Lace & More by Tanya Kelly

Lace & More by Tanya Kelly

Lace & More

by Tanya Kelly


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63258-914-9

[ Cougar Romance ]

When Lacey Fulton wakes up to find a very sexy but also much younger man in her bed, she thinks she’s died and gone to heaven. While Reilly Callaghan meets none of the requirements on her Mr. Right checklist, Lacey figures he could be her Mr. Right Now. But things go from casual to complicated.

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Chapter One

Somewhere in the distance, Lacey Fulton heard a buzzing—or was it a beeping? She lifted her head and winced. A jackhammer had taken up residence inside her skull, encouraging her to sink back down onto the cool memory foam pillow. She was intent on not moving but the stupid noise started again. She realized it was her phone on the nightstand. Lacey cautiously opened one eye and reached for the offensive object but in her clumsiness, knocked it off and it landed with a thud on the soft carpet.

“Dammit,” she muttered.

A groan sounded beside her. Wow, she must be really out of it because that sounded like a dude. A second groan had her swing her head around. Pain reverberated in the sides of her temples, reassuring her that she really was awake. Holy shit. There was a guy beside her. A large guy. Lacey gasped and sat up, blinking multiple times and rubbing her eyes. Still the sight remained the same. She couldn’t possibly be dreaming, not while in this much pain. Her gaze roamed over his long body stretched across her bed. He had to be over six feet tall. She focused on his face. Even the cliché “drop-dead gorgeous” didn’t do this man justice. His partly opened blue eyes looked back at her it seemed in amusement and his brown hair was tousled like someone, perhaps she, had been running their hands through it. Dark stubble covered his jaw and surrounded full lips. Lacey blinked again, noticing he also looked considerably younger than her. Damn, he was mouth-watering, even first thing in the morning—if indeed it was morning.

His lips quirked in beguilement, like he was reading her thoughts.

Shit! Her mind scrambled over the events of the previous evening. Think, Lacey. Okay, she and Kim had gone out for dinner and then to Flanaghan’s for drinks and live music. She may have indulged in a few too many cocktails because she’d been seriously crushing on the super-hot bartender. She was never drinking again.

She focused again on his face and her mouth fell open in recognition. How did the super-hot bartender from the pub end up in her bed?

Lacey stared, mouth hanging open and wide eyes. He chuckled and pulled her into his arms before she could react. “Love, you are not awake yet. Come back to bed.” His voice and pulse-racing Irish accent were even sexier than he was—which was saying a lot.

Incoherent and dazed, Lacey lay on her side and let him wrap his long muscled arms around her. Tingling sensations shot through her body causing her toes to curl. Oh, wow. Apparently she’d gotten drunk for the first time and taken a complete stranger to bed with her. Another first. Two rules broken in one night. She normally never drank alcohol in excess and certainly never brought strange men home. That was her mother’s style, and she steered clear of being anything like her mother.

Lacey took a deep breath to calm herself. It wasn’t the end of the world, after all. He was gorgeous and she was single. Just because it was completely out of character for her, didn’t mean she was incapable of being a bad girl. She only wished she remembered the torrid details because she was fairly certain sex with this man would be—or had been mind-blowing.

His arms tightened, pulling her closer and cocooning her against his body. She sighed and leaned into his solid chest, giving into a little self-indulgence. His body molded to hers. Lacey’s eyes flew open as she felt him. Specifically, his erection. Rock hard against her—and enormous. She bit her bottom lip as her nipples tingled with awareness, hypersensitive to his hand just below the swell of her breast. Her heartbeat drummed in her chest as she imagined that hand moving up an inch and cupping her aching breast.

Sweet Jesus, she didn’t even know his name! With a little squeak, Lacey tried to pull away but with his strong arm holding her tight, only managed to wiggle against him. His cock jerked against her in response and her own body betrayed her as the throbbing moved to her core.

Oh my God! Rational returned and she pushed his arm off and scrambled from the bed.

“What? Not a cuddler?” he mumbled, his voice heavy with sleep—or desire?

Lacey’s gaze darted around the room before coming back to the man in her bed. “Bathroom. I, um, have to use the bathroom,” she croaked. Her heart hammered in her chest, the staccato beat drumming loudly in her ears.

“Okay, then come back to bed, love,” he replied, seeming not the least bit alarmed by her erratic behavior. He stretched his gorgeous six plus frame and Lacey’s brain registered that he was fully clothed. Faded T-shirt and equally faded jeans hugged his lean body. Glancing down, she thankfully noted she was fully clothed as well in her jeans, shirt, bra and underwear.

Lacey opened the door and dashed to the bathroom. First thing she did was look in the mirror. Big mistake. A tangled mess of hair and blackened raccoon eyes stared back, not to mention huge sleep lines on one side of her face. She closed her eyes against her reflection and groaned. Just lovely. Lacey’s cheeks burned as memories of last night slowly emerged from her hazy memory. Had she actually thrown herself at the bartender? Oh yeah, she’d done that.

Splashing cold water over her face, she washed away the makeup but none of her embarrassment. After a quick brush of her hair and teeth, she ventured out of the bathroom and crept back into the bedroom. She poked her head through the opening and eyeballed the bed, particularly the man in it. His eyes were closed and she took a moment to admire him. He looked like he stepped off the pages of a magazine ad with the dark stubble covering his prominent jaw and unbelievably long lashes. But what set her pulse racing were his luscious lips. Full lips she could lose herself in while kissing him.

She shook her head and concentrated hard, willing herself to remember exactly how he got there. She relaxed at the door, seeing he was sound asleep. Only men fell asleep in minutes. Definitely the bartender from the pub, but for the life of her, she had no recollection of how they ended up sharing a bed. They’d been at the pub until last call and Kim had been determined to take home the other sexy bartender. At the end of the evening, Kim’s perseverance paid off when the object of her desires offered them a ride home. They’d all climbed into his car, including the man in her bed and Kim invited them inside for a drink but that’s where Lacey’s mind went a bit fuzzy. Her phone beeped again where it had fallen to the floor. He stirred from the sound and moved his arm, causing his T-shirt to hike up, and showing a strip of perfect six-pack abs. Lacey swallowed. Okay, seeing that, she knew why she’d brought him to her bed…just not how.

She edged closer to the nightstand, her eyes glued to him. Once close enough, she bent over and grabbed her phone before almost running back out. Chicken! She went to the kitchen and grabbed water for the fuzz growing in her poor mouth. After downing an entire bottle, she brewed coffee. Lacey groaned in pleasure at the first sip and moved to the living room where she curled up on a chair and checked her phone. It was a couple missed text messages from an unknown number.

Hi beautiful. Can’t stop thinking about you.

Lacey almost spilt hot coffee in her lap as she sat up further. Her head throbbed from the sudden movement. Who in the world sent this if the bartender was in her bed? She held the phone like it might bite as she read the second text.

Hey sleeping beauty. Wake up and call me. Breakfast?

Shit, shit, shit! She’d met lots of people, well, mostly guys last night.

One other guy stood out and she grasped for his name. He was handsome and wore a suit having come straight from work. Kim knew him and made introductions. They talked for a while and she recalled Kim giving pointed looks and whispering that he would be the perfect Mr. Right. Was he texting her?

As Lacey tried to make sense of the evening, the phone vibrated in her hand, startling her. She quickly hit answer before registering the call display.


“Did I wake you?” a voice said.

“Um, no, I’m enjoying my coffee.”

“It’s David, by the way,” he replied, chuckling. “I enjoyed meeting you last night. I wanted to take you to breakfast?”

Bingo. David was his name. She recognized his voice as the Mr. Right Kim had introduced her to. One problem. She had to deal with the situation in her bed first. Oh, she was so not equipped to handle this shit this morning, or anytime for that matter. Lacey’s experience with playing the field was minimal or she was honest, more like nonexistent.

“Um, it sounds great. But I can’t. I have a lot to do today.”

“Dinner instead?”

Lacey racked her brain for another excuse. From what she remembered of last night, he was handsome, gentlemanly and easy to talk to. So why was she intent on declining? Because that was her normal M.O. She immersed herself in work and kept relationships at distant second. But, she’d recently taken her boring-ass life into a completely opposite direction in order to find happiness, and actually experience fun, excitement and romance. Which would hopefully lead to finding Mr. Right—before her dreaded fortieth birthday. Mr. Right was not a man at least ten years younger. No matter how sexy.

“Lacey?” She realized David waited for an answer.

“Sounds great,” she responded before talking herself out of it.

“Perfect. How about El Dante’s at 7 p.m.?” he suggested.

“Um, sure, that works. I’ll meet you there.”

“Great. See you then.”

Gulping down the rest of her coffee, Lacey went in search of Kim. She knocked on the door to her room.


Upon hearing Kim’s voice, which sounded rougher than her own, Lacey pushed open the door. Her mouth dropped open in shock for the second time that morning. Her best friend, Kim Morrison, was lying in bed, barely clothed and her hair a mess. Standing beside the bed clad in a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, a smile and nothing else, was the other bartender, the one Kim had been intent on bringing home. Clearly she’d gotten her man.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…umm…Kim…can we…umm…” Unable to take her eyes off him, she stammered over her words like an idiot.

“It’s okay. Come in,” he said and turned to face her full frontal. Did he say come in or did he just say come? Lacey’s breath hitched in her throat and her feet were frozen to the spot. She wasn’t sure movement was possible however was pretty sure another squeeze of her thighs to her sensitive clit would cause a nice orgasm. Way too much eye candy this morning.

“Lacey, stop drooling.” Kim’s voice rang out and she reluctantly dragged her eyes away from the man’s cock, which seemed to grow bigger from her ogling. She focused instead on her friend’s face. Kim stretched under the covers, smiling from ear to ear, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary—or swallowed something. She wore the signs of woman who’d thoroughly enjoyed herself.

“You’re up early.” She ran her hand through her messy blonde hair. “And you don’t look good. Too many cocktails last night?” Kim fixed narrowed eyes toward the Calvin Klein hottie. “I told you she doesn’t handle alcohol as well as me.”

The man chuckled and shook his head. “Hey, she wasn’t easy to say no to.”

Great, Lacey had forgotten his sexy Irish accent as well. Two gorgeous men with sexy accents. Didn’t this kind of stuff only happen in the movies?

“I made coffee and was hoping to talk to you, Kim. In private please.”

“Sure.” She hopped out of bed, completely unabashed by her nakedness. She did have a sick body. Bitch!

“One minute.”

With snail-like movements, Lacey backed out of the bedroom, sneaking glances at Mr. Calvin Klein. Such a nice sight in the morning.

She crept down the hallway toward the kitchen to make more coffee but stopped to peek into her bedroom. She poked her head, almost afraid to look. Maybe he had magically disappeared.

Nope. Still sound asleep in bed. Vivid images of crawling naked into the bed and letting him have his wicked way with her flashed through her mind. She imagined those full lips covering hers…or sucking her sensitive nipple. Or even better if they traveled lower. With an inward groan, she gently closed the door and went back to the kitchen. All these lustful thoughts were crowding in because she’d been seriously deprived sexually. While sex had never been on her list of priorities, she’d also never had such temptation right in front of her.

“Finally,” Lacey huffed, when Kim joined her. “What the hell went down last night? Why do we each have the gorgeous bartenders from the pub in our beds? Tell me we didn’t have some crazy orgy.”

Kim threw her head back and laughed. “So Reilly is in your bed. He was determined to get there. And no, there was no orgy, although that might be an idea to explore…” Kim gave her a sly smile but must have seen the confusion on Lacey’s face. “You really don’t remember?”

“Shit, Kim, I didn’t even remember his name was Reilly which is horrible.” Lacey hung her head in shame. “I know we went to the pub and had a few drinks…okay lots…and I recall the two guys here were both bartenders and you introduced us. I flirted a bit…or maybe a lot. They gave us a ride home and you invited them in. We had a drink and the rest is kinda blurry.”

Kim chuckled as Lacey recounted the night’s events. “Kian and I didn’t finish our drinks and took off to my bedroom. We left you and Reilly out here. I had no idea where Reilly would be this morning. Yes, you were flirting all night and eye fucking him like nobody’s business. But you also kept telling me he was too young and it wasn’t suitable to take guys home from a bar…blah…blah…blah. Even intoxicated, you can’t let your bad girl out and play—and I’m telling you, that man would have been so much fun to play with.”

Lacey gave her a sharp look. “Well he is too young and we shouldn’t bring strange men home. I was obviously drunk and you left me out here with a stranger.” Kim rolled her eyes at Lacey. She made no qualms about how she thought Lacey erred too much on the side of caution and not enough on the side of wild abandon. Kim also had a weakness for hot guys and didn’t believe in monogamous relationships. In her opinion, Lacey was wasting her time looking for Mr. Right.

“They’re not strangers or too young. I’ve known them since they got here and started working at the pub and I don’t have your age hang-ups. Reilly is a great guy. I had no worries leaving you two alone.”

“Got here?”

Kim took another sip of her coffee. “Yeah, they are both from Ireland. Kian came to Canada a few months ago. Reilly has been here for a few years. You know how Flanagan’s likes to bring in the real thing to serve at the bar. Makes it more authentic for the tourists.”

Lacey nodded in agreement. Beechfield was a tourist town located on the shores of Georgian Bay. The town was flooded with tourists in the winter months enjoying the ski hill and resorts. Summer was just as busy with tourists flogging to the beach. Flanagan’s was a popular Irish pub in the village at the base of the mountain in Beechfield’s largest resort. Both tourists and locals enjoyed the great food and talented musicians. The staff being all easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either.

Kim had been living in Beechfield for a few years now. She had been flitting around the globe for years, never staying in one place long. However, Beechfield was the longest she’d maintained an address and Kim had declared wanting to put down roots which surprised Lacey. Kim said she found the town she wanted to call home.

But Beechfield was spectacular and had drawn Lacey in as well. Quitting her stable, secure, high-paying management job at a bank in Toronto, she’d packed up her neat and tidy life and moved to Beechfield to open a lingerie and swimwear boutique with Kim. Lacey hadn’t hated her job but she’d been seriously unfulfilled. She wasn’t excited about waking up and going to work. In fact, she hadn’t been excited about anything in a long time, until she’d decided to move and go into business with Kim. Friends and family regarded her decision as crazy but Lacey followed her instinct and heart for once. Her life had always consisted of doing the respectable, mature thing after growing up with a mother who flitted from job to job and from husband to husband. As a result, she’d been a serious child and had grown into an even more serious adult. All work and no play made for a pretty dull life so far…and she desperately wanted to change that.

“What happened with you and Reilly?” Kim interrupted her thoughts.

“Nothing. Maybe—damn, I’m not sure. I am never drinking again. I wake up with some young Irish hunk in my bed and don’t remember how he got there.” Lacey rubbed her temples hoping her headache would dissipate. “And I have texts from another guy I don’t recall giving my number to.”

Kim grinned, clearly amused by Lacey’s dismay. “Probably David. The other guy I introduced to you. Remember, in your search for Mr. Right? You gave him your number.”

“Oh God. I have officially lost my marbles.”

Kim laughed and spat a mouthful of coffee. “No you haven’t. Is David texting you? He seemed quite taken with you last night? What did he want?”

“He wanted to go for breakfast but we’re having dinner instead. I still have to shower, clear my head and get Reilly out of here.” Lacey’s eyes darted to the hallway.

Kim let out an unladylike snort. “You know, I believe you tried to do all the partying you missed in your twenties in one night.”

“Very funny,” Lacey retorted, giving her a stern look. “I’m going to wake up Reilly and give him the boot. Then hop in the shower.”

“You should wake him and ask him to join you in the shower.”

“You are not helping.”

Lacey gave Kim her best evil eye and headed to the bedroom where Reilly still slept. She sat next to him and let her gaze travel hungrily over him for a few seconds. Kim’s words reverberated in her head and she pictured him in the shower, water cascading down his lean, muscled body. Lacey’s nipples immediately tightened and she blinked to clear the image. With a sigh, she gently nudged him. Nothing. She nudged a bit harder. He finally opened his eyes and a sexy smile curved over his beautiful mouth, flashing perfect, straight white teeth. Such a kissable mouth and the most intense blue eyes.

“Coming back to bed, love?” He patted the mattress. “Can’t sleep as good as when you aren’t curled around me.”

This man and his voice did serious things to her libido. Lacey fought the urge to crawl back into bed and wrap herself around him, among other things.

No. This guy, while ridiculously gorgeous, wasn’t right for her.

“Um, Reilly, I have to leave shortly for a…thing…I have to do.”

He sat up and stretched. She watched the muscles ripple on his chest and abs and longed to touch them.

“So our romance is over then?” Lacey pulled her gaze away from his chest to look into his eyes, which sparkled in amusement.


“I’m kidding.” He was teasing and seemed to enjoy her discomfort. “You kept telling me over and over how you wanted me but I’m not Mr. Right.” His blue eyes bore into hers. “But you’re wrong. We’d be good together.”

Lacey’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. There was that vague recollection she’d had about throwing herself at him.

“Don’t worry, nothing happened last night,” Reilly continued. “Not even a kiss. Except some cuddling. Which was nice despite the raging hard-on I had all night…and still have.”

Lacey’s face radiated heat and her mouth dropped open. Her eyes subconsciously travelled lower. Oh yeah, he was hard. A ripple of awareness surged through her body and her nipples hardened even more.

Reilly’s nostrils flared and his eyes darkened. “Don’t look at me like that or I will have to try even harder to get into your pants.” Heat sizzled between them as his gaze travelled over her, stopping at her swollen nipples visible through the flimsy T-shirt and lace bra. “I’ve thought of nothing else since meeting you. Last night, I couldn’t stop imagining my cock buried inside you. Came damn close to experiencing a wet dream—which I haven’t done since my teenage years.”

Oh God! Lacey squeezed her thighs together against the heavy pulsing between her legs. She’d never met a man who talked so openly about wanting her. She should find his words indecent and crude. But coming from him, they only excited her. She stood up and walked to the dresser before she jumped his bones. Reilly stood as well and moved close behind her. Every cell in her body was aware of him. He turned her around and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m kidding, love,” he whispered. “True, that’s all I thought about all night but I’m not the kind of guy to take advantage of a woman.”

With her face buried in his broad chest, he stroked her back and kissed the top of her head. Lacey stiffened but as he cushioned her against him, she melted in arms. She listened to the beat of his heart and breathed in his scent. She closed her eyes, luxuriating in the feel of his strong body next to her. He was definitely over six feet tall and Lacey felt petite. Dimly, she was aware of her inner voice indicating she should push him away but somehow she couldn’t summon the desire to. A calmness settled within her from being in his arms. Like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Reilly leaned back, enough to tilt her up and he planted a kiss on the tip of her nose. “I had fun last night. Don’t over think it. Just enjoy it like I did…even though you were a cock tease.”

“What? I didn’t mean to be,” she exclaimed, mortified.

“I’m teasing.” His lips curled in a cocky smile. “You made it clear nothing was going to happen. My own fault for hoping I could charm my way into your panties.”

Lacey chuckled, despite her embarrassment. He had such a beautiful smile and infectious personality it was hard not to grin. Unconsciously, she tightened her arms around him in a hug. “You are charming and gorgeous and almost impossible to resist. But thank you for being a gentleman.”

Too late, she realized what she’d done by hugging him. It brought their bodies intimately closer together. His hard cock pressed against her…specifically her clitoris. If she moved a bit, side to side or up and down, she’d be in heaven. It had been so long and she was damn tired of solo sex. Her breath hitched in her throat as their eyes locked. Reilly’s pupils dilated as his gaze captured hers.

Lacey chewed her bottom lip nervously and he drew in a sharp breath before picking her up and setting her down on the dresser. He positioned himself between her legs. Lacey opened her mouth to protest but he cupped her face in his large hands and kissed her. Not a gentle, nice to meet you kiss. More like I’m going to devour you kind of kiss. She’d never been kissed like this before. So hungrily. Her stomach did a crazy flip flop as his tongue swirled in her mouth.

His hands moved down her back to cup her ass and pull her closer. He pressed his hard, thick, long cock right against her clit and began to move exactly like she wanted. A low moan escaped her lips as she concentrated on the intense pleasure enveloping her body.

All Lacey’s resolve vanished as heat sizzled between them. She returned the kiss with everything she had while pressing herself against him. All she thought about was the friction of his cock against her clit and his lips on hers. Nothing else mattered. She rocked against him, moaning like someone had taken over her body.

Reilly broke the kiss just long enough to tug her shirt over her head and then his mouth slanted over hers again before she regained her senses. Not that it would have happened while his cock was so close to bringing her to orgasm. He fiddled with her bra at the back but not for long. It was off in seconds, and just as quickly her freed breasts were in his hands.

Lacey whimpered when his thumbs brushed over her sensitive nipples, her breasts heavy with need. The combination of his tongue deep in her mouth, his fingers pulling on her nipples and his cock rubbing her clit brought her closer to the edge and she cried out.

“That’s right, love. I want to make you come.”

Wrapping her legs around him, she tried to pull him closer, wishing their clothes would melt away. She wanted him inside her. Lacey had never been in such a state of arousal that all rational went out the window. But that was exactly what Reilly was doing to her.

He pulled her off the dresser so they were standing but leaning against it while his lips continued to wreak havoc on her senses. He undid the button and zipper on her jeans and slid his hand down the front of her pants. He gently caressed her folds before easily sliding inside her. God she was wet.

Beyond any rational thought, she rode his hand. Reilly’s mouth moved from her lips to her stiffened nipples. He lavished attention equally on each breast and then came back to her mouth. She sucked on his bottom lip and gripped his shoulders tightly. He continued fucking her with this fingers while his thumb stroked her clit.

Lacey held on for dear life. She broke their kiss and buried her head in his shoulder as her body began to shake and blood rushed to her core.

“Look at me,” he commanded. “I want to see you come.”

She raised her head and gazed up at him. The desire in his eyes made her feel incredibly sexy and her inhibitions melted away. She held his gaze, her breathing labored as the tingling intensified to an intense throbbing. She gripped the back of the dresser and rode his hand as her body shook and trembled.

“You are one sexy lady, Lacey,” he whispered. “Especially those noises you make when you’re coming.” He took her mouth in another kiss as sensations flooded through her. She let out a long, satisfied groan and her body went limp. Reilly continued feather-like kisses before pulling his hand out from her panties.

Thankfully, he still held her tight, because she wasn’t sure her legs would support her. Lacey watched in a trance as he brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked them.

“I had to at least taste the forbidden fruit,” he murmured with a sexy smile before leaning over and kissing her. Lacey tasted herself on his lips which she found strangely erotic. He picked her up, carried her to the bed and gently laid her down.

“I like a woman sober when I make them come so you can remember every detail.” He turned, scooped up her top and passed it to her. “Put this back on before I change my mind and fuck you until you forget all about how wrong we supposedly are for each other.”

He smiled and adjusted his pants which clearly outlined his arousal. With a cocky grin, he walked out of the room. Lacey let out a deep breath and sank back on the bed, in complete shock of what she had just let transpire. What the hell had just happened? Never had she experienced such an intense orgasm with anyone and that quickly. She waited until the trembling in her legs stopped and her heart resumed a normal rhythm before getting up and darting into the bathroom.

She held onto the counter and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were red and swollen. Guiltily, she turned away and striped. Lacey turned the water on hot and got in, letting the stream run over her head, hoping to clear her thoughts. She washed her hair quickly but took longer washing her body. She had to be gentle because she was sensitive after such an amazing orgasm. As she ran the loofah over her breasts, she kept playing out in her mind what had just happened. She was on sensory overload. Her skin hypersensitive and her nerves receptive to the softest touch. A wicked smile tugged at her lips.

Sure, she’d dated, although not extensively, and even had a few long-term relationships. But nothing this intense. Lacey put her work first and fiercely protected her independence and any guys she dated were second fiddle, hence why her relationships never lasted. But none of her past boyfriends had ever elicited such a strong, passionate response. One ex-boyfriend even suggested she was frigid and she’d wondered if he was right. After all, for her sex was nice, and sometimes she would orgasm, but many times not. It was always the same. Go on a few dates, if things progressed well they would eventually have nice, somewhat satisfying sex.

Kim said it was the guys she dated that made for such a boring sex life. All quiet, conservative types were pretty much the men she met in her line of work and would date. Dull, mind-numbing kind of guys—made for unexciting, lackluster sex—were Kim’s words. Lacey couldn’t disagree. She dated men based on their ability to fit into her lifestyle and commonalities. She pretty much used the memorized checklist in her head and had never varied from that list.

Until now.

Conservative, responsible, traditional, kind, career-minded and financially successful were on her list. He didn’t have to be rich but successful at his profession. She didn’t even but handsome on the list because in her mind, good-looking guys usually fell short on the list and she wasn’t about to sacrifice any of those attributes for looks. While she didn’t know much about Reilly, he screamed sexy, carefree, impulsive, bartender. Nothing from her list. Not her type at all. Yet, Lacey had always secretly envied Kim’s stories of mind blowing sex.

When she came out of the shower, she dropped the towel and stared in the mirror, studying her body. She had an attractive figure which came from eating healthy and working out regularly. Examining her reflection, she looked for some metamorphosis. She felt different. In her thirty-nine years she’d never perceived herself as a sensual, sexy woman who drove men to their knees. Yet that was exactly how Reilly just made her feel.

Something had to be different because she wasn’t acting like herself. She had just climaxed from the touch of a near stranger. Definitely not herself.

Mixed emotions collided within her. Part of her was horrified at her behavior and the other part wanted to grab Reilly and do it again. Only this time she wanted to return the favor and stroke his hard cock first with her hand followed by her mouth. Lacey’s hand fluttered down her stomach and lightly touched her clit. Tingling sensations shot through her body. Geez, suddenly she was a nymphomaniac. She dropped her hand and briskly towel dried her hair.

A knock sounded on the bathroom door. “Lacey. You want some breakfast?” Kim’s voice called to her. “They’re gone.”

She wrapped the towel back around her and opened the door. “Gone, did you say?” She should be relieved but to her confusion, she was actually disappointed.

“Yup,” Kim replied. “Reilly asked me to give you this.” Kim passed her a piece of paper with a mischievous smile. “That man has it bad for you.”

Lacey swallowed the lump in her throat and carefully unfolded the note, as if any minute it might burn her fingers.


I’m seriously missing the feel of your ass pressed against me. Don’t know how in the world I’ll ever sleep again without you. If you have any sympathy for me whatsoever and care about my well-being, you will call me and we can have another sleep over tonight.

p.s. or just do it for purely selfish reasons…orgasms at your request




Lacey laughed and touched her flaming cheek. He’d included his number at the bottom and she read it again. Not only was he sexy as hell, he had a great sense of humor to boot.

“I think you might have it just as bad for him,” Kim interrupted.

“I think I’m having a midlife crisis,” Lacey replied and refolded the note. “Or I’m in the twilight zone. I wake up with a young stud in my bed and I have a date tonight with another man. That’s more action than I’ve had all year.” She chewed her bottom lip as her words sank in. “This is not like me at all. I have no idea who I am anymore.”

“A woman who goes after what she wants.” Kim gripped Lacey’s shoulders. “A confident, sexy woman who doesn’t follow what society says is right but what she feels is right.”

“Oh wise one,” Lacey replied with a smile. “What would I do without your sage advice?”

“If you followed my advice, you would have fucked Reilly silly last night.”

Lacey snickered at Kim’s naughty words. “I’m trying to find a husband, not a boy toy.”

“Why can’t he be both?” Kim shrugged her shoulders. “He’s a great guy if you get to know him.”

“No can do. He doesn’t fit the list. Plus I’m not some pathetic cougar,” she replied vehemently.

Kim opened her mouth and then shook her head, as if changing her mind on what she was about to say. “Fine. Now get your ass dressed and come downstairs. I’m making breakfast and my hangover cure. We got stuff to do today.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kim left and Lacey proceeded to brush her hair. Kim was right, of course. She was overly susceptible to what everyone else thought and needed to start making decisions on what she wanted. But no matter what she wanted, Reilly was out of the question.

She would go out tonight and have a great time with David. From what she recalled, he fit her list to perfection. With renewed determination, she blow-dried her hair till it shone in a cascade of soft waves around her face and then applied a bit of makeup. Lacey never wore much but she needed it around her eyes to hide the dark circles. Once dressed, she found Kim in the kitchen making breakfast. She insisted Lacey eat a nice greasy breakfast and some of her special juice…otherwise known as a strong Caesar.

“It’s your vegetable serving,” Kim said. Lacey laughed but after she’d eaten and drank most of Kim’s juice…she felt surprisingly better and ready to tackle the day.

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