the material, enjoying the way it made Ki tremble. “Is that why you blushed?”

“I blushed knowing what you’d do to me.”

“Will you like it?” He yanked the lacy material, dragging her down.


He swatted her ass hard. “Who?”

“Vigier, oh Jesus, Vig.”

“This is mine.” He shoved one hand between her legs and took great pleasure in the damp heat found in the seat of her pants. Sex always brought out Kiwi’s demon side, making her hot and wet. Vig rubbed his face against her stomach, wallowing in the heat she generated for as long as he could stand it. “Take off your shirt.”

Ki straightened and finished removing the top. “My bra?”


He watched as her nipples peaked even more in the coolness of the room. “Damn, you’re beautiful.” Vig reached up and tugged a bud roughly before rolling it between his thumb and finger. “So hot.”

“You make me hot.”

“Bend down.”

She leaned over and he grasped the nipple he’d pinched in his mouth, laving it with his tongue. Licking and teasing the nub until it grew tauter, if that was possible, he then nipped it with a fang. “I need to taste you.” Vig gripped her ass before savagely biting just above her left breast. A new flavor permeated Ki’s blood, which scalded his throat as it plummeted into his stomach. As if it were molten lava, it erupted violently and quickly made way into his parched veins, filling them with a tingling sensation.

“Oh God!” Ki cried, reaching behind his head and holding him to her.

As long fangs continued to draw from her heart, Vigier reveled not only in delivering pain Ki delightfully enjoyed, but also in the new, mesmerizing taste of nourishment she provided. He forced himself to stop. “Delicious.” Closing the tiny holes with saliva, he glanced up to see red swirl through the violet eyes scrutinizing him.

“Let me taste you.” Ki opened the same spot on his chest she’d previously used, and leaned down to draw blood into her mouth.

“Fuck me!” he bellowed as he released her butt and grabbed the arms of the chair so tightly, Vig heard them crack. Stretching his legs, he arched backward, closed his eyes, and gave in to the marvelous feeling of fangs buried in him. Kiwi had never before done this on her own. She always waited for him to open his heart. Vig shuddered with joy.

Licking the wound closed, she stood and yanked a hank of hair until he looked at her. “And this.” She reached for the bulge at his crotch and twisted until pain ravaged his gut. “Is it mine?”

Vigier sat up. “Pants, get them off.”

“Answer me.” Kiwi stepped from between his legs and boldly attempted to enter his thoughts.

Shit, Vald’s blood had empowered her. Vigier slammed his mental shields in place and repeated his command. “Take. Them. Off.”

Uncertainty flashed in her eyes but she obeyed, reaching for the button of her slacks. Undoing it, she pushed the material slowly over her hips, revealing a patch of neatly trimmed hair topping her mound, just the way he liked it. “Vig…”

“No underwear?”

“I… I forgot.”

“Come here, baby.” She barely reached him before he leaned forward and spanned her waist with big hands, flipping Ki, stomach down, onto his lap. Locking both her wrists in a vice-like grip, Vig used his free hand to rub her firm, round ass. He caressed one cheek, and then the other tenderly. “For every pleasure you take from me, I will claim one from you.” He tapped her buttocks softly.

“Unnhh, harder.”


“Please, it won’t happen again.”

“It should not have happened this time.”

“Jesus, it’s only a pair of panties.”

“I like to watch your pussy be revealed slowly.” He slipped his hand between her thighs and rubbed her labia teasingly.



“Vigier. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care.” Standing, Vig carried her to his bed and tossed her into the middle. “On your stomach.” Resting face down, she outstretched her arms and legs in preparation for the leather straps already tied at each corner. “You have the prettiest ass.” He stroked her butt cheeks and enjoyed feeling her tremble beneath his touch. Heat rose in the room, warming it to an almost unbearable level until he used power to drop the temperature. He opened the nightstand drawer and retrieved a slender silver battery-operated phallus that was only long enough to tease Kiwi some more.

“I swear I won’t do it again.”

He feathered fingers up her arms and down her legs as he tied her to the bed posts. “Yes you will.”

“Vig, please.”

“Shh.” He pushed a button, and Ki jumped, hearing the tiny metal penis spring to life. Vig moved it across her pussy lips, then let it graze her clit.

“Ooh, yes!” she exclaimed. “More.”

“No.” Pulling it back, he plied it in the crevice of her ass lengthwise forcing Ki to ground her pelvis into the mattress. “You want more?”

“My ass, please, a little bit.”

“Will it happen again?”

“No… no… never!” Vigier pushed an inch of the silver penis into her anus and Ki raised her ass angling for more. “Deeper.”

“Only I get to go deeper today, baby.”

“Then do it.”

Removing the bullet, he laid it, whirring, on the small of her back as he stood to remove his pants. Ki twisted her head to watch as he shoved the pants over his hips, allowing his cock to spring free. “Watch.” Vigier spat into his hand and grasped his dick. “See how much I want you.” He began to slide the skin of his penis back and forth through his fist, and soon drops of pre-cum shimmered on the bulbous tip. “I want to shove my cock in your pussy.” Vig palmed the crown using the cream as lube while he jerked off with Kiwi looking on. “Feel you clench around my shaft.”

She whimpered as more liquid slipped from the tip. “Please, I’m sorry, Vig.”

“You want me in your tight ass?”

“Yes, yes. I can make you come.”

“Oh, honey, I can make me come.” Vig stopped pleasuring himself to totally remove his pants and kick them away. He returned one hand to furiously jerking his length. Encircling the head, smoothing fingers over the cap, pinching it, he encouraged more cream from the slit as he used his free hand to massage and squeeze his balls. “Ahh… ahh, shit!” Vig released a rope of cum that splashed Kiwi’s back. “Will you forget again?”

“No, no, no!” she moaned. “I won’t, Vig.”

“Good, baby, because look at all the cream you’re missing.” Vig watched her hump the mattress. “I’ll give you a little.” He climbed onto the bed and maneuvered between her legs where he rubbed the wet tip of his cock against her anus. “Christ, you make me hard.” Ki poked her buttocks upward, snagging the tip of his dick. “Yeah, move that ass, baby.” No matter what she did, Vig let her have only the head. He teased Ki with the tip repeatedly before pulling out to jam his cock back and forth through the crevice of her behind. “So hot.” Though he hadn’t completely entered her, heat engulfed Vig, signaling how close Ki was to climaxing, but like a moth to the flame, he continued to dance around the fire until it threatened to singe imaginary wings. Her heat nudged him toward ejaculating more but Vig held back as he grazed her pussy with his fingers. “I’m going to spank this pussy.”

Getting up, he went back to the drawer and retrieved a small paddle. Returning to his position on his knees behind her, he grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her belly to hold Ki’s ass high and her legs wide. He began a steady rhythm of tapping her labia with the paddle, and the shocks it sent through Kiwi caused her hips to bounce up and down.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she cried.

Smelling her womanhood, feeling heat pulse from her in waves, Vigier could hold back no longer. “Now.” He positioned his cock until it touched her clit and he stopped there, circling and applying pressure to the bump with the wet tip for a moment. “Want it?”

“I want it, oh shit, I want it.”

“Take it.” Her butt shoved upward and Ki’s cunt captured every engorged inch of his shaft. A sheen of sweat glistened on her back as she shimmied and wriggled her ass against his crotch. Slamming deep into her pussy, Vig claimed what belonged to him as he filled her again and again, stroking in, out, until Ki whined in pleasure.

Meeting every thrust, she begged, “Vig, oh God, please don’t stop.”

“I’m here, baby, I’m right here.” Ki’s body stiffened beneath him and he jammed faster, harder, wanting to come the same time she did. Feeling cum surround his cock yanked him over the edge. His orgasm pulsed from curled toes to his balls, and then raced from his dick into her pussy. “Aww, shit… baby… fuck!” He ejaculated with a force that left his thighs trembling and knees shaking as he bent forward to lick a path to her neck, robbing her body of heat to warm his cold heart. Ki shivered violently. “Shit, are you okay, honey?” Had he stolen too much warmth?


Rolling onto his back, he drew Ki into his arms and wondered, briefly, why her heat had felt comforting instead of stifling as usual. Letting the thought go, Vig lay with Kiwi’s back curved against his chest and waited until her breathing grew slow and steady, hinting at sleep, before he whispered, “All of me has been yours since the day I laid eyes on you.” Yet, the way she had asked if his cock belonged to her, the uncertain look in her eyes, he thought perhaps he should show Kiwi more often how much she meant to him.

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