Star Bride by Ashlynn Monroe

Star Bride by Ashlynn Monroe

Star Bride

Aurora, Book 4
by Ashlynn Monroe

Changeling Press

Ebook ISBN: 07056-02273

[ SciFi Romance ]

DeXac, Prince DeMarcus’s cousin, doesn’t want his bloodline tainted with alien blood. His cousin means too much to him. When he sees the American sister of DeMarcus’s Le’Amara he knows she’s the key to stopping the wedding. He never expects Candy, a female as sweet as her Earthly namesake, will also be the key to his undoing.

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Chapter One

Candis Robins stepped off the cramped shuttle on wobbly legs. She blinked into the bright alien light and searched the crowd for her sister, but Tas wasn’t in sight. Disappointment pulled the corner of her mouth down in a frown. She hadn’t seen her big sister in almost a year. She’d traveled across the stars and her flat butt had suffered nerve damage on the hard seat cushion for a cold welcome.

The bright lights and pristine white marble made the terminal creepy in a sterile way. A few Humans stood waiting, but for the most part those leaving the shuttle were as alone as she was.

The sound of booted feet, marching, echoed off the walls. All eyes turned to the hallway. Several Aurorian soldiers appeared, armed and in uniform, to flank the archway. Several other official looking aliens dressed in rich looking costumes came out before she saw something that put a big grin on her face — auburn hair.

“Tasmin!” she shouted and dropped her bag. She rushed toward her sister, but was quickly grounded, the force knocking the air from her lungs. Her sister’s voice spewed quick, foreign words, then strong arms lifted her back to her feet. The fierce glare of her attacker mellowed into annoyance as he let go of her.

“Oh Candy, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe DeXac took you down like that.”

Candy cleared her throat. “If I hug you will they shoot me?”

Tas turned to the brute who’d just gone WWE on Candy’s ass. She spoke quietly and the man took a step back. Candy stuck her tongue out at him and she saw his eyes widen for a second. His nostrils flared, but he did nothing as Tas snared Candy into a long embrace.

“I missed you so much,” Candy whispered as emotion clogged her throat, making it hard to speak.

“I missed you too, but you know I can never go home again. It hurts, but I can’t.”

“I get it, telepathic woo-woo stuff, but Mom and Dad are really bummed out. They love you and they understand, but Dad’s heart makes the trip too dangerous right now. Mom says when Dad’s stronger she’ll come visit.”

“No she won’t, and I get that. She can’t leave Dad alone on Earth any easier than I can leave DeMarcus on Aurora.”

Candy shrugged. “Well, you get me, so Merry freakin’ Christmas.”

“Best gift ever!” Tas teased. They giggled and Tas draped her arm over Candy’s shoulders as they left the terminal together followed by her assorted guards.

“So where is tall, dark, and alien?” Candy asked.

Tas rolled her eyes. “DeMarcus is meeting with the council again. The tensions are getting worse. He really needs my support right now. That’s one of the reasons I’m willing to accept a more traditional marriage.”

Candy stopped short. “Like the sex stuff? I’ve read about the freaky lifestyle these people live.”

“Shh!” Tas held a finger to her lips.

They were speaking English and Candy knew most Aurorians didn’t, but she could see how upset her comment made Tasmin. “I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t have to compromise.”

“I’m not compromising.”

“He’s brainwashing you into this, isn’t he?”

“No. He has no idea I’m ready to make things official. I just wanted you to know. I’m not being forced into anything, but my role in his life needs to evolve.”

“Okay, Dr. Freud, tell me more about how suffering for love is good for a relationship,” Candy muttered.

“You don’t have to be so sarcastic.”

“You taught me sarcasm, Sis. Anyway, are you serious that this is really what you want?” They stopped in the middle of the hall to glare at each other, and Tas crossed her arms over her chest at the same instant Candy did. The Robins hereditary stubborn was on.

“I don’t do anything I don’t want to,” Tas argued. “You should know me well enough to know I’m strong enough to resist brainwashing.”

“It’s not too late to come home. You’re giving up everything for this guy. Is he worth it?”

“He is my heart,” Tas said sincerely.

Candy sighed. “I don’t care if he’s a prince. If he hurts you I’m going to kick his ass.”

Tas smiled. “If you’d said that in Aurorian DeXac would have killed you.”

“It’s a good thing the only Aurorian words I know are Ve’Temple and Ge’Um.”

“Sex and booze, classy,” Tas teased.

“Darn right. My sister is a princess, you know.”

Tas punched Candy in the arm playfully. Candy pretended it hurt and they both laughed, the tension broken. Tas wrapped her arm back around Candy and they made their way outside to where the hovering mag rover waited.

* * *

DeXac listened intently as the two women argued. He’d studied English and he understood most of what they said. This Candy was as dangerous as her sister. He didn’t like her, but her arrival was well timed. He did his best to appear uninterested in their conversation. His cousin deserved a true bride, not some reserved alien who could never embrace what it was to be Aurorian. He could not fathom DeMarcus’s fascination with the strange looking pale woman. Candy’s hair was a little darker, but the sun caught many glints of red as she moved. Her eyes were big, liquid amber-brown. DeXac tried to hide his scowl as he followed the women into the mag rover.

* * *

Tasmin stretched. Yesterday she’d spent the entire day catching up on family gossip and Earth pop culture with her sister. They’d stayed up far too late and she’d gone to bed to find her prince already sound asleep. Now it was later than she normally got up, and DeMarcus was already out of bed.

The large, glassless window stood wide open and a soft breeze blew in. Even early in the morning the day was already overly warm. She missed the snow. There was no snow on Aurora. The bright sun warmed her naked breasts. She’d lost so much of her human self-consciousness since coming here and seeing nudity daily. She’d learned to appreciate the beauty of all bodies, even her own. Before Aurora, Tas would never have considered going down to breakfast topless, but today she wanted to show DeMarcus she was truly embracing his culture.

Her prince deserved a consort who accepted him, and Tas knew she hadn’t been a very compliant mate. A woman of his people would expect him to be with other women, and men too. An Aurorian consort would insist he experience sex with as many people as he chose, and even take other wives. After her kidnapping, there’d been whispers that his “obsession” with her was what had caused the trouble. She knew the council saw him as embracing radical alien ideals, and that perception endangered his position.

She’d studied the history of Aurora with her tutor, an ancient man who believed he could retrain her thinking. No Aurorian prince in history had been as devoted to one woman as DeMarcus was, and as pleased as she felt about his commitment to her, it made him vulnerable. Holding him to Earth standards wasn’t right. The idea of going home and living away from him was intolerable, and DeMarcus would never give up his throne and responsibilities to live on Earth. She wouldn’t want him to. She was the one who had to embrace Aurora — in every way.

She walked into the open, airy dining room and sat down at the table, taking her usual place. She looked at her Le’Trudok — beloved husband — and grinned.

DeMarcus’s nostrils flared. She winked at him. “Good rising Le’Trudok, did you sleep well?”

“Very well,” he assured her. “You seem… different this rising?”

She fought the urge to giggle. Tasmin wasn’t the giggling type, but his expression made maintaining composure a challenge. “I’m very excited to give you my special gift.”

“Yes, this gift you had my assistant schedule my afternoon to enjoy. What is it?”

She grinned. “On Earth we surprise our loved ones with Christmas gifts this time of year. You let me put up all these decorations since I’m not going home for the annual visit so I wanted to do something special for you, as well. You’ll just have to wait until after lunch. Join me in our room, please. The meal is being brought to us there.”

His eyes widened, and then narrowed. “I’m not sure I like this concept of surprise.”

“Trust me, Le’Trudok, you’ll like this,” she replied with a small chuckle.

They finished the meal in silence, but she kept grinning. Her prince couldn’t keep the dubious look off his face and every time she caught him squinting at her she giggled, which only made his scowl deepen.

DeMarcus left for his morning meeting with the council. She knew he’d be stressed, as these meetings were never pleasant for him, especially with the strained relations between Aurora and Earth.

Her personal attendant, an Aurorian woman named DelJona, waited for her upstairs. To her relief Priestess Anark was there already, as well. Tas had been secretly seeing the priestess, who was the Human equivalent of a sex therapist, for months — ever since she’d been rescued from the kidnappers who wanted DeMarcus to pass a law to protect their very un-Aurorian religion. They’d tried to use her as a bargaining tool. That day she realized she could never leave DeMarcus again. Their bond was too deep and meaningful now. Without him, she felt empty.

“Good rising, consort,” Priestess Anark greeted her warmly.

“Good rising, revered one,” Tas replied in flawless Aurorian.

“Is our prince in good spirits today?”

“Not yet, but I believe my ‘gift’ will change that.”

“I have no doubt. My concern is not for his readiness, but for yours,” the priestess said quietly while patting Tasmin’s hand.

Tas felt heat rising to her cheeks. A month ago, she would never have sat topless before these women, feeling happy and completely confident, but here she was. “I want to be an Aurorian.”

“Being Aurorian is more than sex, Tasmin. It’s understanding that pleasure is about keeping life and body in balance. It’s about loving the gods and yourself. If this will put your life out of balance or you feel wrong in any way, you are not ready and you will hurt the prince, as well as yourself, with this giving.”

Tasmin had read the ancient wisdom and had studied hard. As with everything, she was determined to succeed. She nodded. “I feel ready. Test me,” she replied.

The priestess smiled. “There is no quantity of learning from books with which I can test you on this. Aurora is inside you, here. You cannot fake it,” she responded, touching Tasmin over her heart. “I do have a way to see your heart.”

The wise priestess turned to Tas’s attendant, who’d come to the meetings as a spirit sister — someone who could mentor and help Tas learn. Her presence also made a great cover to avoid palace gossip and keep DeMarcus from embarrassment.

“Go to Tasmin and caress her breasts,” the priestess ordered the attendant. DelJona looked to Tas for permission.

Tas smiled and nodded reassuringly. “It’s all right,” she whispered a bit hoarsely as she sat back more comfortably in the plush chair.

DelJona was breathing heavily and Tas noticed the girl nibbling her lip. “Are you uncomfortable touching another woman?” Tas asked.

“No my lady, I enjoy touching women.”

“Why do you look so — uncertain?”

“You have beautiful nipples my lady. I was delighted to see them today.” She knelt next to Tas’s chair. “You should leave them free more often. They are truly one of his highnesses’ royal treasures and should be shared with the people for their viewing pleasure.”

Tas felt heat creeping up her neck, warming her skin, and also something else. Sparks of desire blossomed in her core, making her pussy wet. DelJorna caressed Tas’s nipples and massaged her areolas. Tas sighed. The gentle touch relaxed her even as it excited her. She laid her head back, closing her eyes.

The soft touch became more insistent, firmer. Tas moaned. DelJona’s little mewling noise made Tas open her eyes and to her disbelief, her friend was coming. She gazed in awe as the girl orgasmed just from touching her.

When DelJona opened her eyes, she smiled shyly at Tas. “Thank you, my lady.”

“Sex and pleasure are so much more when you free yourself and embrace the spiritual side of the act,” lectured the priestess. “How did that make you feel?”

“Wonderful,” Tas answered quickly, surprising herself.

“I’d like to see you touch DelJona. Your response to giving is as important as it is to receiving. DelJona, please remove your wrap and lie on the bed.”

Tas could smell the woman’s musk. DelJona seemed completely in her element as she laid spread wide and naked. Her lithe body and beautiful tan was a very alluring sight. Tas had never had sexual feelings toward women before, but after learning to open herself completely to the spiritual side of sex she was amazed at how much desire she felt.

“Touch her as you please, but remember this is for mutual pleasure,” the devout sex-pert said quietly.

Tas sat beside her attendant and began lightly brushing her hand across the woman’s stomach. Tas sat down next to DelJona, brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face, and kissed her lightly on the mouth, then ran her tongue over DelJona’s small, firm breasts before placing a kiss just above her navel. DelJona’s stomach muscles clenched in response and she gasped in pleasure. The scent of her arousal became more intense. When Tas dipped her fingers between DelJona’s thighs and found her slick, warm pussy, her friend’s back arched. Tas began gently rubbing DelJona’s waiting clitoris in firm circular strokes. She came loudly, squealing the Aurorian word for bliss.

“You are ready, Lady Brave Spirit, Tasmin, daughter of the Robins,” stated the sexual priestess.

DelJona blinked up at her with a look of sheer feminine contentment. She smiled wickedly. “His highness will be most pleased with your gift, my lady.”

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