A Hunter’s Heart by Suzy Shearer

A Hunter's Heart by Suzy Shearer

A Hunter’s Heart

The Hunters, Book 1
by Suzy Shearer


eBook ISBN: 978-1-63258-183-9

[Paranormal Romance]

Charlotte, 54, is stalked by something evil. Her saviour is Matei Lupei, an immortal Hunter of vampires over two thousand years old. Charlotte is attracted to Matei, but he looks so young. Somehow Matei needs to convince her that he is not a vampire, despite his fangs and need for blood.

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I know I was not dreaming. I know I am still scared whenever I think of it.
My bed was pushed up underneath the window. I liked the fact that on hot summer nights I could open the window and feel the breeze across me.
I was deep asleep when something woke me—I was not sure what it was. I was lying on my side away from the window and I glanced at the clock alongside the bed—three twenty-five a.m. It was strange but I could not hear any noise. Usually the frogs from the pond in my garden would be sending their calls across the night and there would be at least one local dog trying to disrupt sleep, instead it was deathly quiet.
I was about to roll onto my back when I felt it—absolute terror!
How to describe what happened?
I was literally frozen with fear, terrified to move, afraid to breathe!
Terror poured over me like a wave, dragging me under. Then I knew there was someone just outside my window. The thin wall was all that separated me from the terror outside.
Quite distinctly, I heard a guttural deep male voice say, “You are a vampire,” then the paralysing wave left me but I was frozen in time. I feared to move, to breathe, to let the thing outside my window know I was awake.
I lay terrified on my side staring at the digital readout on my clock, watching as the minutes ticked over.
Slowly I turned my head, risking a glance at the window but it looked perfectly normal. Still the silence deepened.
I was starting to think I really was asleep after all, and dreaming, when I felt the wave of fear washing over me again. My heart was pounding so loudly in my body, I knew it could be heard from outside the window. I could not move and again the same menacing voice filled with darkness said, “You are a vampire.”
I wanted to leap up and run from the room but I was absolutely frozen with terror. I could not move, could not think, could not breathe properly and all the while my heart pounded deafeningly in my chest. All the while I knew he was just outside, knew what I was feeling, knew intimately my fear.
Then, as before, I felt the frozen fear leave my body, but I dare not move. So terrified was I that he would return. I slid my eyes across to the clock—three forty-two. Oh, God what was happening?
Again, I watched as the minutes ticked away and slowly my body began to thaw. I risked a tiny movement of my legs. I was alert to the deadly silence that hung heavily. Could I stand and race from the room? I doubted it.
3:47—I was beginning to quieten the pounding of my heart.
3:48—My breath was less ragged, quieter, more normal.
3:49—I could feel sweat breaking out all over my body.
3:50—My thoughts were chaotic. I have never been so scared in my life.
What was happening?
3:51—Oh God! He is coming again!
I stifled the scream that was almost bursting from my throat. Over and over in my head I was chanting, Not again, not again!
The same wave of paralysing terror rolled across me. An adrenaline rush of fear held me captive, the same certainty that someone was just outside my window.
Once again the same dark voice filled with anger and threat. “You are a vampire.”
I have no idea how long I lay frozen. When I did thaw and looked at the clock it read 4:18 and I this time I felt sure there would be no more visits but I was still terrified, the adrenaline was still pumping through my veins.
My heart was pounding so loud in my chest, my breath ragged and rapid, I was hot and clammy and cold and shivering all at the same time. I felt sick, so sick I was scared that if I moved I would not be able to stop myself from vomiting.
Gradually my breathing became more bearable and my heart stopped trying to escape from my chest. By 4:41 I risked turning lightly onto my back and gave a quick glimpse out of the window—everything looked perfectly normal. I could hear the frogs in the pond near my window calling to the night, could hear the distant traffic sounds, and even hear a dog barking in the distance.
The remainder of the night passed steadily on but I was too afraid to close my eyes. As dawn finally broke and the usual sounds of waking began to fill my ears I began to take stock.
Part of me was trying to convince myself that it had all been a dream—a horrific nightmare, but I knew with absolute certainty that I had been awake the entire time.
What did it all mean?
Why did that terrible voice say I was a vampire?
Would he come to me again?
That was about six years ago. The voice has not returned and I still try to convince myself that it was a dream, although I know the truth.
Lately, I have become obsessed with vampires. I read all I can. Pretty strange for a woman my age, but I cannot help it. At night I dream strange erotic dreams filled with blood. I can feel his teeth sink into my neck and my wrists. I feel my orgasm fill my senses. I know that one day he will return and I want to be ready—part of me wants to run and hide but part of me wants him to enter my room, lie with me and, with his fabulous bite, take me.

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